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hi love! just discovered this blog and i tell im going to love it right away! i actually just got into mx so i was wondering if you could list a couple of mx blog reactions? ❤️❤️❤️

Hi, hello, annyeong! I’m glad you like the blog :) I’m planning a lot of changes and updates after my finals :)

Actually I was planning on tagging the best blogs I’m following myself, so I can probably just do this quickly now :) 

So, here you go (it won’t be just reaction blogs) - This is gonna be long list lmao

@jae-bummer (best fanfics ever and super nice person, I love her), @monstax-things@monstax-scenarios, @fancifulmonstax, @mxscenarios, @monsta-x-stuff, @daebak-dreams (also fics and really good ones), @wonho-ful-reactions (mother of ChangKi fics, I love her), @mx-scenario, @monstaxscenariosx, @monbebeaf, @ayeyojooheon (again, great fanfics), @monsta-texts, @jooheonster, @askmonx (drawings with MX asnwering MBBs questions, funny as hell), @nnonsta-x, @blubeeny, @monsta-smut

Also check out the blogs of members of @mxnetwork

So I hope you will even read this and if you don’t I still wanted to praise those beautiful, talented people that brings happiness to our MX fandom. <3