it feels really surreal to be doing this…. to be morphing/painting for a baby chia. it was always a “maybe later” type of idea, and even though those things are spammy af in my sketchbooks and stuff, it still feels unreal.

i kind of want to simmer in the small glow of this happening before i do the big paint and achieve what i wanted for almost a year or so now

baby girl picking thorns through the daffodils (i loved you all my life)

[as i’ve been commissioned by felixdawkins & turnandchasethewindfool’s gold (carmilla hsau) chapter 10 deleted scenes: laura’s, papa hollis’, & carmilla’s povs. canon compliant, guys. /// ao3.]


baby girl picking thorns through the daffodils (i loved you all my life)


i don’t want to go home with you, drive me just a little more/ you don’t have to say anything, just scoot closer to me/ stars light up the sky, telling me everything will be all right/ we move fast & slow
—MADE IN HEIGHTS, ‘viices’


“Did you know how they make corals for fish tanks?”

Carmilla is very adamant that apparently this is really cool knowledge, and you’re kind of confused as to why she knows a lot about fish tanks, but she’s holding your hand and for some reason it makes you feel infinitely better when you walk into the cafeteria, and she’s very into this. “No. How do they make them?”

She grins, and you frown when she drops her hand and gestures for you to stand in front of her in line, and you just grab a random tray from the middle of the selection because you’re paying a lot of attention to Carmilla.

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08/26/2016: MIN @ TOR

I don’t know… thought this was cute. Josh was sitting on the other side of the dugout at his usual sit beside Tulo but he got up and went all the way to the other side to sit beside Devo who we all know just wants to play (the eye black again). These little things makes me so happy about this team. 

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Steph Curry’s reaction to being named MVP.


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