After last night with Naveen, Kali was walking on Cloud Nine. She was so distracted all day that people had been asking what was wrong. She hadn’t been this bubbly except for prior to their beach trip. She was humming in the halls and smiling helplessly. She wasn’t sure why he had this effect but she was so distracted she didn’t even realize she walked right by him. She turned when she heard her name, “Oh…hi!”


The wonderful femtastico tagged me in this thing :3

1. what’s your favorite color and why?

My favourite colour is probably black, it just goes with everything, you know? Most of my things are black tbh, I find it relaxing

2. do you spell it color or colour?

I spell it colour :3

3. do you know the epic cohose yuor cloor tumblr audio post?

Nope! But I do now ^.^

4. what’s the nicest thing that you did this week?

Um, I feel like the nicest thing I’ve done this week was sending a whole bunch of nice asks to people, just because it’s nice making people smile 

5. do you like strawberries? if not, WHY NOT?!

NO! I don’t like strawberries! AHAHAHA :D the taste is too strong, the texture on the outside is so gross it’s all hairy and *shivers*, and I can’t stand the smell of them!

6. do you have a favorite season?

Winter is probably my favourite season, it’s pretty much the only time of the year where you aren’t sweating everyday lmao, over exaggeration but still

7. if you could suddenly fly, where would be your first destination?

Oh my goodness, I have no idea! I’m thinking maybe Germany, to visit that castle the Disney castle is based off :)

8. would you rather be a genius but only in the field of trolling or would you rather be an incredible artist but only in yaoi?

Incredible artist but only in yaoi, obviously >:D

9. is the Force with you?

the force is strong with this one

10. do you have a special talent?

Is my charming personality a special talent? lmao 

So my questions are! 

1. If you’ve read/seen Harry Potter, who is your favourite character and why?
2. Would you rather become a ghost when you die and end up haunting only people who annoyed you, or haunt an abandoned place where no one ever visited?
3. Are you right handed or left handed? If you’re left handed, how well can you use right handed scissors?
4. What’s your favourite kind of weather?
5. Gain the ability to run really fast, or jump really high? Why?
6. How well do you handle horror movies/stories?
7. You can take a pill to speak every language in the world, but!!!!!!! You can never seem to speak the right language as the people around you.
8. What is the very first thing you would buy if you had $50,000?
9. What do you think about the most?
10. Is there any accent that you wish you could copy perfectly?

that was hard lmao, anyway, tagging people! Alright, I tag: lesterspaceprince amazingphanisnotonfirexx aesthetiicly aesthetic-howell mvllennia funfunphan senpaiihowell toohothowell asstheticlester and awrfdan (and anyone else who feels like doing this) as always! no obligation to do this :3