In my opinion, pursuing a relationship is all about realising that you are so content and happy with life, that you are now prepared and excited to invite someone else in, because you know what you possess internally will compliment their life and provide you both with the ultimate living experience - together. It’s when you understand love and know you can genuinely reciprocate that energy too. If you aren’t in this place mentally, take some time out and focus on yourself, improve your life and then entertain the idea of bringing somebody new into your space. Otherwise, all you’re going to do, is waste time and possibly cause damage to their soul.


This moment gave me a lot to think about….
We all know that they are going to disband someday…we all know that…
But I think that sometimes we forget that the Arashi themselves are way better aware of that painful fact … and worry about it way more than any of us fans do….

Nino also said that it’s because of this awareness that they do everything very seriously.

Sometimes it got too much.

The noise, the light, the people.

It felt like a sensory overload suffocating him, drowning him and pulling him down and down and down until all he could do was choke.

On those days Draco would hide away, hide far away from the noise and the people and the pain - hugging his knees and rocking back and forth, counting from one to ten and ten to one and one to -

On those days Draco would cry until he felt like he couldn’t move anymore, his chest heaving and the tears on his cheeks burning.

On those days he often couldn’t even remember what set him off, what pulled him down, all focused on it, on life, being too much.

Lately, though, it had changed.

There was someone holding his hand, breathing with him in the dark. Someone whispering meaningless soft against his skin, rubbing their nose against his whenever it got too much.

Someone to kiss him with each number when he counted from one to ten and ten to one and one to -

So yeah, sometimes it got too much.

But with Potter next to him, breathing with him, holding him close - he knew he’d be fine. He’ll be alright.


anonymous asked:

I've gotten some mclennon hate recently and it's sorta getting to me and making me start to doubt mclennon (I know it sounds horrible) but do you have anything reassuring for me? I just feel like I need some help right now

oh honey, whenever you doubt just go to your friend Marco so that he can kindly remind you that:

1.Paul revealed that John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy” is about him.

2.Paul admitted that there are things about John Lennon he wouldn’t tell unless both Yoko Ono and Cynthia Lennon were dead.

3.For John’s birthday they went to Paris and slept in one bed.

4.John used to call Paul ‘baby’, ‘love’ ‘bunny’.

5.They were the most important person in each other life.

6.John was jealous of Paul’s girlfriends.

7.Paul was jealous of Stuart.

8.When John took lsd by mistake, Paul brought him home and took lsd too cause he wanted to be with John in misery and fear.

9.They did many secret holidays just the two of them.

10.During the Beatles tours John always slept with Paul in one room, while George and Ringo slept in another.

11.John wrote “If I fell” for Paul.

12.Paul wrote “Here there and everywhere” for John.

13.John always compared his relationship with Paul to a marriage and sex.

14.John always used to describe Paul as handsome and cute.

15.Paul used to take photos of John when he was asleep. The next person who will do this will be Yoko Ono, John’s wife.

16. In 1980, during John’s last interview, he admitted that “Paul was the first love of my life, Yoko the second.”

17.When Yoko became John’s girlfriend Paul was dead jealous. He sent a postcard faking the signature with the quote ‘you and your jap tart think you’re hot shit’.

18.When John and Yoko moved for some months in Paul‘s house, he couldn’t stand hearing them having sex. Upset, he often left to go to gay bars.

19.When John and Paul split up, John told him that “he didn’t want to hold his hand anymore”, and Paul left Abbey Road crying.

20.People who worked at Abbey Road called Paul ‘John’s princess’

21.John had a photo of him and Paul in his room.

22. Paul had a gigantic photo of him and John in his studio.

23.During the 70s they talked to each other through songs like an old married couple who went through a divorce.

24. In 1980 John wrote many unfinished love songs and put them together in a tape for Paul.

25.”Hey Jude” is about Julian, but unconsciously is about John.

26..”Oh!darling” is about Paul crying and wanting to die ‘cause John left him.

27.In his interviews Paul can’t stop saying that he slept with John many times. When a journalist asked him what he would do with John if he came back for a day, he answered ‘I would spend it in bed with him’.

Are you reassured now honey?