if we only had one last time to loveeee, is this really happening?

but you keep on saying you want me guuurrrlll

but you run away =(

#16 In This World

There are 2 types of assholes that exist when it comes to relationships. The guy who knows that no matter what he does to his current girlfriend she will always take him back. Despite him lying, cheating, and making and breaking every promise he finds away to creep back into her life, destroying each and every last piece of her until she is no more….. The there is that guy who tries his best to make his gf happy, doing everything right without even thinking about it. The good morning text, the random flowers just to say “thank you, i appreciate you and everything that you do” ,the countless amount of hours he spends thinking about her throughout the day while waiting for the sun to go down just so he can hear her voice before he goes to sleep…. but then out of no where she breaks up, her excuse is “its not you…its me”…. from that point on, hes lost and confused, wondering why everything he did wasn’t enough….. his heart becomes cold, and every girl that he comes into contact with doesnt amount to her so they become throw aways…. its funny because the first asshole i described became that way because of that one girl who took him for granted in the past, and ever since he has been broken…. waiting for something that he once owned.


mmm hm hm mmm oohh wee oooo kooley keyyy lol BASED GOD

eat eat it, scrumptious - lil b

e-lamb dis for you bae


if you were mine

if you were mine

i wouldnt want to go

to heaven… 

show me how deep love can be

this is my favorite song by her

I will forever love this women, her songs will hold a place in my heart for all of eternity…


Classic Based God

Flexin 10 bars and i aint talkin about a razar

you bitch is on my hip and i aint talk bout that pager

Happy Based Friday! I hope yall have a safe and positive weekend!

#19 Enjoy Life

while it lasts, tomorrow is not promised for any of us… i hear/see alot of people saying that but they always seem to contradict themselves through their actions, alot of people need to wake the fuck up and realize that at any given moment their life could come to an end, with no questions asked. Alot of people want to know the meaning of life, its simple… Life is what you make it. Fuck a scientific explanation from a human who feels he knows everything because he went to a good college and got a degree to back him up when hes confronted with different opinions. Just think about it, all of the mistakes you made, all of the choices you decided to make in all leads to where you are today! So 10 years from now where ever you are, you are the reason why your there, you can blame anyone but yourself. You hold the key to your fate, regardless of what anyone says, only thing you cant control is death…. (continued)

Breaking News!! *details inside*

ATTENTION!! fellas an epidemic has hit our society, they are calling them tamp vamps (or tampon vampires) please beware!!! They are extremely disgusting and they have no remorse for how you feel!! If you see blood on a female please think twice before touching/sexing/dating or even thinking about them! If you cut yourself in public and you start to bleed and shit PLEASE seek shelter immediately!! or they will be on your ass like white on rice!! Good luck to all yall out there! and again…


This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the letters N and M

for NASTY MUHPUCKUS (eating they bloody tampons like popsicles and shit)