Kehlani - The Way feat. Chance The Rapper [Official Video]

people keep saying they’re tired of “hip hop” groups and groups like 17 are refreshing, but literally other than Monsta X and BTS, almost every other boy group came back with a bright or colorful song/mv. why can’t you guys like something without trying to be a special snowflake?


120302 Team K 6th Stage - GIVE ME FIVE live performance

Once again Team K performs the live band version of GIVE ME FIVE. This time, the instruments (except for one) are all played by members. How cool is that?

Members playing in this clip include:

Chris - rhythm guitar
Moeno - bass guitar
Umechan - drums
Ayarin - standing drum
Tanamin - tambourine
Wakanyan - shakers
Micha - keyboard
Sakiko - synthesizer
Yuihan - trumpet (the original instrument she played in the MV)
Miichan - trombone (the original instrument she played in the MV)

For support, Yuasa Junji, chief producer of King Records here plays the lead guitar.

And last but not least, we have our favorite Twin Towers in charge of the vocals. Yay Twin Tower takes the center again. ^_^


Hehe. In the beginning, Sayaka was complaining that she wanted to play the trumpet, but of course she didn’t get to. Aw and Sae saying that the two of them should do their best in the singing.

Once again my attention was focused on the Twin Towers during the song. Just listen to them during the music break going “Whoo! Whoo!” and shouting out random stuff.

And right towards the end, watch them run around the stage and finish in the center. (Sayaka’s pose XDD)

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aoa - heart attack mv japanese version