Past and Present bettas pt 1 inspired by @iantojonesthebetta’s similar post

- Michael the blue metallic HM rosetail male (my first betta)
- Kaiju the blue marble HM male
- Kenway the blue metallic and yellow bicolor deltatail male
- Odyssey the yellow salamander HMPK
- Wyn the freckly red blue-eyed veiltail female (who was the love of my life)
- Durriyah the sparkly red and blue bicolor HM female (current)
- Zazzle the red and steel blue bicolor dumbo HM male (current)
- Buzz the yellow koi HMPK male (current)
- Clementine the white (probably blue) marble HM female
- Kraken the blue dumbo deltatail male (current)


Edgy Marshadow son sketches! Oh wait, he has a name now?


This is gonna be his main design~ simple, angular box shaped helmet w/ one eye hole and a plume of yveltal fur. His neck fluff is more like fur, and pointy. Its light grey, lighter than his body colour. Two wing-like flowing fur bits flow to the side of his neck fur.

Helmet MAAAAY or MAY NOT be removable, not too sure on that yet. Probably will be though. His hidden eye is always closed, maybe in pain or damaged.

Antagonist for Wyns story! As you can see Marax giving him a good KICK

The Necrozma version is what he gets after finding the Prism.

wash being a cat person and york being a dog person.

wash and york having very long debates over cats vs dogs.

north fixing things later by making them play mariokart to decide who wins the argument.

york and wash getting overly competitive and then north creaming them.