they really are just acorns

DM: “you open the box left by the Firbolg, revealing 12 ordinary acorns neatly placed in separate compartments" 
Player: “are they magical?”
DM: “Roll Arcana”
-player rolls a 4-
DM: “you think they might be acorns”
other player: “can I try?”
DM: “sure”
-player rolls a 17-
DM: “you are definitely certain that they are non-magical acorns”
yet another player: “can I roll to identify them?”
DM: “roll nature”
player rolls a natural 20
DM -sighs- “each of the 12 acorns is slightly different, your memory suddenly flashes to a page you once read in a book showing different types of oak trees, and you realize that at least 3 of the species are extinct”
yet another player: “can I roll to see if the trees are magi–”
DM, who has had enough of this: “They are just ordinary acorns. This is what a Firbolg considers to be a precious artifact, he was trying to ensure the biodiversity of planet. have I explained it well enough? we only have like 40 minutes and you still haven’t fought the necromancer
players: "huh?”
DM: “roll for initiative.”