5 ways to make school better for kids of color:

1. Learn how to pronounce their names.

2. Don’t default to suspensions. 

3. Have high expectations.

4. Talk about race.

5. Advocate for school staff of color.

It’s going to take more than empty words and charged rhetoric to transform America’s classrooms. The most impactful changes will happen one day at a time.

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Oh, yeah, and George actually has a bike in the movie btw. haha.. hot nerd

This was actually a later decision but it worked out. His dad doesn’t really approve of him showing up to work with the bike so public transportation was the other option. Saves on the gas at least.

There’s a pretty good reason George usually avoids cars and driving himself in a closed space though… I’m sorry for my bike drawing skills though *sob*
fic: incalescent
By Organization for Transformative Works

(5,649 words)

rating: nc-17
pairing: harry/louis

The onset of heat is something Louis still hasn’t learned to recognize. [a/b/o. non-au]