Idk why but I really want a lowkey kind of comedy about a kid who studies hardcore all the time because she’s sure she’s a Ravenclaw and it’s her favorite house but then she gets sorted into Hufflepuff and is like??? Wtf???

And a kid who is Sure they’re a Hufflepuff because they’re really good at finding things when they go out exploring but then they’re sorted into Ravenclaw and they’re like um no??? I suck at math?? I can’t get into the common room because riddles are mean??

And then the two of them become friends and are just disgruntled together while being completely oblivious as to why they were sorted into their houses and this honestly isn’t even a fun idea I just want to see it for some reason??

“Yeah I just don’t understand why I was sorted into Ravenclaw”

“What’s that on your desk”

“Just my rock collection, I have 67 different types”


“I’m Not a Hufflepuff, I studied for eight years to get into Ravenclaw”

“Wow that must’ve been a lot of hard work”

“It was”

I’m vegetarian and my ex-boyfriend was always against it so when we broke up he’d always send me pictures of animals dying and being slaughtered.In revenge I used his email address to sign up to lots of vegan newsletters now he gets 23 weekly newsletters that he can’t stop because he can’t log in and cancel them. Also I created a Facebook and used his mobile number. With the account I followed loads of vegan pages and turned on notifications so that  he gets a text every time somebody posts on the page. Don’t mess with me

Meanwhile, over in the Inn during the Beach Scene
  • Aedion: what was the weather supposed to be again for tonight?
  • Dorian: calm and clear...why?
  • Lysandra: *evil grin*
  • Aedion: well, if I haven't accidentally gotten drunk and started hallucinating, there appears to be a miniature fire hurricane going down over on the beach where... *face turns pale*
  • Dorian: well then
  • Lysandra: *giggles*
  • Aedion: *bangs head on nearest wall*
  • Dorian: just don't let them know we saw. We have to remain inconspicuous
  • Lysandra: I agree, so Aedion, you have to unsee EVERYTHING
  • Aedion: *still banging head against wall* CAN'T! *bang* my eyes *bang* MY EYES!! *bang* this is worse than the nightgown incident
  • Lysandra: *grins even wider*
  • Dorian: I didn't hear about this! Lysandra. Spill.
  • Aedion: Why me? Why me?!?!

guys help I’m having too much fun with this D:

SO I decided what the heck and went for the pro trial, turns out you can actually do waaaaaay more when you’re not limited to like 30 parameters! I managed to fix a lot of my mistakes with Fluttershy, although Twi has plenty of her own problems. I think she came out cute anyway! ✨

(I really wanna do AJ, SciTwi, or Sunset next but…I should probably focus on fixing her first. baw)


I really wanted to try doing a more realistic portrait again so I used my beloved DnD character, Marf the Monk. 

TONS of new experimenting in one drawing! Especially coloring, brush use, and lighting. I’m really hype because I finally got the “colorizing a black and white painting” to work out and while the grayscale may have taken ~10 hours to shade, it only took about one hour to color! I’m definitely going to practice this method some more because I’d love to be able to offer examples of this style for commissions.

One minute he is in his lion, and the next…He is floating in darkness. It’s cold, much like the mindscape where he fought Zarkon for the Black Lion’s connection, but that’s all they have in common. The rest of it is different. Very different.

The Stars Between Us by Volleycatnika for @sheithbigbang

So I had the honour to work with my friend and super talented Nika for the Sheith Big Bang and tada!! We bring you this fine Sheith in a Reverse Universe setting, where Galra are good and Alteans are the true evil.

More things to come for this universe! Please look forward to it mwohoh :3cc

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Happy Halloween from the @fantome-stein gang! We hope you have a PHAN-tastic day. Trust no swans, punch no deer, have some pizza rolls…stay spooky <3

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Sorry phil.

pomrania  asked:

What if Kylo Ren tries to contact the spirit of Darth Vader, but instead he gets Count Dooku (who is Not Amused with the quality of darksiders these days) and can't banish him?

Now, he’d had his suspicions about the “ancient Sith ritual” as soon as he read the part about needing blood, but desperate times and desperate measures and all that. Kylo Ren let himself drift into a deep meditation and soon – perhaps a little sooner than he was ready for, he was ashamed to admit – the apparition appeared.

But something was wrong.

This was most certainly not the hulking figure of Darth Vader, nor was it the smaller but still strong – save for that moment of deplorable weakness on the second Death Star – figure of Anakin Skywalker. No indeed, this was someone that Kylo Ren had never seen before in his life.

There stood before him *a tall old man, beard neatly trimmed to match a white moustache, and clad in black from head to foot, without a single speck of color about him anywhere. He held in his hand an antique silver lamp, in which the flame burned without chimney or globe of any kind, throwing long quivering shadows as it flickered* as if in the path of some gust of wind.

“And what,” he said in a thunderous voice, “Pray tell, is this?”

Somewhat taken aback, Kylo cleared his throat and began, “I am Kylo Ren, master of the Knights of-” the apparition cut him off with an impatient gesture.

“I am well aware of who you are,” he said in a manner both courtly and contemptuous. “A long time have we watched this one,” he turned and spoke as if to the mists that surrounded them. “All his life has he looked away, to the past, to idolize some bizarre parody of a dead Sith who no longer warrants the name!” 
Turning then, he scowled at Ren, who found himself unusually disturbed by his very red eyes.

“I doubt, indeed, there was ever a moment when his mind was truly on where he was, and what he was doing! A practitioner of the Dark Side of the Force? You?” The man made a disgusted sound deep in his throat and waved his hand again. “In my day you would not have so much as been labeled “Dark Jedi”!”

“In…in your day?” Kylo asked, a little cautiously, “Will you tell me about your day, stranger?”

If anything, that seemed to enrage the spectre. “Stranger, says he? Stranger? To think there should come a day when a wielder of a lightsaber would not know Count Dooku when he saw him! But I suppose that knowledge was lost with the rise of Sidious.”

Kylo had a very vague memory of this name. His uncle had discovered a few old – barely functional – holocrons while poking around some archaeological sites on Coruscant. One had featured fencing tutorials with a “Master Dooku”. Uncle Luke had informed him, shortly afterwards, that the man had become an infamous Sith, though some of the records had been destroyed by the Empire. He’d evidently been someone quite important during the Clone Wars.

If memory served, Anakin Skywalker had killed him.

And now he was standing in front of Kylo Ren, and he was very very annoyed.

“On second thought,” he said, “I shouldn’t trouble you. I had no intention of disturbing your slumber, Count, don’t feel as though you’re bound to stay.”

“Oh no indeed, my young would-be acolyte,” the Count replied with a dangerous look, “I see that the legacy and reputation of the Sith is very much at stake! I should think I have some responsibility to the younger generation to see that our ways do not die out with your failure, no?”

Ah. lovely. Kylo wondered if Supreme Leader Snoke would have anything to say about this.
He almost hoped not.

//Sweetie is ready for the prom!! Penny won’t participate this year because she’s an antisocial asshole but this sweet lady will totally be there with her date!!

Sirius Black with short hair

Now I know what you’re thinking…But, hear me out okay

I have this headcanon that when Sirius goes to Azkaban they cut his hair and shave his beard.

They do it to strip him of the life he had before. Kinda like how when men join the military they have to cut their hair really short.

I feel like Azkaban would do that to strip their prisioners of what they have known for so long.

Imagine Sirius Orion Black just getting into Azkaban with no beard and short hair learning that his best friend/brother and his wife were murdered by one of his friends. THE ANGST.

Okay that’s enough pain for now.


Oops! I wrote angst… (more like a heartbreak fic) sorry!!

This story is based off the lyrics of the song “Saturn” by Sleeping At Last. I cried while writing this. So don’t worry if you do too… (y’all can cry with me)

I sat down on the chair beside her bed and knew that today was her last day. The last day I had with her. She looked up at me with a sad smile. Tears were welling up in her eyes but she was strong. She didn’t let any of them fall. So, I didn’t either. I had to stay strong for her right down to her final breath.

She had shown me all the beauty you could ever find in the world. Had shown me the stars and light that I never knew I could have. She taught me to be brave and to have courage. Not just on the battlefield but to face death and loss with the same courage. She built me up from the ground and made me the strongest I had ever been. She explained to me how rare it is to exist. To live. And taught me to cherish every breath, every moment I live my life. Even after she was gone.

She told me that she would always love me, even though I could be thousands of worlds away after she leaves. That she would never, ever forget the centuries we had spent together and would keep the memories forever in her heart. That her feelings for me are eternal and will never fade even though she would no longer be beside me. That the entire universe had been made for me. That every single thing in this world was made to be seen by me.

She told me that she would live on through her paintings. That they told each and every one of the stories of our time together if I looked hard enough. That she would live on through every single star. Every splash of colour in Velaris. Every flower… every tree. She would live on through my heart, my soul… my mind. Would be part of every little thing. Every grain of sand and every gust of wind. Every. Single. Thing. In the world that I lived in.

I didn’t want her to leave. I didn’t want to let her go. But it was her time to move on and my time was getting closer and closer. Mor, Azriel, Elain, Lucien, Cassian, and Nesta had already left this world and moved onto the next one. She was going to join them soon. I was going to join them soon. Only Amren remained. Everyone else had faded away. She had broken the bargain we had made a long time ago. Said that it was not okay to leave the Night Court without a ruler. So, she would fade… but I would not. Would be left to suffer the pain alone. Left alone to grieve over the loss of everyone with only Amren by my side.

I knew that my time would come. That the pain wouldn’t last forever. That I would one day join the rest of my family. But I sure as hell would miss them in the meantime. Amren would also join us because she was now a true High Fae. She would leave this world too. We would all leave this world behind.
I knew I would be remembered. I was, after all the most powerful High Lord in existence. Still am. But my powers are depleting. Just like the powers of the woman lying down on that bed next to me.

She took hold of my hand, her skin old and wrinkly. She gently pressed the tips of her fingers against the back of my hand. She looked up at me once more and I saw that light was leaving her eyes. Her once thick brown hair was now thin and white. She was… leaving me. I squeezed my eyes shut, couldn’t stand to see the light in her eyes disappear.

“I love you…” She whispered.

As she took her final, heaving breath I opened my eyes. Looked one more time at her infinitely beautiful face and her paling skin. Looked one more time at the woman who had entered my heart, the woman who ruled beside me… the woman who I loved so deeply. The woman who had defied death only to fade away. The string connecting our two souls stretched and stretched until it snapped and the sudden hollowness I felt from the disappearance of the bond replaced the constant hum of the mating bond. It… it shattered me.

She would no longer be there for me when I faced my nightmares, her face would become the centerpiece of my nightmares. My hands began shaking and I let out a roar. A roar full of pain and agony at the loss of… her. The other half of my soul. The one who was always there for me whether I liked it or not. She was… gone. Tears filled my eyes and I let out a ragged breath I didn’t know I had been holding. The tears streamed down my face freely now.

Feyre was gone.