REVIEW: Og Dutch Master “Blue Light District" 

Before I start my review I want to let everyone know Dutchy is a close friend of mine I’ve know him since about 2004 almost 10 years now. 

Anyways "Blue Light District” is Og Dutch Master’s newest project and being an old friend of his i’ve heard him since the very beginning the growth is crazy impressive to me. I already knew Dutchy as an artist before music so I knew he would have his own ideas and perspective to give off about his upbringing in Baltimore. This project is in my eyes the pure essence of Baltimore my mom’s half of the family is from Baltimore so I can relate to all of the things he said in this project.

As far as lyrics and content Dutchy has definitely delivered as far as I’m concerned. What listeners have to remember is Dutchy is a brand new artist like not even a year into this yet so for him to show this much growth after his debut project “Art of War” he’s obviously taking his time and putting in the work.

Dutchy raps about the past year’s come up as an artist he shouts out his people he’s worked with such as the 7thFloorVillians who are a Baltimore based group. My favorite thing about this project is it isnt following any popular song sounds right now its completely its own right now and thats what Baltimore needs is its own artist to break barriers. 

Favorite songs on the project: “Dirty Diamonds” “In Disguise” which is about his father passing and how that changed his life the beat is soulful and light which I think means things are getting better in life. “Done it All” reminds me sooo much of a song I think Lupe Fiasco would do I love the hook the beat and the sounds. I also liked the feature from Black Zheep DZ on “Numb or Dumb” honestly i like all of the songs this is my fuckin homie lol but those are a few of my favorites. 

I give this a 10 out of 10 for concept, growth, originality, content and beat selection.

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