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Could we see your brushes :0 your shading always looks so nice

Mechanical pencil for sketching.
Stronk lines for clean lineart.
Marker lines for softer lines (that I’ll want to paint over).

Pen flat for putting down colour. 
Potato for soft shading and blending. 
Acrylic (my favorite, the mvp, my baby) for shading and painting.

Here you go anon, and thanks :)

The Foxhole Court, Chapter 7 – The Literal Opposite Of Squad Goals

In which the Foxes don’t exactly win Squad Of The Year, everyone fights with everyone, disturbingly weird sexual tension is more disturbing and weird than sexual, and just when you think ‘oh man, it can’t go downhill from there’, spoiler alert: It does.

Sounds good? Then it’s time for Nicki to read The Foxhole Court.

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08/26/2016: MIN @ TOR

I don’t know… thought this was cute. Josh was sitting on the other side of the dugout at his usual sit beside Tulo but he got up and went all the way to the other side to sit beside Devo who we all know just wants to play (the eye black again). These little things makes me so happy about this team. 

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