SOOOO I’m co-hosting @kieranmakesart‘s cool new PODCAST!

It’s a podcast about self-care strategies for creatives with the goal of helping artists improve morale and productivity.

Basically an antidote for art block and art-fueled self-loathing.

We upload a new episode every Wednesday so keep an eye out!

You can hear today’s episode here!

Makorra Secret Santa Rules!

Hey everyone! Here are the official guidelines for the Makorra Secret Santa event.

-Signups are currently available here and will close on Monday Dec. 12th @ 11:30 pm. Names will be assigned & delivered on Tuesday Dec. 13th & Wednesday Dec. 14th.

-Secret Santas that have questions for the person they are gifting concerning their request may send their giftee an ask, but PUT THOSE SHADES ON! make sure to ask anonymously or it’ll ruin the magic surprise ^_-. Participants, please make sure you have the anon option available in your ask box just in case your Secret Santa needs to ask you something.

- The gift exchange will take place all day Christmas Day starting @ 12 AM EST on December 25th. If you finish your gift on time but don’t think you’ll be able to post on this date, you can schedule your gift in your queue or place it in the Makorra Year submission box. 

- Secret Santas, make sure you tag your giftee’s username in your gift submission. You can also tag @makorrayear so your submission can be featured on our blog (or use both hashtags #mksecretsanta2k16 & #makorrayear or #mxk year).

-Anyone who may need extra time on their submission will have until New Year’s Day to post. Also, unless you’ve already indicated this on your registration form, please notify us & your giftee (anonymously) if you need the extra time.



-Have fun! :3

Keep luxury cruising! Happy Makorra Holidays everyone!