@ mwwrrlll

I’m not even going to lie evertyime I see a picture of them now I still think of that one fic you gave me to read about ….well you know what its about XD

Haha, yeah I know. XD

Though, now when I see them, one of the things that comes to mind is tents.

Ally knows why.

@ mwwrrlll

I cant no stop crying dude LMFAOOOO OH MY GOSH MY FACE HURTS FROM LAUGHING! I love you so much man!

I’M A HORRIBLE PERSON. Dfjhdskiduidsiodhjikdhjs

I’m shaking so much right now though. Djkekjewjkdhjdj

@ mwwrrlll

I’m bothered by the fact they don’t have a Seph anon :/ I would do it but I don’t wanna be my own anon XDD

Yeah, but… I’m just confused about what the anon part is there for.

I understand it’s a rp (…of a sort), but the fact that it has anon in it is throwing me off. Like big time. I’ve been wanting someone to explain it to me for HOURS. @_@