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One-Millionth Mazda MX-5, 2016. A commemorative model celebrating the production of 1 million units of Mazda’s two-seater convertible, has returned home to the company’s Hiroshima headquarters after a year-long tour that saw the model exhibited around the globe. Over the course of the year the car was exhibited at 35 events in Japan, the U.K., Spain, Germany, Belgium, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, with more than 10,000 MX-5 fans signing their name on the bodywork

Indigenous MX Pinup Model | wearing “Pinup Girl Clothing” and native huichol jewelry.

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Almost Human!AU

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  • Leonard hates androids. All of them, in all their shapes, sizes and functions. Doesn’t trust them. But somehow, in the two years he’s been off-duty to deal with his wife and daughter disappearing, and an accident that left him with a synthetic leg, it has become mandatory for anyone in the police force to be accompanied by a robot. Spock is the main supplier of those, and he walks Leonard down further into the lab. “I have a J.I.M available for you,” Spock says, and Leonard raises his eyebrows. “Isn’t that the recalled sex ‘bot? What am I gonna do with that? They were insane.” “Their purpose was to use their bodies to gain intel on potential threats, yes,” Spock says. He pulls out one of the models, still deactivated, and carries it to a special chair. “But they were recalled because they went batshit crazy,” Leonard says, “you’re giving me one of the crazy ones.” “Crazy is a hurtful expression,” Spock says, wiring the android up to his computer, “they are fully equipped with a synthetic soul, and this one is reprogrammed to be an excellent police officer.” “Great,” Leonard says, though heavily sarcastic. Spock activates him, and Leonard stares down at unnatural blue eyes coming to life. “Jim,” Spock says, resting his hand on Jim’s shoulder, “meet detective McCoy. McCoy, this is Jim. Now, Jim’s previous… occupation shouldn’t be triggered, but there may be a few glitches.“ “Glitches?” Leonard asks, immediately alarmed. “what kind of glitches?”
  • Jim is continuously clacking his tongue during the drive back to the precinct. Leonard is getting increasingly more annoyed, and he tightens his fingers around the steering wheel. “Can you just…” Leonard says, gritting his teeth, before finally sighing and turning to look at Jim, “synthetic: off.” “Synthetic: off,” Jim repeats, rolling it over his tongue a couple of times, “is that your way of telling me to shut up?” “Yes,” Leonard says, and Jim raises his eyebrows. “Rude. I’m not a fan of that word.” “Synthetic?” “Yeah.” “You want me to call you something else than synthetic?” “Preferably,” Jim says, “you’ve said it two more times since I asked you not to.” “Synthetic?” Leonard asks, and Jim glances in his direction. “You’re doing this on purpose.“ Leonard throws him a small smirk. “Relax, it’s not like you should be feeling anything.” “Spock informed you of my synthetic soul, right? I am designed to feel and experience just as much as you,” Jim explains. “But how do you know if you feel as much? You’re a robot,” Leonard says, “all your feelings are artificial.” Jim’s eyes narrow, and Leonard watches him grit his teeth a little. “Human,” Jim starts, throwing Leonard an annoyed smile, “off.
  • Their first assigned task together ends in an artificial blood bath, because someone is hacking into Androids to turn them into weapons against humans. Most general police model Androids are compromised, but Jim enters the field anyway. He’s on Leonard’s side, providing him cover, and dragging him out of the line of fire when Leonard is knocked out by one of the other androids. Leonard feels quite disorientated when he wakes up, and Jim is hovering above him. Blue eyes piercing his own and Leonard feels like his privacy is being invaded just looking at Jim. “What are you doing?” Leonard groans. “I’m going to overwrite the androids,” Jim says, “I need you to cover me, because I will be temporarily immobilized when I do this. Can you do that?” “Of course I can do that,” Leonard says with a frown. He takes over Jim’s gun, and provides him cover for all the androids that are charging at them with full speed. When Jim successfully overwrites their program, they all crumple to the ground. The two of them catch the guy responsible not much later. “You did well,” Leonard says eventually, and Jim throws him a small smile. “Was that a compliment?” “Take it as you wish,” Leonard says, “it doesn’t mean we’re friends. But we’re gonna celebrate with a drink.” “I don’t drink,” Jim says, watching Leonard put his coat back on. “Perfect,” Leonard replies, “in that case: I’m paying.”
  • And everything goes well, Jim and Bones work surprisingly well together despite the fact that Jim’s an android, and Leonard is convinced he’s programmed to counter literally everything Leonard says. Spock assures him that’s part of his synthetic soul that shapes his “character”. But then they investigate a death in an upperclass brothel, and Jim gets distracted by the sex ‘bots. Not because he’s interested in them, as Leonard initially expects, but because he can relate to them and their work. Jim speaks to one of the girls for the longest time, and Leonard lets him - even though he doesn’t really like the way she touches his arm and smiles at the things he’s saying. “Are you coming?” Leonard asks, nudging Jim’s side. “Or are you gonna go stare into each other’s eyes exchanging data all day? Let me know if I should book a room.” Jim huffs at that, and turns around. “Let’s go,” he says, patting Leonard’s shoulder as they walk out. “I noticed you fancied her, though,” he adds, and Leonard raises an eyebrow. “Excuse me? I did not.” “I noticed an increase in your pulse,” Jim says. Leonard scoffs. “She ain’t my type.” “What is your type?” Jim asks curiously. Leonard doesn’t even have a proper answer for that. Blond, blue eyes, and confident. But he can’t really say that without boosting Jim’s ego too much, so instead he shrugs, and says: “Alive.” Jim slows his walking,  glancing at Leonard’s back as he walks away. “Rude. You’re such a dick.”
  • The ride back to the precinct is quieter, Jim keeps his thoughts to himself and Leonard is grateful for that. Until Jim turns to look at Leonard, and goes: “Your pulse is still faster than usual.” “So?” “Logically, that means you’re either angry- or you fancy me.” “I wonder which one of those two is the correct one,” Leonard says, sarcasm heavy in his voice, but Jim smiles. “Me, too.” “I obviously don’t fancy you.” Leonard says, and Jim laughs. “Sure.” “But I am curious,” Leonard starts, “do you have anything… down there? Or are you like a Ken doll?” “Of course I have something down there,” Jim says, “my design was originally aimed for the sex industry. A lot of thought went into designing my-” “Okay, I get it.” “Here, I’ll show you,” Jim says, and Leonard frowns because initially, he doesn’t understand. But then he looks over at Jim, and Jim has pushed his pants down, and Leonard clears his throat. “Jesus, Jim. Put that thing away! Is that all for one person?” “It was modeled after the ideal length, width…” “Yes, okay. I got it,” Leonard says, and Jim just grins. “Your pulse is racing again.” “Shut up.”
  • Jim lives with the MX model androids, and generally that is fine. They’re not programmed to show emotion or anything, but Jim doesn’t need it when he’s not in human presence. But a malfunction in the system leaves only a few charging stables online, and Jim gets the last priority to charge. Which also means that come morning, he’s running on half a charge. He’s grumpy enough to match Leonard’s mood when they run into each other in the office. “You ready to solve another murder?” Leonard asks, “spontaneous human combustion. I’m not even making that up.” “You’re way too happy that we’re taking on a murder case,” Jim counters, and Leonard raises an eyebrow. “You okay?” “No. I am running on 49% because your boss thinks MX’s are more important than me.” “What?” “There was a charging malfunctioning in our place. I wanna move out. I’m gonna move in with you, Bones.” “You’re not moving in with me,” Leonard huffs. “Come on, you have a trophy room you literally never enter. I could just install a charging there, you wouldn’t even know I was there.” “Listen, darling, you’re not moving in with me,” Leonard says firmly. 
  • “Do you want to keep those trophies?” Jim asks, carrying out a box of Leonard’s high school achievements. “You were quite an athlete, huh?” “Yeah,” Leonard says, grabbing that very box from Jim’s hands, “that was until I lost my leg.” “These are all high school and college trophies,” Jim says, “you didn’t lose your leg ‘til two years ago.” “Stop researching me all the time,” Leonard groans, running a hand through his hair, “how charged are you?” “28%,” Jim says, “my charging station should be finished in two hours.” “Can you last that long?” Leonard asks, and Jim shrugs. “So long as we don’t have to do anything in that time.” But they’re not that lucky, because just ten minutes later they get another emergency call.
  • Jim performs okay, as usual, but when his charge goes below 10%, he starts getting sluggish. Several of his functions shut down and Jim becomes even grumpier and aggressive, which is ridiculous considering they’re just researching a homicide case. “Can you stop,” Leonard says, “power down, or something. I can better do this alone. Synthetic: off.” “Shut the fuck up, Leonard,” Jim counters, “I can help.”
  • “Alright,” Leonard sighs, getting up from his seat, “I’m taking you to Spock. Surely he has a way for you to charge.” Jim gets up as well, grabbing Leonard’s arm and pulling him in closer. It’s so sudden Leonard doesn’t even know what’s happening until Jim presses his lips against his own. With surprising force, too, pressing Leonard against the wall and sliding his hands under his shirt. “Jesus–Jim,” Leonard breathes out, tilting his face away to feel Jim’s lips run over his jaw and his neck instead. “What are you-” “Is this human enough for you?” Jim asks, and Leonard shivers when he feels hot breath against his ear. “Jim-” “Your heart is racing,” Jim says, and Leonard closes his eyes, finally shoving Jim backwards. “What is wrong with you?" Jim looks a little lost at Leonard, and then just leans in again. "I’m only here to serve you. I can show you a good time.” He says, and Leonard sighs, rubbing his temples and taking a deep breath to focus. “You wanna serve me?” “Yes.” “Follow me,” Leonard says, grabbing Jim’s hand and ignoring that odd smile on the other’s lips as he follows Leonard. 
  • When they’re in Spock’s basement, Jim’s eyes narrow. “You tricked me.” “You said you wanted to serve me. I’m telling you what to do. Go lie down and charge,” Leonard says, handing Jim over to Spock. “I’ll see you in a few hours when your sex-bot program isn’t triggered.”
  • "I’m sorry,” Jim tells Leonard when he gets home. Leonard catches him staring as he’s walking around the house in a tank top and shorts, clearly revealing Leonards synthetic leg. “You’re not staring at me because that sex bot thing is still running, are you?” he asks, pointing the beer bottle in his hand in Jim’s direction as he sits down on his couch, rubbing his leg a little in annoyance. “No,” Jim says, “I promise. I’m sorry about what happened, okay? That’s not me. I’m not usually that desperate for human contact.” He sits down on the couch next to Leonard, and turns to him with the familiar smile Leonard has learned to love. “Thank you for still letting me live here with you.” “Well,” Leonard says, leaning back and turning on the TV, “we all make mistakes.” “I promise it won’t happen again.” “I’m talking about me. Letting you live here,” Leonard says, and he’s grinning at the TV as he speaks. Jim huffs, leaning back and relaxing a little, too. “Just for the record,” Leonard continues, finally turning to watch Jim instead of the screen, “you might not be human, and I know I said I liked my partners breathing, but you should know. You are… human enough.” It comes out of him almost unnaturally, because Leonard usually shows affection by insulting Jim. Jim gets it, though, and he throws Leonard a grin. “So you do fancy me,” he says, and Leonard shrugs. He leans in, and Jim shuts his eyes when lips brush over his jaw. And when Jim turns his head just enough so they can kiss, it feels so much better than a few hours before. Natural, and slow, like they’ve kissed a million times before. And Jim doesn’t breathe, but he still looks breathless when Leonard finally pulls away. He looks just as bad, through heavy eyes and a cocky little smirk. “Maybe I fancy you a little.”

Inspired by a conversation with stuftzombie about when all the fanfiction tropes were going to start appearing in the Almost human tag. I decided to write my favorite one, so without further ado, have some ‘turned into a kitten'AU 

There was an explosion, because all good stories start that way. Though, looking at Dorian’s mangled body on Rudy’s table, John is having a hard time believing in fairy tales.

“Well, the good news is that I can definitely fix him.” Rudy adjusted his looking glass and John was treated with the appetizing view of his magnified nostrils. “But it’s gonna take some time.”

“What the hell am I supposed to do in the meantime? I’m not partnering with an MX!” Rudy pulled a piece out of the mess of wiring in Dorian’s head with a triumphant ‘Ah-ha!’

“I may have a fix for that!” It turns out that the little box Rudy pulled out is Dorian’s personality chip. First, they try putting it into an MX, only to fry its circuits beyond salvation, which John notes with some satisfaction. But even if the technology is incompatible with the MXs, there are models that fit it.

Which is why John is currently having a staring contest with a cat seated on Valerie’s lap.

The android pets were a line of robotic units meant to function as companions to people allergic to animal fur or people that were suffering from illnesses. They were made to mimic real animals as closely as possible, utilizing a primitive version of the Synthetic Soul programming to achieve a certain degree of empathy.

None of which John registers because the cat is staring at him with Dorian’s blue eyes and he’s already getting a bad feeling about the whole endeavor. At least with the hypoallergenic fur he hasn’t started sneezing yet.

He packs the cat – Dorian, he should probably remember that – in the car and they drive off. For the first 5 minutes, everything is fine, but then ‘What’s new pussycat’ comes on the radio and Dorian starts yowling along until John slams his fist so hard in the radio screen, it fizzes and dies out. Dorian spends the whole ride staring at him accusingly, his kitty eyes somehow much harder to ignore.

He stares at John throughout his evening routine, trailing behind him, furry tail swishing. John heats up some ramen and turns around to see him grooming on the counter. John eats, kitty Dorian plays with the dying plant he has on his windowsill (it hasn’t been watered since Anna).

It’s not until he realizes that he’s spent the past half an hour watching cat Dorian trying to topple over the pot that he finally speaks.

“You know, you’re kind of cute for a cat.” The look the cat gives him is so distinctly Dorian, John has to laugh.

It’s not until later that he realizes he hadn’t spent an evening that relaxed in months.

John has to get used to Dorian being everywhere from then on. He stays up too late? Dorian starts yowling until he closes the case file and goes to bed. He eats ramen to many times? Dorian starts stealing the packets and hiding them under his charging dock. He oversleeps? Dorian climbs onto the headboard and starts jumping on his head. One day he even trips over him coming out of the shower, after which he never forgets to close the bathroom door behind him. Not that it helps. John just hopes he isn’t scanning his testicles again.

Dorian’s presence in the squad car, which John insisted upon, is the only thing that makes riding with an MX bearable. Watching a cat rolling its eyes on his dashboard is somehow amusing enough that it keeps him from shooting the MX that insists on talking even through a mute order and a gag.

Dorian is still surprisingly useful in apprehending suspects, because if it’s one thing an over-enthusiastic gunman doesn’t expect, it’s a cat unleashing the full force of his sharp claws on his face while John gains enough momentum to tackle him.

So under penalty, John would admit it’s not entirely unpleasant to have a cat around. Or to have Dorian around, whichever way you looked at it.

The real test comes, when John is having one of his frequent night terrors and he wakes, gasping and crying, to a warm weight curled into the crook of his arm. He looks down, only to be faced with two slightly glowing blue eyes. They stare at each other for a moment, before Dorian starts a deep rumbling purr and John’s eyes start slipping shut.

It becomes a regular thing after that and John is able to forgo his sleeping pills almost entirely.

Which is why he starts suffering from insomnia, when his partner gets his shiny new body back.

It’s nice to have his partner back on cases, chasing the suspects and bickering in the car (maybe not that last one – at least when he was a cat he couldn’t talk back). Still, he can’t help but miss the cat Dorian at night when he wakes up, unconsciously curled around a thing that isn’t there.

They never talk about the time Dorian spent as a cat.

John figures he doesn’t actually remember much, until Dorian proves him wrong by appearing at the door of his apartment one evening, white teethe gleaming in a way not entirely reminiscent of the fangs he used to have.

“You’re not sleeping.” Dorian states when he’s stationed on John’s living room sofa (conveniently in the spot he preferred as a cat) “You have bags under your eyes, your dexterity is suffering and you almost shot detective Paul yesterday for drinking the last cup of coffee, don’t try to lie to me, John.”

“Well, so what? People are allowed to have off days at times, that’s what makes us human!” John puts special emphasis on the ‘human’ part, knowing that it makes him petty and feeling slightly guilty at the frown that appears on Dorian’s face.

“I’m sleeping here tonight.”

“The hell you are!”

The hell he is apparently, because he’s in John’s bed two hours later and John is still a little unclear on the details of how that happened. It’s awkward, painfully so, Dorian lying on the side that Anna used to take, except there was never this much space between them then.

He shuts off the light.

Thirty minutes later, when he wakes up from another dream of his dead partner’s face before the fire took him, Dorian is wrapped around him like a blanket, face resting in the crook of his elbow. After a moment, a purr starts up and John is too tired to laugh, so he drifts off to sleep.

They get a cat, many years later, but by then there’s not enough room for it on the bed.


In defense of Richard Paul

I can’t count anymore how often I’ve seen people say that Richard Paul called his poor MX partner ‘dog face’ in episode “Are You Receiving”. I would like to point out the following, because it really bugs me that so many people seem to get it wrong: Richard NEVER called his own MX 'dog face’ - or any other insult for that matter. That was a different MX unit, and NOT his assigned partner! If you feel the need to bash Richard for being an asshole who allegedly doesn’t value his partnered MX at all, please get the facts for your argumentation straight.

Of course it’s still disrespectful and rude that he calls a random MX dog face. Not gonna deny that. But I think it says a lot about Richard that it’s not his own MX he calls like that, and that he sends a random unit (same model type like Valerie’s MX) to fetch him water when his own MX is standing just another foot away. Rewatch Richard’s scenes in the 'dog face comment’-episode (#03) and look closely; You will see that he actually keeps his own MX (the blue-eyed blond with serial number #176) as close as possible all the time - not even using it as a gofer.

When the hostage is thrown out of the window and they run over to the victim, his MX is practically glued to his back (that’s just mere seconds after the other random MX wandered off to get Richard some water):

By the victim’s side:

Back at the police tent, receiving Maldonado’s instructions:

Later at the precinct:

Somebody suggested that Richard picks a whole new MX model (the same type that’s assigned to Valerie) after John destroyed his previous one, and that this new model is in fact the one he uses as gofer in “Are You Receiving” (since the episodes were shot in a different order and there's inconsistency regarding Richard’s MX). But this inconsistency ONLY affects the serial number of his MX, and not the model type; Richard picks exactly the same model again. In the same episode in which John shoots Richard’s MX, we later see Richard return with the new MX Maldonado told him to go and get from 'downstairs’. It’s in the scene where Richard tells Valerie that his parents didn’t have the money to make him taller or pretty. The new MX is on the left, waiting for him, and following him when he leaves the briefing:

I’m sorry but I don’t get the “I hate my MX”-vibe from Richard at all. He never did any real harm to his MX (unlike John who deliberately destroys MX units like it’s a hobby, and afterwards doesn’t even take it seriously when Maldonado or Richard get furious about it. I love John and don’t mean to badmouth him here, especially because he has reasons why he behaves the way he does; I simply don’t get it when people point fingers at Richard for treating his MX 'like crap’, but when John blows the same MX’s head off he gets applauded.)

Call me nuts, but to me it feels like Richard and his MX seem to be pretty 'clingy’ with each other, even if Richard generally has a prickly character. Richard’s MX is always behind him or next to him or in the background waiting for him. Richard even takes his MX with him to meetings/briefings (like that scene above) or to the interrogation room (for example in that scene where he calls that bearded suspect 'Rasputin’). I don’t see Valerie’s MX hang around her that much. Basically it’s only with her when she’s out doing work at a crime scene. Most of the time, Valerie is on her own (especially at the precinct) talking to human colleagues or witnesses without her MX nearby, while you very rarely see Richard without his MX following him around like a little (or rather tall) duckling - even at the precinct!

In episode 6, we see Richard taking a nap in his police car during standby time on a crime scene while his MX keeps watch and is also in the driver’s seat ( = Richard seems to have trust in his MX, even if he sees nothing more in it than a convenient and expensive tool to assist him at his job). At the beginning of “You Are Here”, Richard lets his MX express its investigations and analysis without ever interjecting or telling it to shut up. He even gives encouraging nods to his MX after John disagrees with its comments. Don’t even get me started on how enraged he is when John shoots his MX. He literally tries to choke John in Maldonado’s office. Pretty extreme reaction for somebody who didn’t value his MX anyway… Yeah, Richard probably doesn’t feel friendship for his MX cause he doesn’t even see a person or 'conscious being’ in it (let’s face it, the MX units are practically just computers with no feelings or any self-awareness, they’re not like Dorian), but at least he values the MX units as advanced and helpful technology and expensive police property that is not to be destroyed or damaged at will. And I strongly believe that he isn’t reluctant at all to work closely together with an MX, and he was very much accustomed to his assigned partner.

I think the only time Richard Paul really WAS kind of mean to his MX, was the situation in “Simon Says” when he told it to shut up and get him some coffee. And that was after Dorian punched Richard in the face, and Richard was upset that his android partner didn’t jump to his rescue/take his side in the smackdown contest he had with the Kennex/Dorian-team. Well, this is open to interpretation, but I’d say Richard’s bossy and angry reaction doesn’t prove at all that he doesn’t give a shit about his MX. It rather proves that he expected (or at least wanted) his MX to take action and team up with him and now he’s annoyed that it failed to do so - because it’s simply not as 'human’ and not as conscious as Dorian and just stood there in still 'waiting mode’. Sending it off to get coffee seemed almost like punishment to me in that moment, like sending a doggy or kitty off the couch when it misbehaves or something like that. Also, Richard seems to be the kind of guy who sometimes takes out his bad moods (and frequent frustration) on others in general, be it robots or his human co-workers. I didn’t get the feeling this is a behavioral pattern of him that is specifically targeted at his MX.

I don’t think Richard uses his MX as a servant all the time just because he can. At the sites of crime, he obviously picks other MX units for 'fetch and carry’ tasks, and not his own. (Implying that he prefers to use his own MX for actual professional work and/or his own safety etc.) Also, in episode “Blood Brothers”, when Maya the psychic asks for a cup of coffee, Richard actually gets his own ass off the chair and goes to get her coffee himself (that’s how she manages to sneak out and escape his watch). He could’ve sent the MX to get Maya’s coffee, but he didn’t.

PS: I already posted this gif some time ago but I will post it here again. In the pilot, Richard was the only one who tried to catch and support his MX when all androids powered down and fell to the floor. He tried to catch his partner - and he never called his partner dog face. That’s a fact.