She’s a mad crazy beach

haaaaaaa ha ha finally drew the other Peixes!

And thank the lord for these pose references found here

{Credit goes to the original artist of them!}

This is totally different from what I usually do but I am starting to really like working with clean lines and simple colors.

You’re stuck on earth

You wish to fly

But your legs are stuck

There’s a fire in your heart

Don’t give up

Airy page

One day your wings will grow

You will know

Its time to stand

__ _ _

I used a combination of watercolor, marker, pen and colored pencil on this.

There are no Heroes here 

Awhile ago, my friend Meghan ( ), did a fan song about Rose feeling bitter and angry about the death of her mother, the lack of progress in the session and her going grimdark.

I was inspired to draw this piece here (hopefully she’ll use it as a cover for the song) from the feelings I got listening to it!

Meghan has a spectacular voice and a way with lyrics that is uncommon, go and give her other songs a listen here:

There are no Heroes here:

This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever drawn

I was crying through out and I couldn’t put as much skill into it as I do with my other drawings

There are twenty teeth on the ground for each child and six eggs for the adults

I have never been so emotionally affected by something in the news, there is so much bad in the world and I think this was the last straw for me

It really truly is a mad world out there and so many people are lost right now