so I accidentally came up with an AU where Marinette has an older brother

His name is Anthony Dupain-Cheng. He is an aspiring photographer and sometimes takes pictures of items from the bakery to help make advertisements. He accidentally finds out about Ladybug but is super helpful with making excuses for why she needs to leave randomly. He also makes her coffee when he knows she was up late fighting an akuma. He and Marinette are very close but they get really competitive when it comes to video games. 


Cause all I have to offer is my love. It’s not enough.

Pages are Right to Left; I wanted?!? to tackle the subject of why Aizawa and All Might didn’t “get along” at a later point in BnHA, and went along with the idea that it’s because Toshinori/All Might was Aizawa’s first “crush”/love and even as it was unrequited in the past, Toshinori never learned to depend on Aizawa which caused a deep frustration to be created.

All Might’s younger design, I did stick with the deep-set shaded eyes still because I thought it would be cool if he wasn’t completely conventionally attracted/still had some appearance quirks. 


“I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people.”
                                                                                             - Maya Angelou