I’m very sorry for all my followers who appreciate and love my blog, but I have disabled anonym message here. I just got a bunch of hate messages which are very rude and say things that I should kill myself. Never ever since I’ve been here on tumblr, something like that happened to me. But I already know  the reason: It’s because I broke up the friendship with a certain person that I’ve met through tumblr. I decided to do that because she spammed me with messages and didn’t understand that I’m currently very sick. My whole life shatters apart and I’m currently going through some very hard times.

BUT this certain person and her “friends” who want to break me, want myself to kill me or bring me to even delete my blog, they won’t achieve their goals.

I’ll be strong! And tatakae!

(I don’t even know if I should just post a few of the questions to show you how mean they are. ~ Well I decided to ignore them, but do you wanna see?)