Valentine’s Day with Michael would include:

  • Waking up before him and sneaking downstairs
  • Bringing him breakfast in bed
  • Jumping on top of him and straddling his back
  • “Wake up lazy butt!”
  • Him flipping you onto your back and hovering over you’
  • “I was having a very… pleasant dream about you and you just had to wake me up?”
  • “Why dream about it when I can make it a reality?”
  • Morning sexual festivities
  • Having two intense orgasms before 9A.M
  • Wearing his band shirt (and nothing else)
  • Large arms wrapped around your waist
  • Kitten-like laughter 
  • Pinching his bum
  • Listening to him rant on and on about how much he loves you (definitely not complaining)
  • Playing with his hair as he rests his head on your lap
  • Netflix marathons
  • Popcorn fights
  • “I swear I can catch it in my mouth! You just suck at throwing!”
  • Neck kisses
  • Eskimo kisses
  • Giggles
  • Making pillow forts around your TV so you can hide underneath but still have Netflix
  • Falling asleep wrapped up in each other in a heap of blankets

(Ashton) (Calum) (Luke)