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  • Couldn`t finish this since september omg
    Malec future AU ~ kind of
    Hope you’ll like it
shadowhunters characters names in italian
  • alexander gideon lightwood: alessandro gedeone lucebosco
  • jonathan christopher herondale: giovanni cristofolo aironevallata
  • clarissa adele fairchild morgenstern: clarissa adele bimbinagiusta stelladelmattino
  • lucian graymark: luciano marchiogrigio
  • isabelle sophia lightwood: isabelle sofia lucebosco
  • magnus bane: ilgrande tormento
  • sebastian morgenstern: sebastiano stelladelmattino
  • simon lewis: simone luigi
  • lydia branwell: lidia cruscabene
  • valentine morgenstern: valentino stelladelmattino
  • hodge starkwheater: contadino meteorigido
  • maia roberts: maia roberti
  • jocelyn fairchild: gioselina bimbinagiusta
  • victor aldentree: vittorio ontano
  • raphael santiago: raffaele santiago
  • camille belcourt: camilla bellacorte
  • aline penhallow: alina pennaconsacrare

This was such a wild ride

  • Book!Jace: Arrogant, giant jerk, Superiority Complex(TM), no real character development, barely even remembers he has a parabatai. Has potential with his backstory but is reduced to the Hot Guy (TM) and is there to fuel a shitty incest-fantasy.
  • Show!Jace: Soft, gentle, doesn't want to hurt anyone. His parabatai bond with Alec is actually explored, he cares for the people he loves, immediately stops being romantic towards Clary once he thinks she's his sister. Actually has a character and a storyline that shows how his abuse has affected him without being a giant asshole. Needs a nap, multiple blankets, and a big hug.