Hey guys,

It’s September already. Time has flown, hasn’t it? In these few months, Seventeen’s wrapped up Adore U promotions and are going to jump into a new round of promotions for Manse. 

I just want to remind everyone that this upcoming album has pretty high stakes. A number of the year-end music shows take the sales from the latest album released. We know that 17CARAT had amazing sales for a Pledis artist and I’m really proud of our fandom and the boys. It would be great if we could keep this up or do better for BOYS BE.

So even if you didn’t buy 17CARAT, please try to support BOYS BE. If we buy this album, both digitally or physically, we’re contributing to their chances of getting an award for album sales. 

However, don’t stop streaming the ADORE U music video - for the rookie awards, they will be looking at the adore u MV since it was Seventeen’s debut music video. With more views, the higher the chances are that Seventeen will win something. 

Also, Seventeen will be having their first MANSE stage on September 10th. The week after that, they’ll start to get nominated fr music show awards. The album sales for BOYS BE also count towards those, coupled with voting and music video streaming. We will have to stream the MANSE music video and we’re going to have to vote. It’s rare for a rookie group to get into the nominations for first place on a music show, but I’m sure Seventeen can do it. So do vote, stream, do anything you can when their promotions start!

I’m not going to name groups that I think have good chances of winning the rookie awards, but this year, I believe that Seventeen stands a pretty high chance. These boys have worked so hard, and have repeatedly expressed their wishes to win an award - why not help them get this? 

So when the voting opens, please go vote for the boys. Each person and each vote/album bought counts!! 

  • they’re amazing
  • they’re crazy talented
  • their voices are beautiful
  • it’s a 3 member group and all of the members are main power vocals
  • their concepts so far have been simple but so refreshing and on point
  • their voices
  • their singing
  • their voices anD SINGING
  • literally the most talented rookies
  • truly so amazing and talented
  • we’ve learned all this from only 2 of their songs, they only have 2 songs, that’s it, they’ve been able to show off the fact that they have a wide range of talents from only 2 songs

Please, PLEASE support them! They don’t come from a well known company (Crescendo Music) so if we want them to do well we have to support them. Please watch their new MV and buy the single if you can. If you can’t spend money that’s fine, just please watch the MV, I cannot stress enough how important that is, they need to gain more recognition.
We honestly can’t let such an amazing group go unnoticed!

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was hoping you guys can make a post telling people to NOT use listenonrepeat for increasing their MV views!!! Youtube won't count the views because they'll see it as spam, since all it does is refresh the video! Youtube may actually end up decreasing the number of views due to thinking something went wrong with the program etc. The best thing we can do is put their MV on a playlist and just let it play!

Playlists don’t work either! The best way to increase the MV view is to clear your cookie, refresh the page, let it play again, rinse and repeat. Or you can do that in your incognito window (so you don’t have to clear you cookie). Also note: if you mute the video or have the volume low, it won’t increase the view!


[MV] Bigstar 빅스타  - Moonlight Sonata ( 달빛소나타)

Cr: Brave Entertainment

Re-Up: Bigstar-Intl

-Take out with full credits / Coger con los créditos completos-