my! gay! husband!

I want us to be in the car and look at each other and not feel awkward. I want us to go deep into the woods with the windows down hearing our favorite tracks and have my head out the window with my hands out in the air and feel the fresh, pure air hit my face and turn around and see you smiling jamming to the music. And I’ll think ‘dame isn’t he just perfect, I couldn’t be happier with anyone else’ and give him a gentle kiss on the cheek. And then we’ll find our favorite spot in the woods and get to see what we don’t get to see in the big city (tall pine trees, the sound of crunchy leaves, fresh air). We’ll get to the small water creek, jump in, wash up and laugh and forget about everything and it just be you & i, for now and ever. I’ll always watch you, everyday and never get bored of you. I know your out there. 💛