mwah haha

kitty cat kisses

I’d like to think that this happens on a regular basis. Nilesy gives tons of love and Lyndon begrudgingly accepts.

he loves it it’s absolutely fine

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glitterfeyrac  asked:

harry potter au where courfeyrac has wayyyy too many weasleys' wizard wheezes' products and accidentally (aka stumbles over his feet because he is a clumsy motherfucker) drops peruvian instant darkness powder on an unsuspecting Ferre (whom he has never spoken to before; oops) and basically destroys his arithmancy homework. Ferre is actually uncharacteristically angry with Courf; which is understandable given the circumstances.

(2) - and they basically start snapping at each other, Courf /trying to apologize but also not really?? It was an accident?? And this douche is being really mean about it?? In the douche’s defense that homework was really hard, and it was due in like. Ten minutes from then. He had every right to be angry. So, after this incident every time they see each other they glare stubbornly or turn around and leave which is starting to annoy Enjolras A Hell Of A Lot

(3) Because Combeferre is in his optional Interspecies Politics class and always goes on long, educated rambles - Enjolras generally admires him, y'know? “And why did you have to go and make enemies with the smartest kid in our grade, Courf?” “HE? IS HARDLY THE SMARTEST I DON’T GET WHY YOU LIKE HIM ENJOLRAS HE IS A SELF ABSORBED MONKEY LADDER” “Was that a jab at his height” “Ohhokayy so now just because i noticed he’s TALL it means i like him?? YEAH RIGHT NO WAY” “that’s. not what i said. ”

“just because i noticed he’s TALL it means i like him?? YEAH RIGHT NO WAY“ I’m screaming

Alright alright so after the incident Courfeyrac and Combeferre are perfectly content with ignoring each other (and ignoring their slight (okay, not so slight)) crushes on each other) 

But then Enjolras and Combeferre start studying together and Courf’s housemate Bossuet discovers Ferre and, more importantly, his attractive friend Joly and before they know it, all their friends are either dating or instantly becoming besties

And those two are forced to be around each other more and more and it starts out as “Uh, you weren’t bad in the Quidditch match” and “Hey, do you know much about astrology?” to “Hey, you want to sneak into the forbidden forest?” and “Whose common room should we hang out at tonight?”

And then it’s stolen nights on the astronomy tower, soft conversations as they watch the sunrise from the windows of the owlery. Hesitant at first, then passionate kissing. Courf whispering his apology for that incident once more and Ferre rolling his eyes because “You think that matters to me anymore? If it took nearly failing a class for us to meet, it was worth it.”