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NHL Awards explained

Someone asked me to go through each Award given at the NHL awards and explain how they’re given and what they’re for so instead of answering an ask I decided to make a separate post.

All these awards are based on the regular season only and votes are cast before the playoffs even begin.

Hart Memorial Trophy

This is the leading lady of the NHL Awards. The Hart Memorial Trophy is in essence the MVP award. It was first awarded in 1924 and is voted on by the Hockey Writers Association. Each member of this association votes for a first, second, and third place winner and they are all added up with first place votes weighing more then third and so on. This association votes on most of the awards. It officialy goes to the player most valuable to their team and does not necessarily go to the best player in the league, although most of the time it does.

Lady Byng Memorial Trophy

This trophy basically goes to the most gentlemanly player in the league. Imagine playing a sport know for being so rude you award players who are nice. It was donated to the lead by Lady Byng of Vimy in the 1920′s. Anze Kopitar is the current holder of the award, and like a lot of awards the winner is chosen by the Hockey Writers Association. A lot of the time it goes to a player with the highest playing ability matched with the lowest penalty box score. Usually theyre a top 6 forward on a team and some only go to the penalty box once or twice all season.

Vezina Trophy

This is another big ticket, the Vezina trophy is the MVP but for goalies. Goalies can still win the Hart, Carey Price for instance one both in a single year. The trophy is named after a goaltender for the montreal canadiens who played for the club from 1910-1925. It was first awarded in 1927 and the current holder is Braden Holtby of the Washington Capitals. It’s generally used as a good measure to how good a goaltender is, which may sound weird to clarify but a lot of these awards don’t measure what they  say they do according to critics. However, the Vezina is pretty straight forward. 

Calder Memorial Trophy

the Calder is another headliner at the NHL Awards because it’s the MVP for rookies. It is named after Frank Calder who was the first ever president for the NHL. The Oldest ever player to win the calder was 31 years old, as he played in the KHL for most of the career before playing his rookie season in the NHL. After that they changed the rules so only rookie players under 26 as of September 15th of that year, could win the calder. This is also voted on by the Hockey Writers Association.

Art Ross Trophy

This one is different because this is not a trophy that is voted on it’s earned. The Art Ross Trophy goes to the player with the most points at the end of the season. It was donated to the league by Art Ross who was a GM and coach for the Boston Bruins until the mid 50′s.

James Norris Memorial Trophy

this is one that I personally don’t really like. The Norris trophy is supposed to be a sort of MVP for defensemen but it doesn’t really measure good defensemen it measures defensemen who score a lot. A lot of people would tell you that a defenders job is not to be a forward. It was named after James Norris who was the owner of the red wings from the 30′s to 1952. Bobby Orr won the award 8 straight seasons. The winner is chosen by the Hockey Writers Association.

Bill Masterton Trophy

This trophy is awarded to the player who shows the most perseverance and dedication to hockey. This trophy tends to start a lot of controversy because people like to think it’s the award that goes to the player who was closer to dying. They obviously do not see how terrible it is to award a player for almost dying. But that’s another conversation. It was named after Bill Masterton, a North Stars player who died after he sustained an injury in a hockey game. The trophy has been around since the 60′s. The winner is chosen by the Hockey Writers Association.

Ted Lindsay Award

This is a unique one, and it’s usually paired with the Hart trophy but not always. Basically it’s another MVP award except the big difference is that this award is voted on by the NHLPA, basically the players vote on the MVP. It was called the Lester B Pearson award but in 2010 they renamed it after Red Wings great Ted Lindsay.

 Jack Adams Award

The Jack Adams is another award I don’t like much. It’s awarded to the best coach at the end of the regular season. But it usually ends up being the coach that over-preformed or a coach of a team that over-preformed. For me it’s usually the “wow we didn’t think your team would be this good” award. Usually the team that wins it baffles us so much that it could only be the coach. This though means coaches like Quenneville only won it once,a nd he was with the Blues at the time. Other coaches like Alain Vigneault have never won it after leading his team to the President’s trophy and now rehauling the New York Rangers. instead it goes to guys like John Tortorella, who was being paid not to coach the canucks for a bit. And Dan Bylsma who was fired from the team he won it with because of how poorly the team was preforming. My favorite was Patrick Roy, who won it in 2014 and 2 years later quit because he was doing nothing. Basically, in my opinion, it’s like another Vezina trophy except the goalie gets no credit. The only time it really semed to actually go to the best coach recently was this past winner was Barry Trotz.

Frank J Selke Trophy

I like to call this trophy the Bergy because he’s won it 3 times and has been nominated almost every other year he’s been eligible for it. This award, like most of them, is voted on by the Hockey Writers Association. It goes to the best two-way forward. Basically a high scoring player who is also defensively inclined. Players usually up for this award are like Bergeron, Toews, Kopitar, last year there was also Ryan Kesler ect. Basically the guys who aren’t high scorers but big names anyway on their team. It’s been awarded since about 1977

William M Jennings Trophy

This is another award that is based on stats and is therefore earned differently than the other ones. This trophy goes to the best goalie tandem, or the goalies of the team with the best goal for.  As in if your team lets in the least amount of goals during a season both goalies will receive this award. It’s a little goofy in my opinion because goal differential is a team stat but i like the idea of multiple goalie awards.

King Clancy Memorial Trophy

This award is awarded to the player who exemplifies leadership on and off the ice and has made a humanitarian contribution to their community. This usually goes to players who have some sort of leadership place on their team whether with an A or a C but who also is known for charity and programs for their community. It’s one of the two Charity awards. It is voted on by the Hockey Writers Association.

NHL Foundation Player Award

This award is the other charity award. Basically this award goes to the player who applies the “values of hockey to enrich their community.” The winner of this award gets a 25,000 check donated to a charity of their choice from the NHL.

Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy

Soon their going to change this one to the Alex Ovechkin trophy, just kidding kind of not really. Anyway this one is another one based on stats. the Rocket Richard Trophy is awarded to the highest goal scorer that year. This is just based on goals and not on points total like the Art Ross is. Rocket Richard was the first ever NHL player to hit 50 goals in a single season and he’s an iconic Montreal Canadiens player. The Habs donated this award to the league in 1998 and it was first awarded in 1999 to Teemu Selanne. And I joked a little at the beginning but Ovechkin has a record 6 Rockey Richard trophies

Mark Messier Leadership Award

This is a unique award because the winner for this award is chosen by Mark Messier himself, who also awards it personally to the winner on stage. The winner of the Messier Leadership Award is usually a captain who best shows leadership skills on and off the ice for his team.

The NHL General Manager Award

This one is pretty self explanatory. IT is awarded to the best general manager of the year. It has been awarded since 2010 and has not been given to someone more than once. the winner is chosen by a panel of all the general manages, a few executives and a few media members. 


Sarah Shahi is a revelation. She plays Shaw with deliberate and hard-edged dedication, and constantly pushes the boundaries of the show’s previous standards to elevate Shaw to new and groundbreaking heights.

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This is a cute article showing all the times Westbrook has posted about Taylor: sbnation(.)com/nba/2017/6/27/15878640/taylor-swift-congratulates-russell-westbrook-nba-mvp-award

Taylor Swift comes ‘out of the woods’ to congratulate Russell Westbrook on MVP award

Westbrook is a longtime Taylor Swift fan.

Russell Westbrook finally won the MVP award he has longed for on Monday night at the first-ever NBA Awards show. It was a great moment for Westbrook as he thanked his team, his family, and even the media. As the praise came rolling in on Twitter, one from Taylor Swift showed up on the Oklahoma City Thunder Twitter account.

The video from Taylor is significant for two reasons. Reason one is that Swift has essentially been hiding from the media since last summer. She’s said very little publicly lately about anything at all, yet she was ready to come “out of the woods” to congratulate Westbrook because Russ is the greatest. Excuse my pun, it’s a Taylor Swift song. Seriously, though, she’s been MIA for so long, it turned into a thing.

The other is that Westbrook is a pretty big Swift fan. We first found out about it in 2015 when Russ was singing along to “Bad Blood” in his car.

A post shared by Russell Westbrook (@russwest44) on May 22, 2015 at 3:06pm PDT

And then this happened.

And then Russ went to her concert.

A post shared by Russell Westbrook (@russwest44) on Aug 26, 2015 at 8:19am PDT

And again, when Westbrook was singing “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”


Congratulations again to Westbrook on his MVP Award. And as always, let Westbrook be Westbrook.


Golden - William Nylander

Requested by anon: can i get a william nylander imagine because he won worlds?? and maybe have backstrom make an appearance because i love their friendship. thanks :-)

A/N: I’m actually quite proud of this one. I hope you like it!

Word count: 1210

Warnings: google translator swedish.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to inform you that we will soon be landing on the Cologne Bonn airport in Cologne. It’s currently 2pm, local time. The temperature outside is 18º Celsius, 64º Fahrenheit. The crew hopes that you’ve had a pleasant flight and we are looking forward to seeing you on future trips, thank you.” I ignore the flight attendant who is giving now the same briefing in German and look out the window, looking at the city of Cologne from the sky.

I had never thought that I would be leaving Toronto to go to see my boyfriend play in a World Championship, but life has funny ways and I can’t wait to see what mine has in store for me.

After the loss against the Washington Capitals in the Stanley Cup Playoffs my boyfriend William decided to join team Sweden in Europe to play at the World Championship, but everything was planned so last minute that I couldn’t get enough time off from work to go with him. I have hated watching the games from home, wanting to be there to support my boyfriend more than anything. When the Tre Kronor made it to the Final I couldn’t just stay in Toronto, so I booked a plane ticket to Cologne. Without telling Willy. Because I just love surprises.

The plane lands and after a little while we are cleared to unbuckle our seatbelts and leave. My legs feel stiff from spending so much time sitting on a rather uncomfortable seat, but I’m so excited to be her that I almost don’t care. After getting my suitcase I walk through the doors that take you where the families wait and start looking for Alex and Michael. It doesn’t take me long to see Alex’s blond hair.

“(y/n)! How was your flight?” He greets me, giving me a hug. Alex and I have a really great partner-in-crime relationship, which annoys Willy greatly.

“It was good. A little long, but good.” I say, moving from him to Michael to give him a hug as well. “Thanks for picking me up.”

“No problem. I’m sure that Willy is going to love to have you here.” Will’s dad says and you nod excitedly.


I slap the tears off my face as I see your boyfriend tackling Henrik Lundqvist. They’ve won. My boyfriend is a World Champion. Will hasn’t noticed me yet, he was too focused on the game and now he is too busy celebrating, which is fine; I’m just happy to get to see him win. Alex is taking what could be considered as an excessive amount of pictures and Michael is standing besides me, looking at his oldest son with such pride that makes my heart flutter.

When I thought that anything could make this moment any better William is named the Most Valuable Player of the Competition and my hands can’t control the amount of proud tears that are leaving my eyes. My makeup is ruined, but I can’t care less about it. Also, I’m not the only one crying at this point, but I’ll never tell how Alex is quick to wipe the tears out of his face before anyone notices it. The team finally makes it out the ice, but we stay on our seats for a little longer, knowing that it will be awhile before they make it out the locker room. I try to answer as many texts from my friends and family back home as I can, but I can’t help it but to burst into laughing when I get one from Will.

“WE MADEEEE IT! I wish you were here.” I read out loud for his brother and father and they chuckle too.

I’ve seen it! I’m so proud of you. Congratulations, my love.” I type out, topping it up with a bunch of gold medals and trophies emojis.

Alex, Michael and I wait for what it seems like forever before Will texts Alex saying that he will be out soon, so we made our way to the hall to join the rest of the families. Everyone is smiling and, even though I don’t know any Swedish but pet names and cute little phrases here and there, I know that they are as excited to see the new World Champions as I am.

Players start coming out the doors that lead to the locker rooms and the hall erupts on cheers while the men join their families. I keep my eyes on the door until I see him, wearing his suit with no tie and carrying the MVP award and the gold medal on his hands. He doesn’t notice me as he spots his dad and brother, waving at them as he makes his way through the crowd.

“Alex! Påve –” He stops dead on his tracks when he sees me standing in between the two men, looking at him with a smile. “Älsking? (Love?)”

Alex and Michael step a side, leaving more room for Will to come hug me. He wraps his arms around my waist and lifts me up, holding me close to him as he buries his face on my neck.

“What are you doing here?” He asks, letting go of the awards, which his father is taking from his hands, so he can hold me properly.

“I couldn’t miss it.” I just answer, wrapping my own arms around his neck.

“You didn’t tell me.” He doesn’t sound accusatory, he is just stating the fact that I, indeed, didn’t tell him.

“It was a surprise.” I whisper. “Do you like it?”

“I don’t know if I’m happier because of the Championship or because you are here.” He says, making me laugh at how cheesy he sounds.

He puts me down eventually and walks towards his brother, who hugs him as well and says a couple of words in Swedish which I don’t understand. I hang out by Alex side as Michael and Will share a longer embrace, Michael’s voice cracking every once in awhile as he speaks with his oldest son.

“Nylander.” I hear a voice from behind us and we all turn around, meeting the Backstrom family.

“Nick!” Michael says, his hand clashing with the other man’s as they pull each other into a brotherly hug before Nicklas moves over to Alex and then to me, looking at Willy inquisitively.

“(y/n)?” He asks and Will nods, wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me closer to his side. “So the lucky charm was here after all.”

“Apparently.” Willy chuckles, kissing my temple in an affectionate way that makes everyone else smile.

“He hasn’t stopped talking about you.” Nicklas offers me his hand and I shake it, smiling at him. “Well, actually he was whining about how much he wished you were here.”

“I didn’t whine.” Will defends himself, holding me even tighter.

“Yes, you did.” Michael, Alex and Nicklas say at the same time, making you laugh.

“I didn’t whine, I’ve just missed you a lot.” He whispers to my ear.

“I am here now.” I answer him. “And I don’t have a ticket to go back.”

Jag älskar dig. (I love you)” He says.

Jag älskar dig med (I love you too), my love.”

Mini & Junior Duo/Trio Results

 Mini Duo/Trio

5th: Hopak (The Rock Center for Dance)

4th: 2 by 4 (The Rock Center for Dance), Grown Distant (Larkin Dance Studio), Illusion (YYC Dance Project)

3rd: For MY Help (Larkin Dance Studio)

2nd: A Doll’s Life (Honolulu Dance Studio)

1st: She Used To Be Me (CSPAS), Stable (Club Dance)

Junior Duo/Trio

5th: Breathe (CSPAS)

4th: Deconstructure (Creative Arts Academy)

3rd: Dusk and Tide (Danceology), Last Lost Chance (Larkin Dance Studio)

2nd: Sisters in Rhythm (Danceology)

1st: Upon Contact (The Company)

Adjudications under the cut!

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****WARNING this is super long because I need to address a lot**************
Okay. I’m going to address about 100 anonymous asks I’ve received all at once here. I’m having a difficult time trying to go through all the asks to find ones that aren’t about the same thing.
I posted about how proud I am with Alex and how she’s been playing recently. I’m not taking this back, but I am going to explain it some more for those who seem to not understand it.
Alex Morgan is an amazing player. She has an extremely unique way of playing, and she’s become a player that so many defenses want to take down. And I’m about to really break down the importance of why these goals, even against teams that aren’t necessarily the best, are extremely important and worthy of praise. *also sorry that I focused on NT play more, I felt like most people would be able to relate to that more*
In 2011 Alex was number one overall draft pick in the WPS draft. She went on to win the championship with WNY. This was also the year that she joined the Senior NT. This was a WC year, and she scored two goals. She was also the first player to have a goal and assist in a WC final.
In 2012, an Olympic year, Alex became a starter for the NT. Alex scored the equalizer and game winning goal during the opening game of the Olympics. This was the year Alex made history. (If you don’t know what I’m about to say then go watch USAvCAN 2012 Olympic semi finale) Alex scored the game winning goal in the 123rd minute; breaking the tie, sending the US to the gold medal match, and setting a US/FIFA record for latest goal. She went on to lead the US in goals, multi-goal games, assists, points, and became one of the only WNT players to have over 20 goals/20 assists in the same calendar year. She also was US soccer’s 2012 Female Athlete of the Year. Seriously just go look up this year for Alex because I compacted it into strictly the most important stuff because I could spend days talking about 2012 and what an amazing year it was for her.
These years were a dark period in Alex’s life. She was injured three different times. Ankle, ankle again, and knee. She was able to do some amazing things in between her injury times though. With her new club Portland Thorns, in 2013 she was the team’s point leader and scoring leader of the year. She also played a part in getting the championship and resulted her being named to the NWSL second XI. Youngest player in 2013 to ever be named to the All-Time Women’s NT Best XI at 24. She was rewarded top scoring honors for the 2013 Algarve Cup. During the 2015 she scored the only goal against England, which was her returning game to the NT. She scored a goal against Columbia during the WC, after coming back from her knee injury. Though she didn’t score again during the WC anymore she played a vital part in winning PKs and pulling the defense apart.
This is the year she got her 100th cap and got a goal and assist. During CONCACAF she made another record (tournament and USWNT) with fastest goal at 12 seconds. She later went on to win the golden boot and MVP awards for her performance at the SBC. She had 17 goals in 21 games. She scored 2016’s best goal of the year. She was voted best player during CONCACAF. She was playing like a beast this entire year and if you go back through articles upon articles and different highlights, you’ll be able to see that.
Even though the year just started she’s done so much with her loan team the Olympique Lyonnais. She has scored a brace, hat trick, and 4 goals in the past 5 games I believe. She’s playing at a higher level then I’ve honestly seen her play in a long time. She’s back in her prime. She’s finally healthy. (Knock on wood *knock knock*) She’s confident again. That’s what matters most.
As a forward, especially, their mindset and confidence is a huge part of the game. She spent 3 years of her career injured. She played some, but those are prime years for most players and she had to miss out on them because of those injuries. This game isn’t just being physically fit and ready to go, so much of it is a mental game. (Honestly if you don’t play, and if you have never played in a high stress situation, I’m not sure you would ever fully understand) Her “baby horse” mentality is back. And it’s stronger than ever. If you look at everything she did before her injuries it’s monumental. And obviously there was an extreme amount of pressure on her to get back to where she was in 2012 and every time she couldn’t because of injuries it slowly wore down her confidence in her game and her strong mindset.
The reason I’m so proud of her is because she fought that. She pushed past three long years of injuries, lack of confidence/results, and honestly most players would have extreme doubt at that point. She had to push past critics that said she would never play the same way again. That she lost her spark. Well guess what, she didn’t. Baby horse is back and better than ever. Baby Horse is all grown up and ready to destroy all her haters and critics. . Sorry for how long it is. Needed to rant to hateful and bitter anons.

c9 tweets : support for ray.

posting this here so that everyone can know and throw some support to ray, c9′s beloved part time top laner, during his hard time. i wish him the very absolute best as he goes to battle against his depression and hope so much for his victorious recovery so that he can return to the team stronger. he’s part of the Cloud 9 family, and he has brought so much to the team, and it’s horrible that he is so down on himself and so stricken with this. 

everyone, let’s take time to remember that the people we love so much that play on our favorite LCS teams, are in fact people. they bleed, they hurt the same way the rest of us do. they are not machines who can day after day take the pressures that are sometimes put on them and just never break because of it. they can be beaten down, and so much mental stress and pain befalls them because expectations are way too high. it’s unfair, and it isn’t right. this has happened too many times, to too many good players - and just people in general. 

and no matter what teams are winning the tournaments, or what players are nabbing the mvp awards, at the end of the day - absolutely none of them are perfect. 

so i’m asking and reaching out to the community, as someone who has seen this happen too much, to stick together and support our players no matter what.

because they’re people, and they need to be loved and believed in at the end of every day, whether or not they went home with a win or a loss.

i really really wish the very best to ray during his very trying time.