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i wanna put a light outside to attract bugs so i can look at them, how do i do this not too expensive n safe for the bugs n stuff?

The easiest, cheapest thing might be just leaving your porch light on. Hang a white sheet nearby for max effect (I go to wally world or job lot and buy the CHEAPEST white sheet packs, your moths do not need a high thread count :-)).

I also swapped up some of my porch lights for screw-in UV blacklight CFL bulbs - super cheap and have the wavelengths to bring insects in.

Slightly more of a pain and more expensive, you can buy what they call a “brooder lamp” used to warm up baby chickens, a metal bell shape with a porcelain socket, often they have clamps and they just need to be plugged in to an outlet. Then buy a mercury vapor lamp for the bulb, that’s the expensive part, $30 or so if you can find a deal online, but you MUST make sure it is the right type, something like this:

The “gold standard”, if you have money to burn, would be the supplies provided by BioQuip. MVL setups and sweet UV tube blacklight. Not cheap.

Happy Hunting!

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Hey Sasha, I was looking into HJPR because their website has been down for a while and I noticed some interesting things. Apparently, they tried for voluntarily liquidation back in October. Something must have gone wrong because there was a proposal to strike it down in November. But then in December they went into liquidation only to turn in a resignation of voluntary liquidation the following month. www(.)aihitdata(.)com/company/019AC113/HACKFORD-JONES-PR-LIMITED/history#main (1/2)

(2/2) Voluntary liquidation is pretty iffy step for a UK business. And if they are doing it, they must need to pay off some debts. But the thing is, they are completely down now. It’s not a web development thing because it doesn’t take over a month to redesign a web page. There must be a lot of other issues going on behind the scenes. Just something to think about.



Yeah, I dunno what the deal is. I know NOTHING about UK business regulations. But I found this information:

So what exactly is going on would depend on if they were attempting an MVL or a CVL. If it was an MVL, then they maybe just decided to part company for whatever reason. If it was a CVL, then they were having financial problems. I see they submitted a statement of solvency, changed their address and then withdrew the voluntary liquidation. So maybe that was all about legally removing Simon Jones’ financial stake in HJPR.

The unholy trinity was all together in January after they withdrew the voluntary liquidation (left to right Jonathan Hackford, Simon Jones, Sara Lee):

Jonathan and Sara still work together, apparently:

But Sara also retweeted Simon Jones’ bullshit.

No clue what’s happening with that bunch. *shrugs* 

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