I was tagged by @gnomesims to do the Edge of Seventeen tag! (And I know this is a shock… but I chose Taz and Gretta!) Your regularly scheduled MV queue will resume this afternoon. :)

Rules: Reimagine your founder as a teenager….maybe even on prom night?

Taz wanted to be one of the “cool kids” – leather jacket, ripped jeans, aviators, earrings, the works. He spent most of his time at school cutting class to take smoke breaks behind the gym with his fellow cool kids… but was (not so) secretly a total nerd, and the actual “cool kids” tolerated him because he let them copy his calculus homework.

Gretta was the quiet, artsy type who sat somewhere near the back of the class writing poems and stories and drawing pictures in her countless journals. Self-conscious about her weight, she mostly wore baggy T-shirts and jeans in an attempt to hide her “problem areas.”

These two definitely would never have gone to prom together, but I love them a lot so have a picture of them in prom outfits anyway.

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