Through the Years (Part 4)

Summary: Through mysterious circumstances, you find yourself exchanging letters with a man 70 years in the past. (Lake House AU).

Word Count: 1,295

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And just like that, you found yourself exchanging letters with a man who lived in the past, whom you had no way of getting to.

Despite everything inside you telling you that you shouldn’t, that the letters would one day stop, that this man was probably not even alive, you continued to write to him, looking forward to each envelope that appeared on your fireplace mantle every other day.

Through the three months that transpired, you figured out that the letters took a few hours to transport themselves, yet you nor Bucky ever saw it happen. You would just walk out of the room and when you came back, it’d be gone. Just like that.

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Moving out: part one

A/N: So this is is my first attempt in marvel fics and also first time sharing the story here. Please be nice, I am not a native English so there are probably going to be mistakes and also I haven’t been writting anything in years. Anyway I would appreciate your feedback, this should be a multi-part story so if you are interested in continuing let me know. Have to admit I am nervous! 

Summary: Bucky wants to move out of The Tower.

Triggers: None that I would know about, let me know if you find anything


Bucky was sitting with Steve in the common room and he read the ads page in newspaper he bought sooner. Bucky was tired of living in the Stark tower. Of course it was great to be around Steve, Nat and even bird brain, but he could not get rid of the feeling that he is not welcomed there. He was haunted by the guilt that belong to acts of the Winter soldier. He sighed and narrowed newspapers in his hands.

“Who the hell still reads those?” Nat asked laughing when she entered the room.

“What?” Bucky was surprised by her reaction.

“This is a Stone Age, Barnes. Look at Cap!” Nat said with a smirk.

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I had this idea to have Peter being left on the quinjet with Loki because I never read/see anything with the two interacting. I hope that’s okay! (This prompt really went places, let me tell you.. lol)

Blink, Peter mutters to himself, mask gripped in between a tight fist while his other hand holds onto the support bar above. Blink, breathe, smile and nod along with Clint and Tony’s words, clench jaw– don’t let them see the shivering. Breathe slower, he mentally gripes to himself, noting with a frown that his heart is quickening in his chest, causing his breaths to come out in stuttered huffs.

He can’t let them see weakness, can’t let them know he’s been fighting against, he assumes, the flu for the last two days.

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i know y'all (or some of you) think that Lorna is wrong, but don’t you think both sides are wrong? If they continue to hide like the Mutant Underground was doing, they’re waiting for somebody else to attack. But if they do go out and hurt other people, yeah nobody’s going to change their minds about mutants. but I’m just here to a mentor situation between Andy and Lorna, and maybe them introducing more mutants from the comics! anyway, can The Gifted season 2 come faster

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So glad to see you defending iron man 3 in the tags, literally my fave iron man movie and my fave marvel movie

Absolutely. It’s my favourite Iron Man and Marvel movie too. I never get tired of seeing it. Awesome character study, Pepper kicking ass. Beautiful Pepperony moments. The best representation of PTSD in a movie ever. As a doctor I had a psichiatry professor that used it in class as an example. Totally a great movie. A favourite.

(I don’t feel comfortable posting a photo but that’s my character so close enough:p

Name: Ardis (online name)
Orientation: Panromantic
Where: USA
Sex: Female

About: Hallo! Well let’s see…
I love cats, ice cream, books, music, television, musicals +
My favorite shows are: The Good Doctor, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, 9-1-1, Skam +
My favorite movies: The Imitation Game, Wonder Woman, Marvel movies +
My favorite books: Wayyy to many to name but I love the shadowhunters series, and most books by David Levithan
My favorite bands/artist: P!ATD, Lund, Ed Sheeran, Cavetown +
My favorite Musicals: Hamilton, Heathers, BMC, Book of Mormon, Falselettos, Dear Evan Hansen, +
Random Facts:
I absolutely love poetry and painting~
I like Math and Science, and I’m probably going into either Psychology or Pathology
I absolutely love Hiking and Flowers 🌺
My favorite word is stardust✨
I love webcomics
I’m reallyyy socially awkward so prepare for that XD


i never shared this with anyone but i find it so funny that some of my family members share the same name as marvel characters.

my mum’s name is karen.

my uncle’s name is frank (originally francesco but shortened/changed it when his family came to canada from italy)

my aunt’s (mum’s sister) name is marcy (yes i know it’s spelled differently)

my grandma’s name is joan

my brother’s name is david

and i’m jessica

I was tagged by @persephone-is-here-omg for this thing, so yeah, five crushes I don’t (mostly) talk about.

1. Gal Gadot.

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(HAVE YOU SEEN HER?! Seriously what kind of human being doesn’t like this angel?)

2. Alicia Agneson.

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(I know, I know. People don’t like her character in Vikings, but I like Alicia, not Freydis, so kindly fuck off okay?)

3. Tom Hiddleston.

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(He was my first Marvel crush ever, so thanks to him I’m in this fandom. Yay!)

4. Chadwick Boseman.

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(how can someone look at this man’s smile and don’t fall in love with him? Look at him, he’s perfect. What the fuck.)

5. Hayley Atwell.

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(Lie. I talk about her a lot. I love her with a passion that y’all won’t understand.)

I won’t tag anyone because I hate tagging so yeah, bye.