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this was just a really big excuse to draw that unicorn shirt


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Behind her rode Cristina, who had her hands in the air and was shrieking with happiness. “Emma!” she shouted. “Emma, look, no, hands!”

Emma glanced back and laughed aloud. Mark who rode Windspear with and air of familiarity, Kieran clinging to his belt with one hand, was not as amused. “Use your hands!” he yelled. “Cristina! It’s not a roller coaster!”

- Lord of Shadows, (The Dark Artifices Book 2) Cassandra Clare


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I forgot inktober (like ever) so I’m starting today and I’ll try to finish this year (wish me luck).

My inktober theme this year will be LGBT+ character from books or series, starting by Diana Wrayburn ‘cause she’s really strong and deserve ou love.

Diana Wrayburn (The Dark Artifices - @cassandraclare )

Inktober 3/31