Building a brand or business is about getting people (consumers/followers) to buy into the atmosphere/lifestyle you’re establishing. This commercial represents that ideal on a business level. Whether you believe this car is Nice or Garbage is NOT the Point that should really matter to you on personal level. The REAL point is if you don’t try to create the future YOU want, you will be forced to endure the future you get. Reach for your dreams even if you believe they’re Not achievable nor realistic.

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Aaah, Vacation, Vacation, Vacation!  Business owners who earn enough money doing what they love, have great life/work balance, and take regular mini-vacations by themselves or with family/friends and don’t ever need to look forward to vacations.

Many people don’ t believe this type of lifestyle is realistic. Why??

Answer:  Because they do not have a clear vision of how they want their lifestyle to look like (this includes how many hours they want to work on their business, what days they want to work, the type of customers/clients they want to work with, how often do they want to spend time with family/friends, how often they exercise, how often they eat certain foods and what type of foods to eat, where they want to live, places they want to visit and when they want to visit them, what type(s) of car to drive, how often they want to sleep, etc).
Most people’s vision of an ideal lifestyle is based on someone else’s view about what the ideal life looks like.  Big Mistake!

Recently, someone said “ You can accept what they give you or you can take what’s yours!”

Those are true words spoken.

While on vacation this summer, look at your current lifestyle. If your happy about it, continue to do what you’re doing. However, if you’re NOT happy about it, TODAY please take ONE hour to be alone to ponder about and write down all the things you would like to do and acquire in your lifetime, include when you want to do and acquire them, as well as how would you like to live your life everyday (forget how old you are or how much it will cost).  Then create and implement a plan that will you to have both the time and money to do everything .  The second part is much easier than you would ever imagine once you’re clear about the answer to the first part.

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“CHANGE”, A word so exciting and scary at the same time.  Maintaining and following core principles is important in business and life. However, If you, your life, or business are not changing, YOU are NOT GROWING.  The GROWTH part is one of the KEYS TO YOUR/YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESS.

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NOTE: This video contains words that may be offensive to others.

If you’re gonna be a player in business, be the right PLAYER. 

Business owners who want their businesses to remain successful for more than 10 years should never be price players; they should be Value players. Here’s why:

Price Players are focused on offering the lowest price within their industry in order to entice customers to buy from them.  This is a failing path in the long-run because they’ll be constantly cutting prices to remain competitive; eventually, they’ll reach a point where their prices are lower than the cost of keeping the Business operation open.

Value Players are always focused on increasing the value to their products /services via adding new features and technology to them to create an improved  customer experience. The better they make the customer experience that distinguishes their business from the competition, the more customers they will gain regardless of the price they charge.

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Keys to effective networking

- establish a clear goal of where you want to be and when do you want to be there.

-make a list of people with ultimate decision making power who can help you to reach where you want to go.

- have a clear reason of why you want to reach each person on your list and how are you able to help them and how they can help you.

- research various ways to contact each person on your list.

- attempt to contact each person on your list via phone, email, or via attending events he/she would go to.

- when you meet a contact for the first time,be confident and build a repport with him/her by discussing a topic that you know would interest him/her but DO Not ask for a favor or for help during this first encounter; after building repport, exchange contact info and say you’ll be in touch.

- a couple of days to a week later follow up via a short phone call or email thanking him/her for the conversation and stating you would like to meet with him/her again in the future to discuss whatever topic or industry that would interest them.

- schedule a meeting with the contact.

-when you have the scheduled meeting with the contact, be on time, re-state purpose of meeting and get to the point of how you can help the contact and how he/she can help you.  NOTE: This step will be easy, if you do all the other previous steps correctly

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Your Brand or Business should be treated like your significant other- Cherish it. Give it the quality time it needs. Always remember that it represents you and you represent it; therefore, never do anything that can harm it or damage its reputation. As you grow and evolve it will do the same; however, its core values (principals) should remain the same because yours aren’t going to change. Now go Blow IT UP!  If you need help building your brand (or business) ; contact us: @mw4ever + @mwlives = MW

Wasted (remix) by Famoso and Pr Dean (@MW4Ever)
  • Wasted (remix) by Famoso and Pr Dean (@MW4Ever)

This Nice Song by Famoso is exactly what you don’t want to do with your time if you’re trying to launch and sustain a business. Wasting time by NOT doing what needs to be done  or by doing NON-Productive activities that won’t lead to you intended goal  is  …(you fill in the blank). 

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Daymond John talks about the fundamentals of being a successful marketer and business man. Enormous lessons are taught right here.

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Since it’s 420 weekend, this song “Blowed Away” is appropriate. Many pot heads will use the 420 celebration/rally as a way to validate their want to get high off of smoking weed.  Savvy and successful people who earn money from creating a business that coincides with their passion, receive a euphoric HIGH on a daily basis (without the need of a drug). However, having passion is not enough to be successful. That passion must be associated with a product/service that fulfills a need/want of consumers.

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Many Business owners earn a great living financially but can’t fully enjoy their success due to self-inflicted health issues. You are  how you feel. You can always get more money; but you only get one body. Treating your body like a treasure via eating healthy and exercising daily helps you to earn more cash and enjoy living more ‘cause you have more energy to get SH!^ done and feel mentality and physically NICE!

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Elaine Welteroth says “Meeting people leads to opportunities”. She’s 100% correct! Contact us MW = @mw4ever + @mwlives +

Does your perception of your business match that of your customers’??

Today, we spoke to a friend who said her business sales have remain at the same level as last year even though she believes it offers the best products and customer service in her opinion. We asked her “when was the last time you asked the opinions of your current customers about the products and customer service your business offer? Her Response:

"We surveyed our customers about 10 months ago?”


Successful business owners keep a current gauge of their customer opinions of how their business is doing on a regular basis. Your perception of how your business is doing should always be based on customers’ opinions and buying behaviors (NOT yours)- Period! This is because customers opinions can change in a heartbeat as the marketplace changes. Keeping an updated gauge about their opinions, needs, and behavior will help you to better identify areas where your business can improve.

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What are you doing to separate yourself from the pack? So many business owners claim to want to be different but remain following the crowd and still expect/hope that their businesses become the best within their respective industries.  Not gonna happen!

Your brand must say a statement that defines you and you only.  It must distinguish you from the rest.  Copying or following others is the quickest way to blend in and NOT be recognized.

You must “break” or re-define what is considered the so-called rules.

The perception of Your brand via the eyes of the consumer should be able to be stated (visualized) in a short phrase.

Here’s a question to ask yourself to put you or confirm you’re on the right track, “What do I want my brand/business offer or say customers that NO one else in the world can claim?”

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Everybody wants to the POWER (like the words from this Snap! video). However, a Real BOSS empowers others (including his/her employees). This simple concept is part of the blueprint to have great Business that people want to work for and last for generations.

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Join our team.

One of the quickest way to lose a customer is to ask him/her to pay for a product/service that he/she doesn’t need or want. One would think this knowledge is common sense but many business owners (especially those that are desperate for sales) make this mistake all the time.
Case and Point:
We were walking down the street yesterday; while passing a park we saw a drink vendor and went to check if he sold cold bottled water.  We explained that the only thing we drink is natural fruit juices or water. All he sold was canned soda. Of course, he ignored that and continued to try to sell us soda. We laughed, said “Have a great day” and kept it moving.

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Around 4:15pm today we were in route to a meeting. On the way, went into a Haitian restaurant just to check the menu and atmosphere because on our return from the meeting we wanted to eat at place that served Caribbean food for dinner.

Upon entering the spot, we were greeted with a weak, barely noticeable smile by a young lady who looked like she was being forced to work there and there was a man with a serious look on his face who looked (and acted) like he was bouncer for the place. 

There were no customers in the restaurant.

Once we asked to see a menu, the attitude and demeanor of the both the young lady and the man changed to upbeat and cool. She immediately rushed to get a menu and the man offered us to try a sample of what he was eating. We agreed to try a sample.  He lightened up and attempted to engage us in small talk.

The menu she gave us was a 8 ½" * 11" plain, unfolded white paper with food and prices on both sides.

She gave us a small sample of what the bouncer guy was eating; it was OFFICIAL!

Us: “How Long you’ve been open?”

Her: “About 11 months”

Us: “How’s business doing?”

Her: “Kinda ok, it’s good sometimes when clubs and bars are open late?” (here facial expressions said really BUSINESS IS HORRIBLE)

We explain that were on our way to a meeting (hinting were pressed for time so we're not trying to eat a full meal now) but state that will come back to actually sit down to eat.  Upon hearing this, both Him and Her had an immediate ATTITUDE/DEMEANOR CHANGE to a ‘negative whatever attitude’.

While walking out of the door we said thanks to both and have a good day.

OF COURSE, we’ll NEVER go back to that restaurant unless it's an ORDER TO GO only moment and it has nothing to do with the food (which was great). In a very short time (less than 6 minutes), these two employees PROVED that if one sits down in that  establishment to have lunch or dinner it'll be a “Great Food, Bad SERVICE” moment. 

If the owner wanted to increase sales and profits, he/she/they would FIRE these two employees ASAP!  Furthermore, the OWNER(s) SHOWED THERE CHEAPNESS AND LACK OF CARE FOR RESTAURANT'S BRAND BY NOT INVESTING IN CREATING A DECENT MENU SEPARATES THEM FROM EVERYONE ELSE.

It’s was clearly obvious why NO customers were eating there in the late afternoon.

Any late afternoon, you will always find customers in Starbucks and the reason is NOT because there coffee is so much better than what you can make at home. It’s because of the atmosphere that Starbucks brings to it customers (this includes the employees DEMEANORS AND ATTITUDES).  


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