when jessica alrdy foreshadowed her departure from snsd back in 2012 in shinees sherlock mv


f(x) - 피노키오(Danger) (Japanese Version) MV


Well, it’s finally finished! My Big Bang MADE (loser mv inspired) series fanart is done ^^

It all started because I wanted to draw GD’s scene in the bath, and then the idea of a series with all the members kinda popped in my head as I was finishing him.

He was like a guinea pig, that’s why he doesn’t change much from one version to the other. Actually, the only change is that in the bate, in one it says Loser and in the other Loner. And there’s where the idea of doing the rest came from. Cause they all go, through the music video, from being/feeling like a loser, to feeling lonely. So I wanted to play with both sides that can be seen in the video.

Also, I used the red and blue to go with those feelings. Red for the rage, violence, anguish… Blue for sadness, melancholy, sorrow… Yeah, they’re not there just cause I felt like it. They actually have a meaning. (And that’s why the colors in this GD are changed, cause I got the colors wrong with the words. But I corrected it here).

And just one last comment/curiosity. In Taeyang’s poses I played with what he says in the lyrics. “I started looking at the ground more than the sky”

Well, hope you like it ^^

And don’t feel shy to comment!