Today's goodies, #mw2011

Here is a list of websites I’ve collected from today’s sessions and the unconference I attended (more on that later!) - Museums & the Web, 2011

I’ve also browsed a few blogs & run into a lot of neat people and quips on twitter. Be sure to check out the tag #mw2011 if you want to learn more about this conference!

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    View of the city (photo via kajsahartig, flickr’s creative commons)

    As is inevitable when I attend conferences, I am TOTALLY JAZZED about the brilliance that is living and breathing here in Philadelphia for the 2011 Museums & the Web Conference.

    As a newly-stamped intern at the Academy of Natural Sciences, I eagerly jumped at the opportunity to attend this conference. My (impending) thesis is centered around a Google Earth project for the Academy, and in addition to this research endeavor, I’ve secured an internship developing curriculum for the museum’s summer camps. I’m thrilled to finally get here (the conference started yesterday, but I wasn’t able to come until the second session today because of classes), and I’m completely in awe of the ground-breaking research and presentations I’ve seen today.

    First up was a session on augmented reality (AR) and museums! I had trouble deciding between AR, tagging, and mobile and geolocation issues, but luckily, twitter has been exploding with informative quips about each of the sessions! (Search the tag #mw2011, and check out my tweets, too!)

    Margriet Schavemaker of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam was first to speak on “Augmented Reality and the Museum Experience.” It was amazing to see what museums have been doing with augmented reality using smart phones, particularly what the Stedelijk Museum is doing. Their foray into AR began as a means to get their collections out to the public while the museum was under construction.

    Schavemaker said, “We wanted to show the collections somewhere outside, not only on the internet but outside!” And outside they went! Digital innovators and artists began collaborating on different AR projects which ultimately blossomed into a “collision between virtual (digitized) heritage and real (analog) space.”

    Although I have yet to experience this for myself and definitely don’t have the slightest idea of where to start creating something like this, the possibilities that are created by technology are literally BOUNDLESS, and it continues to astonish me on a daily basis.

    Keep questioning,

    Someone at work said re. the con ‘so, what do you *do* at the concerts?’ (I nearly said 'sacrifice sheep’ because, well, what the fuck does she *think* people do at rock concerts?) This is apparently the answer - I’m in the front row next to the guy in the red shirt. I have no idea what song this was, although I do appear to be much more into it that the entire rest of the audience…


    I know this is cheating because it’s h (given that I was three when they toured CAS I think I should probably be let off), but being in the front row during this was one of the best moments of my entire life. I loathe fandom sometimes but god I loved them that night.

    You know when I got back from Holland and was sure I'd forgotten a big chunk of Sunday night?
    • Me:I have NO recollection of telling you that. Was I drunk?
    • Nathan:very very drunk. You and Irish Linda had just taken to telling each other how much fun you'd had watching H. I left then…
    • Me:oh god, I don't remember this at all!
    • Nathan:Tbf it's my fault I said I was an H watcher and you and Linda started off…
    • Me:Please tell me I didn't say anything about the bass player of the support act's trousers.
    • Nathan:haha you kept watching her all Sunday night whilst she was in bar saying you weren't impressed with the look.
    • Me:that is a lot better than what I could have said.
    • Nathan:was it her thong you saw it a techs? I can't recall which
    • Me:WHAT
    • Me:I'm fairly sure I didn't see anyone's thong!