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Top 5 References to Emily/Alison

plural noun: references

1. the action of mentioning or alluding to something.
   “these are my Top 5 times PLL characters made reference to the
    Emily/Alison relationship”

synonyms: mention of, allusion to, comment on, remark about

5. The Liars Actually Ask: I really wish this scene had gone on for longer. For the first time since Ali has been back, the girls actually take an interest in how Emily is handling it. Emily’s answer to the above seen question is, “I don’t know,” and the reaction shot from Spencer was so interesting. Like, I wish we had had more scenes of someone asking Emily about it all. Eventually, the scene turns to one of the few times Emily expresses how she has handled the fact that she killed someone. That’s another reason why I wish this scene had gone on for longer, because it would’ve given us a glimpse into Emily’s trauma & actually connected it with Aria’s own Shana trauma. Alas, missed opportunities.

4. CeCe Drake Figures It Out: Look, I fucking love CeCe Drake. Season 3 is probably my favorite and it’s in large part due to her arrival. This scene where she pieces together which Liar Emily is is one of my favorites in the whole series. She was so matter of fact about it all and it was GLORIOUS. Damn, how much I wish that we had had more Emily/CeCe scenes. NGL, I even briefly shipped it because it would have been so deliciously fucked up. I needed more in my life tbh.

Honorable Mention(s): Parents Just DO Understand →  Mrs. Fields Has 20/20 Vision, Mr. DiLaurentis Tries to Get His Future-Daughter-In-Law On His Side & Mrs. DiLaurentis Gives Her Blessing.

3. Spencer Hastings To The Rescue: Oh, Spence. By trying to protect Emily from Paige in a way she was never able to protect her from Alison, Spencer inadvertently hurts Emily’s feelings. The intention was good, but flat execution, Spencer. It hurts and the girls eventually move on from it, but I wish we had had more of Spencer’s POV & thoughts on it all, because it seems like the girls definitely noticed (or at least Spencer did) the intricacies of Emily and Alison’s dynamic.

Honorable Mention: Emily Please Convince Your Girlfriend To Not Fuck Up Before It’s Too Late

2. Spencer Hasting’s Jealousy: Again, Spencer’s POV & thoughts, her insight & opinion, on Emily/Alison is something I definitely wish we had more of. Because, if you remember in S4, she had a bit of a hard time letting Emily take point on bringing Ali back into the fold. When Emily meets with Shana and Shana recounts the events from the barn, Emily doesn’t share the info with Spencer when she asks and you just know it bothered Spencer. And then, when Emily goes on to meet Ali in secret, Spencer spectacularly fucks it up which results in a big fight with Emily. It’s sad, it’s heartbreaking, and it’s some of the reactions and scenes I wish we had gotten more of. These breadcrumbs ain’t enough for me yo’, I’m greedy AF lolol.

Honorable Mention: Shana AKA Alt!Emily Is Jealous of New52!Emily

1. Royal Rumble: Alien VS. Predator  → LOOK. When this episode first aired, when this magnificent scene graced my screen, I swear to god I blacked out for a hot second. Here we were in S3 finally, in my opinion, getting full confirmation that Alison had feelings for Emily. This was TWO FULL SEASONS before it actually happened on screen with Alison actually confirming it, but it still blew my mind despite some people telling me I was reading the scene wrong. (*whispers* fuck them lmao) Anyway, finding out about Alison’s war with Paige and how it was all about Emily made my life, added hella complex layers to their entire dynamic, and made things much more fucking interesting when Ali first came back in S5 and had to deal with it. Sadly, it eventually went nowhere, but hopefully I HOPE we get something similar-esque now in S7. I mean, I like Paige, but I need this Emison to fucking rise already.

What up? If you made it all the way to the end of this third installment of my Top 5 mini posts series, you’re the real MVP. What a Champ. I think a couple more are on their way, but in the mean time hit me up with your favorite moment when other characters have reacted to Emison. Give me all your feels, you guys <3


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