Hermione was going insane. She was sure of it.

Because, firstly, what she was thinking was not only terribly illegal, but the moral implications and all-too-forseeable consequences would just be…

Hermione stepped back from the brewing amortentia, almost tripping over in her haste. There was a quiet chuckle, and she looked round to find Quinn looking directly at her, smirking.

It was almost like she knew…

Hermione tried to calm her madly pounding heart as heat rushed up her face. Surely the Slytherin didn’t - couldn’t - know what Hermione had been thinking as she’d stood over the love potion, the intoxicating smell of Quinn’s hair filling her senses.

Hermione could make it so she could wake up everyday, face buried in that hair…

Oh God, she needed to stop thinking like that.

Hermione glanced back at the blonde, only to find her talking to Malfoy.

Then again, maybe not. To have Quinn all to herself, to have her never look at another person, least of all Malfoy

She might not even need a potion, a spell might do it…Imperius curse, maybe? She was sure she could pull that off -

No. She had to stop. She couldn’t think like that - shouldn’t even be considering it.

But it was so, so tempting…

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