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  • Jaebum: thinks he's the "tough" parent, but ends up giving into his child's every whim; totally weak for his daughter.
  • Jinyoung: easily the best dad out of all of them, his daughter is the pearl of his world and is expecting a son.
  • Mark: comforts his son for being shy and nervous, encourages him by having playdates with DAD7.
  • Jackson: struggling with twins and sharing daddy duty dates with Jinyoung, who silently watches him suffer.
  • Youngjae: sings his children to sleep, teaches them how to play the piano and video games, but makes sure they nap.
  • BamBam: always asking his mom and Jinyoung for advice and yes, his daughter knows how to dab, whip, and naenae.
  • Yugyeom: literally a child raising a child, has too much fun, can't handle consequences, his wife is the real MVP.

right so I watched the whole stream and:

- astro was on stage like…for ten minutes? what a bummer :c but them introducing themselves in spanish was cute af, specially sanha tho lets be honest…everything he does is cute 😂
- eric is a good host, I’m truly amazed by his spanish despite it was scripted, you can’t rehearse something like that. Also his communication w/ fans was nice too, his voice was on point, very good :p
- M O N S T A  X!!!! out of today’s performers they along infinite h were the most hyped. They played with fans, spoke spanish, owned the stage, all was amazing 👏👏👏 I.M tried hard to communicate in english, he was like in charge of talking with the people, AND KIHYUN’S SOLO was truly unexpected, he did flawless obviously!
- idk why, but red velvet was kind of, hmm, subtle ?) low profile ?) demure ?) idk how to explain it. Their performances were great as usual but they were kind of shy, maybe because of the language barrier or perhaps the long trip, but oh well, they did amazing 👏 wendy’s spanish was cool and seulgi waving at fans all the time was nice and irene changing the hand gesture after the chorus of russian roulette to wave at fans was also cute and idk what yeri said but she was ad o r a b l e
- I don’t know much about infinite and its subunits, but the dude with green hair had more energy than all the people gathered on the venue, what the hell??? 😂😂😂 teach me your ways! 
- it was kind of obvious but eric and wendy confirmed that there will be another kcon next year there so yaay for all you mexicans! :D

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can u rec some mx biased blogs that talk a lot in their tags?

hi!!! yes of course <3 i’m not sure if most of these qualify as talking “a lot” but here are some of my favorite people who seem to ramble about the same amount i do if that’s what you’re looking for :^) sorry this is such a short list i still don’t follow a ton of people :(

@93kihyun @94wons @ckyun @jooheonypup @mxrays @ki-hyunie @honeyvevo @kihyunsgirl @bunnywonho @channkyun @beautifulmv