mv:stop it

like i’m sorry tfa didn’t give y’all a White Male Hero™ to lust after and you’re having some kind of crisis of conscience for being turned on by a murderer but the insinuation that a white man torturing and killing innocent people is somehow more morally justified than a black man telling a couple microscopic “lies” to ensure his own survival is disgusting as hell and incredibly racist and it needs to stop

Fuck you, Eddsworld fandom.

I honestly hope you are all real fucking proud of yourselves. I [i]really[/i] fucking hope you are all giving yourselves a deadly pat on your shoulders for the shit that you have caused on our amazing idols that did [b]EVERYTHING[/b] to satisfy us all.

First, you chase away Tord, harrassing him and stalking him to the point of anonimity. Giving him and his character a bad reputation in the long run.

Second, you chase away Paul, after animating with bags under his eyes for hours on end [i](which by the way, a minute of animation can take an entire day to even a week professionally to fully storyboard, brief, line, correct and complete realistically, imagine eight fucking minutes or more of that having to complete)[/i], putting so much effort, time, mental and emotional rides etc. while at the same time [i][b]attempting to get his own works done[/i][/b] had to endure fucking impatience, immaturity, incompetance, disrespect and fucking HARASSMENT to the point where he can no longer look at the show the same way he did in 2006 to post 2015. He even had to take a fucking break during the whole thing and even made his twitter private for a short while.

And in the long run, we also lost Patryk. For the exact same reasons as Paul. To the point where he now probably wishes us all to hell.

And you know what? I pity the fucking assholes that ruined EVERYTHING. How [i]dare[/i] you take a memorialized show and its cast and abuse it to the point where its no longer the show we can all remember…

What the fuck happened to the good in our fandom? What the fuck happened to the loving, charitable and amazing community that we all were before Edd died..?

Where the FUCK has the love gone in this fandom? (And no, I am not talking about shipping.)

What the hell happened to knowing the fucking difference between real life and fucking fiction?

Now…I will forever be an Eddhead.
For all the 13 years I have been one, thats never going to change. Eddsworld played a huge part in my inspiration to voice act and create movie scores..From the days of new grounds, to the present on Youtube, I use to watch Eddsworld for hours on repeat. Now at 21, I can learn to appreciate the show for the good it brang to the fans and viewers…And that was fun, unique and hilarious animations!

But I will NEVER, EVER, become one of the Post The End minority. Fuck you all.

Maybe someday…Things will get better. But for now.

Fuck the people that ruined a dead mans dream and crushed it by ruining the real peoples lives as a whole.

Those people were Edds best friends. Remember that before you harass another cast member.

Good night.

So, I don’t have the spoons to go into detail… maybe I will later when I have enough salt built up..

But Sven was attacked by a “Registered Service Dog” for the third time this month.

She could have lost her eye. She’s got a puncture would right under her eye, maybe a quarter of an inch away from the eye itself.

I’m sick of this. I’m sick of not feeling safe enough to go into public.

Absolutely sick of it.

My dog has SCARS on her because of these fake Service dogs in stores. SCARS. Thankfully the more visible ones aren’t on her face, but she has spots on her face where you can tell that she’s been nailed by another dog.

Stop it.
If you fake a service dog, stop.

You are endangering me and endangering my dog.

I’m very upset. Thankfully my dog has better nerves than I do and is over it, but I’m not.

I’m tired of my dog gaining scars because other people are assholes.

*sees a best Zelda game list ranking for every Zelda game, including Breath of the Wild*

Me: *being sarcastic as hell* I wonder what number one could be.

#1. Ocarina of Time

Me: *goes full hacker-mode to find the creator of the list* Guess I’m going to fight a person on the side of a street.