That was a LOT for today.

  • THE Oh Boy book references.
  • THE Voice links
  • the mixtape
  • the interview
  • the Harri and Louis escaping from prison reference
  • the skull&crossbones plus the card suit on Harri’s chest
  • the card suit on Louis’ wrist where people are handcuffed.

Wow. My LARRIE heart is bursting.


I’m almost finished my art book! I’ve decided on the name “Masayume” which means “dream come true”, pretty self explanatory. All I have left to do is format it and send it off for a test print! I am very excited to finally make my first book. Stay tuned for the release! Aside from that I’ve been enjoying not doing my makeup and lounging in my pjs while working. :3


The volume is turned way down. Like the sound on an old tape. The voices are there. You just have to listen. — Genrika Zhirova

She has an Axis II personality disorder, which means technically, she’s a sociopath, incapable of caring for others. But the thing about Shaw is, she does care, enough to save my life. —Root