mwi2013: the capture of the green river killer

On James Marsters' Accent

Me: (Watching The Capture of the Green River Killer where Spike (James Marsters’) plays his character with an American accent) WOW, his accent sucks. I don’t even know why English actors attempt to play Americans on television…

Other Person: He’s from California…

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I should just keep my mouth shut next time, haha.

“I don’t believe in luck… and I don’t believe in fate… but I do believe in God.”

This movie is so strangely good. I don’t expect Life Time Movies to be good. And I can say that Tom Cavanagh isn’t always in good movies. But this movie… the difference is in Tom’s character, Dave Reichert.

He’s a religious man, with a wife and two children, who believes in protecting the helpless and serving justice. He doesn’t believe in arresting men without the evidence to convict them, he believes in persevering and making it stick.

He gets the case of the Green River Killer because he’s on desk duty due to an injury. And it doesn’t matter to him that these women are prostitutes. A man was taking advantage of their lack of power and it was his duty as a detective and man of God to do what is necessary to stand up for these women when they can no longer stand up for themselves.

It isn’t a religious movie either. It’s just little moments. He loses his faith at one point. The case goes unsolved for so long. It takes 19 years to finally make the arrest. The above quote comes 5 years in, when there’s already 30 victims, several missing women, and he hasn’t been sure about God for a while.

At one point, when they were fairly certain they had the person and he was watching tape after tape of what were possibly snuff films - he believed they were at the time - and his wife came in to the room to tell him, “You know that I love you, right?”

He didn’t even stop the tape, just kept staring, and said, “I don’t believe people are even capable of loving each other anymore.”

It was at that point he saw a girl he knew on the tapes, one who had come into the station, and he begins to cry.

This detective is so heartbreaking. He loses his faith in love, in God, he loses his security, being so high profile on the case. His captain loses his confidence in Dave as a detective.

And I just saw him break in the face of the monster and it was terrific and horrifying and beautiful and heart wrenching. He waited until the entire story was given to him and then he gave his version back.

I feared watching this for a while. I didn’t like A Killer Among Us. I don’t like most Life Time movies. But this was so beautiful, there’s a chance that later I might watch it again.

And that beautiful man, Dave Reichert, that Tom’s character is based off of, became a Congressman. Guys, sometimes good things happen in politics.

I didn’t believe that anyone wanted to help me. That’s what I thought. But I was wrong. You have to believe, even if you’re mistaken. Even if there truly is no one who gives a damn about you. ‘Cause what’s the point in thinking that? To be right? Why not believe in Santa, even if it’s a lie? It makes you happy! Who’s it gonna hurt? So what if you look like an idiot. You gotta hope. Even if hope is a lie.
—  Helen Remus, “The Capture of the Green River Killer.” Adapted by John Pielmeier