my 1d concert experience

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would you mind telling us what happened? :)



For starters, I live in Fort Worth which is less than an hour or so from Dallas. ANYWHO. My friend Jamie picked me up and we got to the venue around 2:30. IT WAS HOT AS BALLS.

We brought water bottles but those were gone before we ever saw the gate. I went to buy Jamie and I water but came back with gatorade. IT WAS STILL HOT. By this time it was about 5:30 and they still hadn’t let us in. We heard bits and pieces of sound check and it was phenomenal (or should I say… phenomeniall?)

Anywho, just after six o'clock they let us in. Now, we had reserved seats so we didn’t have to run to claim a spot on the lawn like most people, so we went to go get water because we were thirsty as fuck. $4.50 for a cup of water. ugh.


We sat through the opening act whose name I can’t remember but she was dressed craycray. Then it was Olly Murs and he did this thing where he was like “ITS GETTING HOT IN HERE” and the crowd replied “SO TAKE OFF ALL YOUR CLOTHES!” then he said “I AM GETTING SO HOT” then we said “I’M GONNA TAKE MY CLOTHES OFF” if you didn’t catch on to that then I feel sorry for your life.

ANYWAYS. Olly left the stage and they were preparing the stage for 1D. Girls screamed because they saw Paul. The video/countdown began and all hell broke loose.

I literally screamed along to every song. Jumping, arm-waving, tears, everything! It was brilliant (or should I say… brilliam?) my hands still hurt from clapping them so hard. My ears still feel a little fuzzy.

And I am beyond heartbroken that the night is over.



so i went to the Sao Paulo gig in the premium floor area 10/05 and 11/05 WOW it was so AMAZING. 

(i will write the two days mixed bc i am tired and running with only 5 hours of sleep and can’t remember things well but i wil ltry to put everything)

Me and my friends we arrived at the stadium at 5am and there was already thousands of people, most of them camped since march 15th YEAH so we stayed on the line for 12 hours under the sun and the security guys wouldn’t let us go for a wee it’s sucked.

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One Direction Soundcheck + Front Row Experience 

Finally have done my 1d concert experience video (2 months laterrrr) Sorry for the wait! and sorry its kinda shittt yeah idk 

my wwa experience at wembley

hiya okay so i never really talked about experience about flying to london to see the boys for the wwa tour so here goessss

i saw the boys on the 6th of june and the 8th of june at wembley stadium in london, and i got my tickets through @1dtickethelp on twitter (i had blue zone standing on the 6th, but early bird vip blue zone standing on the 8th).


6 june 2014
on the 6th i went with this girl called elena (met her through tumblr) and she was so sweet, she queued up since 1pm and i came around ¾-ish and she didn’t mind me joining her at all. she had other friends with her so there was a total of 5 of us and when doors opened at 5pm (i think) we rushed into the blue zone and we were somewhere towards the middle. somehow during the concert i managed to push my way through freaking 3rd or 4th row from the catwalk (RIGHT IN FRONT OF HARRY) and it was an amazing view although i got separated from my friends but thats ok because i had a gr8 view. i also bawled like a fucking baby during little things and don’t forget where you belong because i was too emotional (it was my first time seeing the boys) and everything just felt so surreal and i couldnt believe iwas in FREAKING LONDON SEEING FREAKING ONE DIRECTION
anyway that pretty much sums up my first 1d concert experience…… crying….. a lot……… hAHAHA oh and i didn’t really get much post concert depression because i knew i was gonna see them again in 2 days anyway :-)

8 june 2014
i bought the early bird vip ticket from a girl called Naimah on twitter and she was going alone to the concert as well, so i decided to join her. and she freaking queued since 8am (and she was in the first section of the queue) so i was pretty sure we were gonna get front row. as usual i went late but like i think it was around…. 2 or 3-ish and i got my ticket from her and i got my wristband and i joined her in the queue and this mother was bitching and complaining the whole fucking time it was so annoying. 
when we were ready to go in (they let us in early) everyone started pushing (DUH) and the mum was like screaming at everyone not to push and this older girl looked at the mum and told her to shut up i wanted to laugH so badly but i didnt
so we got to the doors, and at wembley you had a barcode on your ticket which you have to scan at the gates, and there was like an empty lane and i just pushed my friend naimah into that lane and i was shaking so badly
when we got past the gates, we ran to doors and security had formed a line to walk us down the steps SLOWLY into the arena and i was like second or third row in that mini moshpit. everyone was pushing to get to the bottom of the stairs and i think security gave up halfway AND ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE
everyone literally started running and i started running and because i was there 2 nights ago, i knew where the boys would stand during the concert (mainly harry and niall anyway) so i ran as fast as i could and i got a spot right in front of the barrier and i pulled naimah beside me and THAT WAS BASICALLY HOW WE GOT FRONT ROW
p.s. the girl beside me was really nice and she gave me tips like to put my bag down and leave a bit of space between you and the barrier so you don’t get squished when the crowd comes in and starts pushing during the concert!!!!!!!

so 5sos comes on and they put on an amazing show although they skipped my favourite song (disconnected) and i was hella pissed but anyway, 1d came on soon after and the concert was pretty much the same… except i had a better view obviously and i didn’t cry this time round hahahhaha and i enjoyed myself so so so so sO SO SO MUCH
although there was fucking bitch leaning on me towards the last quarter of the concert and it was so uncomfortable because her weight caused my ribs to be jabbed into the barriers and it hurt so badly but whatever i still had a gr8 time B)

hope you guyS enjoyed reading this and i know this is an awful description of the concert i’ll probably edit it from time to time but yeah you get a rough idea :-)
if you need tips and tricks on getting front row for GA or if you need advice on what to expect at a show please feel free to message me!!!! B)