I was tagged by the lovely @mega-aulover to post the coolest line of something I’m working on…this was really difficult since I feel like everything I’ve got so far is kind of spoilery? The price of writing something out of chronological order. Anyhow, here it is, from my @mores2sl contribution, Spiral & Collision:

“You don’t trust me, I get it,” Peeta says and shoves himself off the table. His left leg falters for a second but he keeps moving towards her. “But I’m here right now for one reason and one reason alone.”

“You’re here to drag me off to be a breeding vessel,” she bites out and again his lips quirk in that infuriating manner.

“Eventually, yes, I’ll have to take you back to Meridia. That’s kind of what you signed up for. But before I do that, I intend to get Snow’s forces off this planet so that it’s firmly in your father’s control. I can’t do that without you, Katniss.”

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UPD8 1/14/15

Not only is Karkat ever-hateful of John…

John tries to show Karkat the scarf. And possibly give him another hug.

Do you see this






Another victory for the Johnkat shippers. Canonity percentage: 55%

Only 45% to go!


Canonity percentage EDIT: 75%

Increase of 20% from that one quote.

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Fuck yes they're dead. That was my plan all along! Mwahahahahahahaha -coughing fit- ph excuse me ~Chamomile☕️ I almost forgot to turn anon on.

Tis was some VERY good angst though

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Gabriel for the character thing?

Wow everyone wants to talk about the Agrestes today >_> 

Tell me a character and I will tell you my:

  • First impression- oh… hello Hawkmoth. Also- yeah… that’s a fairly accurate representation of the extraness and obliviousness of the super rich. 
  • Impression now- I really really REALLY hope we actually get to see a long drawn out family drama plot about adults being held accountable for their actions even if they are able to go after redemption. I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE! Also I think he is just a very work/logic driven person and not that its a calculated and uncaring thing. I don’t think he is good with emotions in general. (For the haters- no this does not mean I think his choices aren’t BAD or that he isn’t completely failing as a parent/person but I think he is one of those villains who sees himself as the hero of their own story- which for me in infinitely more interesting that someone who is just evil. ) 
  • Favorite moment- When he and Chat Noir are arguing in Jackady. Agreste Family Feels!!! 
  • Idea for a story- um…. all of them???? I write tons of Agreste Drama cause Adrien is my favorite and family dynamics are my jam… lets see what’s one I haven’t shared… oh!! How about this one- Nino Adrien bodyswap fic. Nino (as Adrien) of course fights with Gabe constantly. Gabe (who is totally HM and doesn’t fully know what happened when Adrien literally bug smashed the akuma on its way to the intended target) is feeling super guilty because he thinks he has somehow infected Adrien with the negativity from the akuma and its all his fault. (not realizing that- no Gabe, you are just kind of a jerk and people who aren’t your kid don’t want to put up with you) Of course when he finally meets Adrien/Nino he is like- oh… nevermind. That’s Adrien. I’m an idiot. 
  • Unpopular opinion- I am pro Gabe redemption. (I am also pro Chloe and Lila redemption too… I just want all the redemption arcs, and I want them SLOW and drawn out and full of frustration and skepticism… mwahahahahahahaha) 
  • Favorite relationship- Gabe and Adrien’s screwed up family dynamic. (Look one of my favorite childhood books was The Secret Garden, I love family redemption stories OK???? ) 
  • Favorite headcanon- Gabe and Nooroo have the most messed up dynamic ever. At the beginning Gabe would just routinely take off the Miraculous and Nooroo would disappear because being HM was a means to an end he isn’t trying to be a full time take over the world supervillian (I disavow the english dub for this reason) and he didn’t need the constant reminder of what he was doing. However as the fight drags out longer and longer Nooroo becomes the only person he can whine too about getting his ass handed to him repeatedly by children. Of course the longer this goes on the more Nooroo starts to sass back at him. So most conversations end up going like this: Gabe- OMG whine whine whine… why can’t I win… don’t I deserve to be happy? Nooroo- um…. no. Because you are literally a supervillain. Gabe: Shut up Nooroo. 
To Nico: McDonald's or Will?
  • Everyone: *gasp*
  • Percy: Oh my gods ... this must be so hard for him ... *grabs blue popcorn*
  • Nico: *rolls eyes* this is not a tough decision. Will of course. I mean he shows up with a happy meal every time, anyway.
  • Will: *wink*
  • Piper: *sobs* I have never seen love so pure... *whispers* except Percabeth.
  • Percy: *whispers* except Frazel.
  • Leo: *whispers* except Caleo.
  • Jason: *whispers* except Pernico.
  • Jason: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *summons lightning that says 'Pernico For The Win'.
  • Annabeth: ... is it just me or does this happen a lot?
Changes: Part 2

Fandom: Star Wars

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader, Hux x Reader (MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)


As requested by  genieflwr said: Can you pretty please write part to of Changes? It’s so good!

Part 1

It’s been three days since the incident. Three unbearable days. The guilt, sadness, and heartbreak eating Kylo up inside. He never left your side. There were times where Snoke wanted to speak with him, but that was it. Immediately after, he came right back to you. He wanted to be there when you wake so he could apologize. 

It started off with hearing beeps. Maybe it was a machine of some sort? Your body also felt very heavy as if someone was sitting on you. You groaned and began to slowly move.

“Y/N?” You heard someone call your name, “Y/N?” You heard it again. Then you knew, Kylo. It was Kylo Ren calling your name. That realization then triggered all of the memories to come flowing back. None of it was real. Echoed in your head. You began to sob. Pain. So much pain.

“Y/N, please open your eyes. I know you can hear me.”

You shook your head, “Go away. I hate you.”

“I know, but let me expl-”

You open your eyes and yelled at him, “LEAVE ME ALONE! I HATE YOU! LEAVE!” You pushed your hand out using the Force. Kylo flew back into the wall.

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Imagine Jooheon at a Sleepover

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- Knocks on your door with a freestyle rap

- Shows up already in his pajamas

- Makes an announcement as soon as he walks through the door


- Randomly dancing to his choreography whenever possible

- Like brushing his teeth or waiting for the microwave

- Keeps complimenting you on how clean your house is 

- “Seriously, y/n, you should see the dorm”

- Plays truth or dare a lot

- In hopes you’ll ask him to do aegyo but you never do

- Does it anyway

- Dares you to call a member and confess “your love” to them

- Starts a roast war with you

- Forfeits by saying “See, I would continue, but I don’t want to hurt your feelings”

- Waits for you to fall asleep first 

- Draws on your face

- Takes pictures and uses them against you in the moring

-” I don’t think you wanna do that y/n, remember those photos I have?”


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Ramen: It’s over, Nardo! You will not eat me anymore! I’m free! I hate you!!! ù.ú_|_

Naruto: Don’t… please! D’:

Ramen: Now I am the Evil Ramen! Mwahahahahahaha! >:D

Naruto: Why? “Can it get worse?” >.<“’

Evil Ramen: AND I’ll take Hinata from you! Mwahahahahahahaha!!! >;D

Naruto: NO WAY!!! Ò.Ó/

Evil Ramen: Hinata will be mine! <3 Cinnamon Roll Princess and Evil Ramen. She is sweet… I’m salty… we are soulmates! ♥ - *kidnaps Hinata. She did appear out of nowhere*



When ramen turns evil! When Evil Ramen wishes to steal your wife’s love! Yeah, it’s really a nightmare, Naruto! 

It is my favourite piece for the NaruHima Month XD

NaruHina Month 2016 - Day 13: Nightmares

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