방탄소년단 (BTS) ♥ Run

I’m late for church because I’m staying home to post this hahah I’m sorry God it’s for a good cause I promise! No matter how busy I am with school and life I will always be a crazy fangirl for BTS hahhahaa ARMY PRIDE!

Bm/A: X04432

방탄소년단 ♥ Run

D Bm C#m F#m

Verse 1:
D Bm C#m F#m (x3)

Chorus 1:
D Bm C#m F#m F# (x2)
D Bm C#m F#m F#m

Verse 2:
D Bm C#m F#m (x2)

Chorus 2:
D Bm C#m F#m F# (x2)

Bm E C#m F#m F#
Bm Bm/A G F#

Chorus 3:
D Bm C#m F#m F# (x2)
D Bm C#m F#m F#m

the-old-man-has-the-phonebox  asked:

"Missy!" He exclaimed, catching her as she fell. He took her into the TARDIS, laying her down in the soft bed in the medical bay. He attached all the wires, letting out a sigh of relief as the heart monitor found a strong, steady heartbeat from both hearts. He sat there for a while, tending to her wounds and hoping she'd wake up.

Nothing had mattered after the Doctor’s rejection. All her careful planning, their glorious battle… it was meant to prove something. She wanted to show him he was wrong, she didn’t just care about herself. But fate was cruel, and the moment had left her with nothing but bitterness and a neat set of broken hearts. After that nothing had mattered. Her games became more and more careless until finally… she found herself cornered. To be honest she’d hoped they would finish her off but even that was not to be. Her eyes fluttered open feeling a tightness in her chest where broken ribs were bound tight.

“Where…?” she rasped in confusion before finally realizing she was not alone. “…oh… you.”

Bloody Americans ; Closed

“—what the hell?”

                   { Draco was waking in a horribly uncomfortable bed, it felt like a load of boulders under him. With a disgruntled sigh, he realized where he was, and it was certanily not in his flat in London. No it was in a dingy Motel in California, alone, without his magic. }

                              “Shite.” { Needless to say Draco was not used to life without magic, or the life of a muggle for that matter, dressing was even a task in itself. When he managed to get dressed, and flounder his way down to the front desk he felt the eyes of pitying mothers. Grumbling under his breathe he laid two galleons on the counter, thinking surely that should suffice for his room. Apparently it did not, but Draco was fleeing from the blasted Motel and rushing directly into another muggle, one whom he did not see when he was running from the angry clerk. }

                        “Bollocks, I’m so sorry Miss, I’m just… I need to hide from that insane man.”

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                To not leak out any information about his survival of the shipwreck, Augustus had stayed in the low by becoming a guard of the Kingdom. He is usually on patrols, but has recently darkened his hair to a shade of auburn, and had grown in his beard so no one could recognize him. He wanders about in the courtyard, trying to catch any sight of his daughters. He does not speak up of his return, because he notices how happy his daughters were, and how successful they managed to be even without him or his wife’s guidance.


Her eyes expanded at his offer. She bit down on her tongue before she could say anything that Michael would call drastic. The day had finally come, She thought, The day when Michael tells me that he’s leaving me for a younger, hotter stripper.

Amanda face scrunched up. She crossed her arms, her fingers tapping along her forearm. “I do like going out hanging out with you,” She whispered while chewing on her cheek. “But you’re not ordering anything harder than a shot of vodka, got it?” She wanted him completely sober when she kicks his ass.

The phone moves into his pocket quick, one arm moving to wrap around her upper arms and bring her into something that sort of resembled a hug, pressing a kiss to her cheek. Even if it came from the heart, and it did, the affection he was giving her was out of the ordinary since they rarely did anything that even reminded him that they were married besides the fact that they slept in the same bed.

“I promise,” he mumbled, moving to tug lightly at her wrist. “Now come on, I got some fancy restaurant to make room if I waved a little money. Even if you’re going to probably bake me for dessert, I think you at least should be blessed with a little high class. Something I bet that cheap ass yoga instructor never did-” He bit back the jealousy climbing up and shook his head. “Regardless, I think you deserve it.”