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2016 is here! Many resolutions have been made to improve one’s self, one’s business, physical health and one’s lifestyle. By March of this year, most of those resolutions will be BROKEN- why?? Because of lack of DISCIPLINE!

It’s easy to do things that we’re already comfortable with doing; however, it requires Discipline and  Dedication to follow-thru on doing what IS NECESSARY to improve in those three previously mentioned areas of your life - even you don’t feel like it.

This is what separates those that are successful from the rest. Change is never easy; but it’s necessary to improve at anything. Make 2016 about remaining committed and disciplined to carry out your resolutions 100%.

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Keys to effective networking

- establish a clear goal of where you want to be and when do you want to be there.

-make a list of people with ultimate decision making power who can help you to reach where you want to go.

- have a clear reason of why you want to reach each person on your list and how are you able to help them and how they can help you.

- research various ways to contact each person on your list.

- attempt to contact each person on your list via phone, email, or via attending events he/she would go to.

- when you meet a contact for the first time,be confident and build a repport with him/her by discussing a topic that you know would interest him/her but DO Not ask for a favor or for help during this first encounter; after building repport, exchange contact info and say you’ll be in touch.

- a couple of days to a week later follow up via a short phone call or email thanking him/her for the conversation and stating you would like to meet with him/her again in the future to discuss whatever topic or industry that would interest them.

- schedule a meeting with the contact.

-when you have the scheduled meeting with the contact, be on time, re-state purpose of meeting and get to the point of how you can help the contact and how he/she can help you.  NOTE: This step will be easy, if you do all the other previous steps correctly

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Your Brand or Business should be treated like your significant other- Cherish it. Give it the quality time it needs. Always remember that it represents you and you represent it; therefore, never do anything that can harm it or damage its reputation. As you grow and evolve it will do the same; however, its core values (principals) should remain the same because yours aren’t going to change. Now go Blow IT UP!  If you need help building your brand (or business) ; contact us: @mw4ever + @mwlives = MW