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I gathered all those best images of Polaris around tumblr and made a grid. Credit goes to those who posted them. I gathered 3 images from @dechra and the rest of them are from @genoshan (all manipulated by him also). I want to thanks them for giving me this opportunity of enjoyment (next grid will be Medusa).

We have Polaris from (with no word bubble)

  • Magneto
  • Secret Wars: House of M
  • X-Men: Genosha (Eve of Destruction)
  • Age of Apocalypse (BOEM)
  • Starjammers
  • Wedding day
  • House of M (2005)
  • Civil War: House of M
  • Exiles

Please Enjoy!

anonymous asked:

Ferdinand x Volt-MX ? Romance, Bromance, Soromance, or BFFs, just anything fluffy with THE fabulous HA robots.

Rose frowns as she looks through the room where she’s staying. “Where’s my mech…?” She ponders, eyebrows furrowed. She lifts up the bedsheet, looks through the closet, even under the bed. “Volt couldn’t have gone far, could he?”

Oh, if she only knew.

Ferdinand sighs in relief. Finally, he can spend a moment with this mysterious robot. “You’re very quiet,” he tells Volt-MX, holding the mecha’s hand, “but I like you.”

Volt, of course, doesn’t say anything.

So they sit on the cliff, watching the sun go down.