mwah everybody

Let’s all just take a moment to think about domestic!Hans, shall we?

• Hans with morning scruff

• Hans lathered in shaving cream

• Hans shaving with a straight razor

• Hans splashing his face with cold water in the morning

• Hans getting up in the morning to make Anna breakfast in bed

• Hans in an apron (with or without anything underneath, that’s up to you)

• Hans making Anna sandwiches for lunch and sharing them with her

• Hans with a feather duster

• Hans with a mop

• Hans humming as he cleans

• Hans sneezing at the unsettled dust notes in the air

• Hans ‘playing’ the handle of the broomstick like it’s a guitar when he thinks he’s alone

• Hans tucking Anna into bed because she’s fallen asleep on the couch or something and laying out her clothes for the day ahead