Maximillian Piras’ Art 

Maximillian Piras is a visual artist / designer from NYC. Specifically interested in painting, illustration & graphic design, he has been doing them all for a couple years. His biggest influences are Pablo Picasso, Keith Haring, Chip Kidd, Chuck Close, & Stefan Sagmeister, amongst many others. 

When asked when and how did he come across practicing art, Maximillian told me he has been drawing since he was very young, maybe one or two years old. His mother and father introduced him to the world of art, both of them being very creative. That gradually led him to painting and sculpture. And later on he got into more conceptual art and art theory.  He confesses he draws everyday, although he is “not always creating art, I think visually, so to understand ideas I always sketch them out”. 

I consider my art to be my ideas in a physical form. They represent my state of mind at the time of their creation and the uncompromising vision which inspired them. Some pieces reflect a prominent idea or concept, others are more meditative - in that they are created with a blank mind and simply map the form and shape of my thoughts. Although I do not consider them to be ‘personal’, as their goal is always to relate to human nature in a broader scope.

To learn more about Maximillian Piras, do check out his greatly designed portfolio/ homepage at or his tumblr-blog at


Stumbled across this time lapse that JP Huang made of an installation me, him, and Katie Klausner put together for my first show “A Monolith Assumed”.