Final Thoughts

At the beginning of the semester we were all asked which syllabus we would like to follow for the term. As a class we chose the self directed route. We all chose our words to focus on for the semester and I chose Philately.

After completely the 2D portion of the self directed we were left to figure out our time to complete 3D, 4D and a process book.

I found the time allocated towards the 3D, 4D, and process book was a real test of my work schedule and ethics. Having no guidelines was liberating but at the same time I felt like I did not have the same type of motivation or drive. Although we met with the professor and group members every week I did not get the urge to start producing physical work until week 9. In the beginning a lot of the time was spent working out ideas and concepts, which I felt I should have divided it up better with production time.

I found myself focusing  a lot of my time on my 4D idea rather than an even distribution between 4D and 3D. Although my idea did start out for the 3D idea and then later transformed in my 4D idea. I focused a lot of my production time and energy into creating my 4D piece. Even when meeting up in the groups I felt a lot of people had a clear idea of what they wanted to do for either 4D or 3D but not both at the same time. At the end I felt one aspect was quickly strapped together compared to the other project.

With no actual deadline given for the entire term it was hard to really know where your work should be at during the months before the final due date. Such as by week 7 everyone was a different place and I felt like that itself was an overwhelming experience because you did not know if you were behind or others were ahead.

I did enjoy working in a self direct mode over a more constructed and deadline based class however. If this class was a pre adventure to workshop in 4th year then I believe that it should be a permanent syllabus for all third years. It gives students a chance to explore what type of work ethic they possess and start to build up proper time management skills with a self directed route.

One aspect that I really enjoyed about this self directed Graphic Design class was being able to go into different shops and studios offered at OCAD. As a Graphic Design major, it is not very often that we are given the chance to go into the wood or plastic shop. With this open ended project I got to use the different studios around school and see what else is offered to us students. It was also forcing me out of my comfortable graphic design zone of always working in 2D print.

This experience may not be the cookie cutter graphic design experience but it is definitely a different type of learning experience that pushes what Graphic Design is nowadays. Not just a print and branding class.

Concept Breakdown 3D

The concept behind my 3D project comes from the evaluation of seeing are the current and most prominent form of communications. Stamps in the past were the core means of communication. 

I found through my research that stamps were created for the means of creating revenue through communication. Before stamps were created the person who receives the letter (communication) would have to pay for the communication. Now times have changed and communication is free, simple and within one’s fingertips at all times. Social media has made communicating with one another easier than ever before. With social media the use of stamps has almost become absolute. Very few people send letters as a means of communicating with one another because it is much faster and easier to send a tweet through twitter or update their friends on their lives through Instagram. 

So I decided to create a series of 4 stamps reflecting 4 major social media platforms nowadays. The stamps were to represent how we no longer need to use stamps because we are given so much through social media. 

Concept for 2D

Concept Breakdown: 

The definition for philately is the study of the stamps and postage stamps. The study of stamps is a broad term one can focus on a lot of areas of stamps. From the range of imagery portrayed, denomination, history and origin of stamps in a country, printing and many more. I wound up settling on focusing on the printing process of stamps.

As noted in my earlier posts the printing process for stamps is a very intricate and detailed technique. Stamps get printed in different layers, breaking down  the CMYK scale one colour at a time. 

My printed booklet demonstrates the breakdown of the printing process. Page by page it is placed in order to replicate the order in which it is printed. 

I crafted my own stamp design to illustrate the origin and language breakdown of the word philately. From it’s word origin in Greece to it’s different definitions coming together to form the new word Philately. 

The creation of the stamp itself  represents the explicit definition of the word Philately, which is the study of stamps. The booklet extends the concept of the word to explore the depth of the study of stamps beyond the physical materials. 

Finishing off the stamp image

After stamping the pieces of the wood against the print out I sprayed the pieces of wood with a fixture. To ensure the ink is locked in place and there would be no smudging. 

The tops of my stamps are now complete. All I need to do is glue my lino block cut outs onto them and demonstrate how my stamp is applied onto envelopes and other packaging. 

Working on my 4D assignment: wood shop Edition

Self Reflection: 

I honestly think working on my 4D assignment was the most exhausting and frustrated thing I have ever created but also one of the most rewarding. I got to experience so many new things, use new studios/shops, use new materials, and create something that I would generally not create in any other class in Graphic Design. 

To create my 4D design I got to work with wood for the first time since high school which was intimidating. I had no idea where to get wood other than the wood shop but luckily I had a friend get me pieces that I could use. Then I needed to find a way to assemble my box, something which I thought I could do on my own but turns out I needed a lot of tools and time to put it together. I got the assistance of another friend of mine who has experience working in the wood shop at school. I have never been in the wood shop before so I am so glad I got to use it at least once in my 4 years at school. I felt very out of my comfort zone, I had no idea where anything was located, I didn’t even know what to do. I was not trained to use any of the equipment so I was terrified to even touch anything without my friend’s directions. Being in the wood shop took longer than I thought it would. It took about an hour to actually physically glue all the parts together and clamp them down to set. Then it took another half an hour for the glue to dry. 

I didn’t know how much work went into making a box.