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lee jooheon | to everyone in your city, lee jooheon is a force to be reckoned with. to his gang members, he’s their fearless and strong leader. but to you? he’s the boyfriend who forgot to bring home eggs like you asked four times. | 2,325 words. | fluff. | for @minsugadotcom‘s request :) 

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So listen here, I need to get this off my chest. Many of you know that Wonho is my ultimate bias and will always be but you probably also know that I love all Monsta X members for many different reasons. Right now I feel the need to express my love for Shownu. I absolutely adore the fucking fuck out of this awkward bean. He is the cutest smol trapped in a tol’s body ever okay? I constantly have the urge to squish his cheeks and protect him at all times. He is the backbone of MX and he has grown so much and is truly becoming an awesome leader. Over 2k16 we have seen him grow so much from the praise he earned on “Hit the Stage”, to him coming out of his shell and holding his own on “Lipstick Prince” where he doesn’t have his members to rely on and the cast loves him just as much as we do, not too mention is funny antics from the first two episodes of Monsta X-Ray (Shownu as mother-in-law/Omoni will forever breathe life into me. #Shomoni). He is dedicated to Monsta X and is so hard working and I admire the shit out of him. His eye smile adds years to my life and I am so ready to continue watching him and the rest of Monsta X grow.💜💜Please keep supporting and cheering for Shownu and Monsta X😊😊

Timeless Fate | GangAu!

requested by anon~ ;)

Ship: Jooheon x [y/n]

Word Count: 2761

a/n: hey guys! i hope you guys enjoy this, especially anon, and i’m sorry if it’s not that nice or something. credits to the owner for this gif!


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Hello everyone, Jooheon’s the name… and just a head up, don’t try me if you don’t want to get hurt, arasso?’

Those were the words that left Jooheon’s mouth during his first day. Those well-known girls were already swooning over him, boys were scoffing at his remark, others didn’t even give a damn about him, and you were one of those who didn’t give a damn about him.

Looking at the window, you just sighed when the teacher told Jooheon to sit beside you. A lot of groans and complaints were heard when they saw Jooheon walking down towards your direction with a smug look plastered all over his face. 

Hey there, baby.”

And that was the start of the day when Jooheon started being a douche bag towards you. Jooheon wasn’t going to give up on a girl like you, different from all the other girls out there.

“Good afternoon Sir, what can I get for you– Oh, it’s you.” the smile on your face was immediately wiped off when you met the gaze of Jooheon’s friend, Yoo Kihyun. “Don’t worry, sweetheart, I don’t want to see that… what do you call that thing?” Kihyun points his index finger at your face with a sly smile. 

Taking a deep breath, you flash him the fakest smile that you’ve ever had and repeated what you just said earlier, “What can I get for you, Sir?” you gave emphasis on the word ‘sir’, only to see his face turn serious. 

“Iced Americano.” Without waiting for any response from you, he slammed the the exact amount on the counter and left, making you heaving a deep sigh before going behind the counter to make his order.

Busy with his order, you were to oblivious to notice the stares from MX. Jooheon, the leader of the gang, couldn’t help but feel amused by your actions, words and even expressions. He’s never met a girl like you, except for the girls whom he met during those hand-in-hand combats he’s experienced.

“Man, she’s something.” Kihyun looks at Jooheon before crossing his arms on his chest. “She’s an enigma, hyung. What do you even like about her?” Changkyun sighs with his eyes glued on Jooheon, who was now smirking at his friends. 

Noticing the look on Jooheon’s face, Hyungwon sighs,“I guess I have to dig up some information about her then.” Giving Hyungwon a pat on Hyungwon’s shoulder made everyone groan at how obvious and transparent their leader was.

“Where would you even find information about that–”

*Ting tiiiinnnngggg!*

“Mr. Pink Princess with the navy blue jacket! Please get your order here!”

Kihyun instinctively snaps his head towards your direction and mutters a couple of swear words before standing up to get his drink from you. The sound of snickers filled the air, making Kihyun’s blood boil in anger. 

“Yah, what did you call me?” Before you knew it, Kihyun grabbed you by the collar and pulled you towards him with his drink in between the two of you. “Why? Did I hurt your little ego?”

“Why I ought to–” Kihyun immediately lets go of your collar before wincing in pain, making the boys look at the two of you with eyes wide as saucers. Now, it was you who was grabbing Kihyun by the collar, “That’s just a warning. If you’d get on my nerves one more time, you better watch out.” You whispered to his ear before letting him go with his drink in his hands.

Kihyun walks back to their table with his eyebrows furrowed in anger. “Hey, I think she’s hiding something.” Kihyun said before plopping his drink down on the table, his eyes looking at the boys faces.

“She’s quite feisty, isn’t she?” Wonho looks at Kihyun, only to burst out into fits of laughter at the sight of a red-eared Kihyun. “But then, she’s pretty ordinary tho.” Shownu added, earning a nod from each of the boys.

“We don’t know actually. That girl’s practically a nobody and she’s not really open with her life.” Minhyuk concluded as he stared off to space, losing his self in his own train of thoughts.

“[y/n], our teacher wants to see you in his office.” Your class president notifies you, to which you only responded with a nod. Standing up from your seat without glancing to your seatmate, who was currently looking at your every move, you left without saying anything. 

Jooheon’s eyes carefully looks around and sees that no one was paying attention to him, he skillfully removes the baby blue key chain, that has your name on it, from your bag and swiftly puts it inside his pocket. A smile slowly tugs on the corner of his mouth before he proceeds to the canteen to eat something with the boys.

“Guess what,” Jooheon beamed before plopping himself beside Changkyun, slinging an arm around his shoulder. “What?” Everyone looked at Jooheon, snickering at what they’re seeing.

“What the heck is that?” 

“Her keychain. I stole it from her without her knowing.” Jooheon flashes them the biggest grin and a tint of pink was present on his cheeks, making the boys howl in amusement.

“Don’t tell me… you like her?!”

“Well, what if I do like her?” Jooheon retorted with a sly smirk. Minhyuk couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He gawked at him and muttered the words that popped out from his mind.

“Are you serious?”

“Hm, we don’t know. Anyway, here’s a new offer from the other gang.”

“Okay, class, all of you have done well in your exams and now, I’m going to announce who our top one is. Are you guys excited?”

“No.” everyone lifelessly chorused. Mr. Sung gathered the papers in his hands and casually looks at the very first paper. Clearing his throat, he fixes his glasses with his finger and announces, “Our top one is no other than…. Ms. [y/n]! Congratulations!” 

Everyone stared at you in surprise. All of you weren’t even the first few months and yet here you are, acing all of the tests with perfect scores.


You aren’t just a girl who’s taking some part-time job at a cafe, you are also someone who really dedicates themselves in their studies despite the intense training of Kyokushin Karate and Krav Maga every single day for how long God knows. “And our top two is… omo… Mr. Lee Jooheon.”

Your mouth went wide open, eyes wide as saucers. It was unlikely for a leader of a notorious gang to get some good-ass grades, not to mention one of the top five. Jooheon, on the hand, was nonchalant about it and nodded.

“How can…” you unconsciously muttered under your breath, making Jooheon look at you with his piercing gaze and his signature smirk. 

“How can a gangster like me get good grades like you? Well, try thinking about it baby.” He effortlessly winks at you before returning his attention back to the teacher with a smug look.

Thousands of thoughts immediately flooded your mind. Dang it! Of course… his mind needs to work fast to analyze and solve different problems, or may I say obstacles when he’s out there doing their thing… it’s just like if he puts his mind into something, he really gets good results, you thought while gently slamming your fist on your desk, only to earn a chuckle from your seatmate.

“Okay class, since all of you have passed the exams, I’ll be giving you this time as a break to celebrate the good results that we’ve got.” Before Mr. Sung could even leave the room, everyone bursts out into a loud cheer. 

“Don’t tell me you’re studying, Nerdy?” He asks while pulling some of the strands of your hair up. The room was loud but it was certainly quiet between the two of you. You didn’t even bother answering his question as you focused on the textbook right in front of you. 

Receiving no response from you, Jooheon scoffs as he could feel his blood boil through his veins by the second he realizes that you didn’t give a damn about him. “Yah.” He lifts himself off the chair and kicks your table, creating a ruckus.

Jooheon slammed his hand on your table and lowers his upper body down and looks at you in the eye. You didn’t even bother giving him a reaction as you just stared right back at him. “You do know who I am, right?” Pushing the side of your head harshly with his fingers, you took a deep breath before returning you gaze back to him.

“You’re Jooheon. So, what? Is there a reason for me to give a damn about you?” Jooheon could feel his tummy churn as the butterflies went wild at how brave you are. He could feel his cheeks heat up but it didn’t matter since he started to like how your expression never changes.

“Tss, I like you.”

You could feel that everything just stopped right in front of you. “What?” Blood was slowly rising up to your cheeks as you stared at Jooheon with wide eyes, making him snicker at how beet-red you were. “I’m just messing with you.” He says before leaving you dumfounded in your seat.

By the time Jooheon left, some of the girls started to gather around you, asking you if you’re okay and some of the boys even fixed your table back to its place before grunting some curses under their breaths.

It was already past nine when all of you were dismissed from school. Jooheon and his gang left earlier than everyone else. The road to your apartment was awfully quiet for your liking. Holding you bag close to your chest, you fastened your pace when you heard footsteps right ahead of you. 

Shit, you mentally cursed and it was already too late for you to turn back when a group of men surrounded you and grabbed your bag. Gripping tightly on your bag, you pulled it with all your might and you were about to get pounced by those at you back when you heard a couple of bodies falling onto the ground with a loud thud, making you look back to see MX.

“What the heck are you guys doing here?!” You yelled, finally getting your bag from the man who was trying to steal and pounce at you. “We’re not saving you ass, princess.” Changkyun sarcastically barked before throwing a punch at the dude whom he just punched seconds ago.

“I don’t need your help!” You were now pushed towards an empty alley by Shownu and no one from them even bother talking to you. Watching them from a far, you noticed that they had telescopic baton with them. You were about to warn them about it but it was too late, they were slowly getting beaten up the group of men.

Knowing that they’ll be dead if you didn’t do anything, you didn’t think twice and threw yourself to the group of men, disarming the first man who attacked you. Almost breaking their arm off, you acted fast and did a spinning back kick on the other man who just decided to attack you.

MX were sprawled on the ground, heavily panting with busted lips and aching body parts. They were surprised to see how skilled you were in street fighting. Jooheon, who tried to get up, crawled towards Shownu but then was flat on the ground when one of the men kicked him hard on the back, only to be thrown to the other side after getting kicked by you. “Get the hell away from him!” Jooheon looked up and was surprised when you were the one who’s being thrown to the wall after being hit on the right knee with a baton, a grunt escaping your bloodied mouth.

“You better have a death wish you, motherf*****s!!” you yelled and lunged towards the remaining two with a telescopic baton on both of your hands. Swinging your arms skillfully, you were able to knock the man on the left out by hitting his head really hard with the baton, which was also a bad move, allowing the other one to take the chance to hit you at the back of your head with so much force, making you collapse on the ground. 

Shownu, who has finally regained all of his strength, grabbed the nearest material beside him and smacked it on the head of the man who just attacked you. Finally, the chaos finally died down and the only thing left for everyone to worry was you. 

You were laying face flat on the floor, blood was slowly tricking down at the back of your head. Jooheon scrambled to his feet and brought you to his arms. “We need to take her to the hospital now!”

Without being told again, everyone moved quickly to their feet and hurriedly brought you to their van, speeding off by the second all of the finally got in. Time was ticking, and your condition was getting worse by the second passes by. 

Finally arriving at the hospital, Jooheon dashed out from the van with you in his arms, calling all the nurses to assist you right away, which they immediately did. The other nurses noticed how badly beaten the boys were, they offered immediate service and started treating the bruises, wounds, and other possible broken bone there is in their bodies.

Jooheon, on the other hand, was restless. Being reassured that you were already being attended by their head doctor didn’t really help. He knew how serious it was going to be when he saw the impact of the baton on your head. Quietly nibbling on his lower lip, his eyes wandered around the emergency room and saw a lot of patients being treated.

After a couple of minutes, all of them were finally treated and now they were left in the waiting area. Jooheon couldn’t even bare the thought of you dying just because you saved them. Pacing back and forth with both of his hands tucked inside his pockets, he glances up at the clock from time to time.

The boys tried to calm their leader down but it was no use, any suggestions being said just went pass through his other ear. Shaking their legs, they continued to wait in silence for almost five hours when the doctor finally came out.

“Are there any relatives of the young lady who just got in here?” The doctor asked and looked at the boys, unfazed at the sight of the well-known gang. “I-I am.” Jooheon raised his hand without thinking. “The operation was a success however there’s a fifty percent chance of her dying and being alive. She has a lot of broken bones and I won’t ask what happened but they obviously from fighting or an accident. In addition to her injuries, she’s in a critical condition due to the bleeding inside her head however, we were able to do something about it but we could not reassure you when she’s going to wake up.” 

“We’ll be checking on her from time to time whether the bleeding returned or something came up unexpectedly. The patient has been successfully transferred to her room and you can visit her but only one person is allowed to stay with her for the rest of the night.” The doctor continued, ripping his eyes off from the boys then back to Jooheon, “If you guys have any questions, just approach me in my office. Now, please excuse me I have to go attend to other patients.”

Without uttering any other word, the doctor left, leaving the boys utterly speechless. “Did he just say… she has a fifty percent chance of living?” Wonho asked from the background. Jooheon was obviously devastated with what he just heard and he couldn’t help but blame himself for what happened. 

“Do you guys remember the faces of the men we just got into a fight awhile ago?” Jooheon questions out of the blue, turning around to face the boys. Looking at Jooheon with so much confusion, they nodded their heads without asking any questions.

“Good. We’ll be sending them to their deathbeds. Call up my brother and notify him about this.” Jooheon ordered the boys, and left without hearing their voices. Shownu, who looked at Jooheon’s retreating back, sighed and looked at the second eldest. 

“Wonho, I’ll be making you incharge of this. Lead the boys and I’ll follow you after talking to Jooheon, okay?” The boys nodded and separated without any complains.