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Mix Up

ship requested by: @elizallama

Note: Y/N wears glasses :)))))


Your alarm clock rang for the hundredth time this morning. You mumbled something as turned in your half-a-sleep state, and stretched your arms out or your covers.You finally woke up to see a well lit empty room. Without you knowing, your roommates gave up waking you this morning since they have been trying hours ago. You looked at the time. You suddenly jolted up your bed, your eyes wide open to see that you had 30 minutes to get ready before your potions class. You sprung out of your warm and comfortable bed and quickly changed into your uniform and robes. As soon as you started to look a little bit more of a human, you left your dorms and went straight to the Dungeons.

Without looking, you ran full speed to your room when you collided into something or someone. In the process, your glasses fell off. You knelt down to look for your glasses on the floor.

“Oh dear. I’m so sorry.“ you said as you fumble to find your glasses.

“It’s quite alright.“ he said kneeling and fumbling as well.

When you grabbed what you to thought was your glasses you stood up and wore your glasses.

“I wasn’t looking.“ he continued when the two of you looked at each other and locked eyes. 

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Cody Christian Imagine

Red carpets scare you. They are just up too close to you, and sometimes you just give out too much info then needed. You like to be honest. But there isn’t a way to get away from them when you have to attend an award show were your tv show id nominate for an award. So you just have to get ready and go. Lucky for you, Cody, your boyfriend, was on the same tv show and was going with you.

As you got ready and walked to the carped Cody held your hand, letting you know everything will be alright and he as. The interviews were fine and all the paparazzi weren’t as bad as you thought. What left was you and everyone else form your cast had to wait for the show to begin an to find out if you won the award.

“You okay?” Cody asked kissing your cheek.

“Yeah. I’m just nerves.” but there was no point in that. The award show was fun and made you and everyone else laugh. but soon enough your category came. Evey one from the cast of Pretty Little Liars held there hands.

“And the winner for best TV Show is..” a silence came over the whole room. Then everything became blur. You found yourself walking onto the stage. You and that cast had won. Cody held you walk onto the stage as he saw you  were very confused. This was you first award ever, so it all was but very confusing but exciting at the same time.

Some of the people on the cast said their thank yous but then Cody stepped to the mic.

“I know everyone here has said thank you to everyone on the cast and all but for me there is one person I want to thank”he looked back at you giving you a smile “I want to thank my beautiful girlfriend (Y/N). She gave me the inspiration and positivity to keep going and to fight for what i love. So thank you (Y/N)” while everyone applauded to Cody he walked to you and kissed you in front of everyone.

This was the best moment of your life and many more moments like this fallowed you and Cody.

Cold, Hanzo x Reader

    January was, in your opinion, the coldest month. There was no Thanksgiving, no Christmas, and no Valentine’s day. Just the bitter cold and grey sky. You would have thought Overwatch’s main base would have had heating system that actually heated the building. But, no, of course it didn’t and your room was now a walk in freezer… Which leads us to why when Hanzo let himself into your room, to returned a borrowed book, he was greeted with the sight of a large blanket cocoon on your bed.  

    “…(Y/N)?” He called out. Hanzo’s eyes searched your room but he still couldn’t find you. He warily approached the pile of blankets only to see your (H/C) hair poking out of the top. “Are you… alright?” You looked up at Hanzo as he walked to the side of your bed. Once he saw you he could tell why you were all bundled up. Your nose, cheeks, and ears were dusted pink and your skin was paler than usual. It was then that he noticed just how cold your room was.

    “Hey Hanzo, sorry, I completely forgot I was supposed to meet you in the canteen to grab my book. I was really cold so I bundled up and I guess I fell asleep.” You explained. Suddenly you narrowed your eyes at him. (E/C) eyes trailing over his chest. “Why aren’t you bundled up? It’s, like, thirty degrees in here.” Hanzo raised an eyebrow as he looked down at you.

    “That’s because the rest of the base is warm, my little caterpillar.” He told you. You sat up, eyes wide and hair disheveled. You’d been curled up in your cold room all day while everyone else had been living it up in warm bliss? You needed an explanation, now. You huffed and began to untangle yourself from your blankets. As you swung your legs free your foot got caught on the last of the blankets and you tumbled forward. In one swift move Hanzo scooped you up into his arms, saving you from a broken nose and a bruised ego. You saw him inhale sharply as your freezing hands pressed against his bare chest. God he was warm, and you didn’t hesitate to take advantage. Hanzo tensed as you wrapped your arms around him.

    “You’re freezing.” He commented, his voice low.

    “You’re not.” You hummed. Hanzo sighed and pulled you in closer, letting you have your moment of warmth.

(you need me to) get it together

Pairing: Sam Drake x Reader
Words: 3,150
Warnings: references to violences and sex and shtuff
Request: smol and tol sam drake x reader

Your name: submit What is this?

Perhaps hiring possibly the only person up—for lack of a better word—for the job as his and Sullivan’s researcher was certainly not the best decision Sam had come to. Then again, he had made fairly questionable decisions in the past, so maybe this wouldn’t be among the more exceedingly consequential kind.

He had just hoped this one choice wouldn’t come to bite him in the ass.

And in all truth, in the year he’d gotten to know the young, pretty, resourceful, intelligent and vaguely tiny Y/N, it hasn’t backfired quite yet.

Not that it meant that day would never come, of course. He still kind of is anticipating it.

His mind retraces back to Y/N’s first day on the job. Sullivan had showed her around the office that they had managed get their hands on with the couple bucks they had. When Sam stepped into the space of what would be her little research space, he guessed that she’d already been briefed about the details of their latest historical find, because there she was, prepared to step on top of her desk chair to reach for a book on a shelf clearly too high for her to reach.

Sam grinned at the sight. “Glad you’re making use of the furniture, kid,” he said from the door, immediately catching her attention.

Her cheeks flushed a light shade of pink and she smiled sheepishly. “Bookshelves don’t tend to adhere to small folk like me.”

“I can see that.” He sauntered over to the shelves as she backed away from the desk chair to give him space. “Which one?” he said, gesturing to the books.

Pilgrims of the Seventeenth Century,” she answered.

He easily reached up and plucked the hardback tome from the shelf, handing it to her with a hint of an amused grin that she could hardly return.

“Thank you,” she said, moving to flip through it.

He shrugged. “Hey, we’re all about making your job easier,” he proudly declared.

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Imperials Have More Fun - Chapter 6 - moomkin - Star Wars Legends: Thrawn Trilogy - Timothy Zahn [Archive of Our Own]
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Swimming - in which Eli convinces Thrawn to go swimming.
Thanks to @eabevella for the art!!! <3

Jake Gyllenhaal Imagine

Morning are never fun especially if what you planned didn’t work out the way you wanted. You were at work but it wasn’t your work day. When waking up you thought you were lat for work so ran to the coffee shop you worked at but getting there you found out it was your day off. So to make this trip some what useful you stayed and talked to you friends to keep them company until it gets busy.

Soon enough the shop was filled with people.

“Okay guys. I’ll go Have a good day” waving bye to everyone someone bumped into you making you drop your coffee. “Shit” you said looking down at you drink, then laughed since to you it was funny.

“I’m so sorry” you looked up at the poor guy who was freaking out. “I didn’t mean to do that. I’m really” he stopped in the middle of his sentence. He just looked at you and smiled.

“It’s okay. It didn’t burn me so I’m fine”

“Good, I would feel even worse If I burned such a beautiful girl like you” you laughed picking up the dropped cup. “That was bad wasn’t it”

“I’ve heard worse pick up lines” you said with a cheeky smile.

“I’ll buy you a new drink” right as he said that you were given a new one

“Here you go (Y/N)”  one of your co-workers said.

“I guess I’m too late” he looked a little disappointing. 

“You can by me the next one” with that another bright smile came to his lips.

“I’d like that. I’m Jake” you leaned closer to him

“I know, but don’t worry , I won’t tell anyone.” he chuckled at your comment. Jake stood there smiling at you making you smile too, but soon enough you realized that people were looking at you two with weird looks. “If we keep smiling like this at each other they will drive us to the mad house” that made Jake laugh even louder then before

“I guess you are right. Maybe we can go sit down and talk there or just smile at each other?” he pointed a the one free table in the corner of the shop.

“Sure” and so you and Jake sat there for hours talking about all the topics in the world. He told you about his family and hoe close he and his sister were, you told him about yours. He told you about all his dreams and hopes. You found so many things common. Hours went by but you and Jake talked, One drink after another. While talking to each other you noticed the small details about him you didn’t notice before. The way he smiled when he talked about hings he loves, the way looked at you and how his eyes color changed with the light shining into them. No one of you two wanted to leave so you didn’t. But at one point you had to leave.

“Did you know we have been talking for 5hours?” he said looking at his watch.

“I had a feeling it might have been late since there isn’t a sole in this place” he looked around and laughed realizing that you were the last two people there.

“I should be going, but I would like to keep this …going” he didn’t know how to call what was happening between you two and you didn’t ether but you liked it. So you agreed to a next meet up. But it didn’t end in the coffee shop, Jake was so nice to walk you home and minutes later he texted you

 Thank you for spending the day with me. Hope to see you soon. ;)

 and you did.

Goodnight Call

“Hi,” he fumbles with his phone and finally settles down in a spot.

“Hi,” I try to hold back my desire to giggle at just the thought of speaking with him.

“How are you?” he asks and after a few seconds of silence he says, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” I sigh not really wanting to get into it.

“Princess,” he warns and my stomach flips multiple times. 

“I’m okay,” I say knowing the repercussions.

“You know okay isn’t a word you can use baby girl, just tell me what’s going on.”

“I had a bad day,” he replies with an ‘and’ which makes me go on to say, “I just felt really bad. I just wanted to sleep all day.”

“Any bad thoughts?” I don’t reply, “Baby you know you need to tell me when this happens so I can help you.”

“I know,” I reply sadly and I can just feel him tense up on the other side.

He sighs, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t want to bother you because you were busy and I just didn’t want to make you feel down because of me.”

“Sweetheart,” he sighs as I, out of habit, press my thumb to my lips, “First of all, you know that you never bother me. Second, if you tell me then I can make you happy which makes me happy.”

“I’m sorry daddy.”

“Don’t be sorry princess, just tell me whenever you are sad. Daddy is here to make his baby girl happy again,” a smile breaks out on my face, listening to him talk to me like that makes me feel little; I haven’t been able to slip into little space at all today. “Are you in bed now honey?”

“Mhm,” I reply holding my favorite stuffed animal, a fox that daddy gave me for my birthday.

“Do you have Red?”


“Next week daddy is gonna be right next to you, and Red, and can give you goodnight kisses but for right now can you give Red a kiss for daddy?” he instructs me, a smile clearly on his face.

Without hesitation I give my fox a kiss and make sure to give him an extra big hug. “I did.”

“Good girl,” I instantly melt and let a little giggle slip out and I hear him laugh lightly on the other side. “I’ve got to go now baby girl and I can’t wait to see you.”

“Me too daddy.”

“Goodnight my princess, I love you very much.”

“I love you too daddy, night night.” 

“Sleep well my love.”

okay but imagine this. They decide to take Cas’ body back to the bunker, in hopes he will come back and will need his vessel. As they lift him, a sealed envelope slips out of the pocket of his trench coat. 

Dean eyes it, as does Sam.

After they lie Cas down in the back seat of the Impala. Dean goes back to retrieve the envelope and when he picks it up, his eyes widen. His name is written on the front in Cas’ handwriting.

He puts it into his jacket pocket and brushes it off when Sam asks what it is but the whole ride home, he can’t stop thinking about it.

Should I open it?

What did Cas write?

Would be a dick move to read it now that he’s gone?

And for the rest of the night, he stares at that envelope, curious as hell, but also scared out of his mind about what could possibly be on it. What did Cas need to tell him? Maybe it’s just notes about the Nephilim. Maybe it’s just info about Lucifer…

After a few glasses of whiskey, Dean slips his blade across the envelope and peeks inside to see a letter. He carefully pulls it out and opens it up, after swallowing the nervous lump in his throat. His eyes water as he reads the first line.


I know you probably have a million questions as to where I am and why I took off again. While I would love to just tell you that I have a plan, I am really just going along with what I imagine to be the right thing.

Before I get into why I am writing you this letter, I need to apologize for stealing the Colt from you. I also feel terrible for going radio silent for all those weeks when I know you needed to talk to me. I can tell you all those excuses again, but in the end, I know you were hurt so for that, I am deeply sorry.

Now, I will tell you everything.

When the Nephilim powered me up, he showed me the future, or at least a possible one if he were to be born. He showed me a world of peace, bliss. No more monsters, no more evil, although there was still a balance, which we can get into later.

Dean, in this vision, I saw you and Sam. You both were happy. Content. You especially had this glow that I don’t think I have ever seen on you.

And what struck me was that I was there too. I was with you. Dean, we were together. As in… together. We were happy. In love. Unafraid of all the things that have been holding us back all these years.

I am smiling now just thinking of it. I know this must be shocking to you and perhaps a little far-fetched but I know what I saw, and if this is possible, then I will fight for that kind of future. For you. For Sam. For us. 

I apologize if this makes you uncomfortable, but I feel that you need to know. It’s time. You know I love you, and I know you feel the same way. Maybe we just need to do something about it, already.

Anyway, the purpose of this letter was to tell you about this wonderful thing I saw, so if it eases your mind just a little, then I have succeeded. Please trust me. That is all I ask right now.



And Dean re-reads this letter over and over again until he practically memorizes it and when he finally lets it sink in, all he can do is sit back and smile, trying to imagine this future with Cas. 

Yea, I can do this. There must be a way to get him back. 

You’re In Love With Him But He Likes Your Best Friend: Part 3

Part 1

Part 2

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It’s the first thing Y/n wakes up to, Savannah’s outraged voice echoing along the walls of Y/n’s bedroom.

Y/n groans, squinting her eyes open at the sudden movement of her bed shaking wildly.

Savannah’s pulling the stranger out of Y/n’s bed, her merciless hands continuously pushing him out the bedroom door. He’s half awake, his slumberous daze making him scramble as he attempts to throw his clothes back on.

“Fuckin’ Jesus” the unknown man grumbles, his eyes still half closed from the immense amount of alcohol he consumed the previous night.

Savannah remains relentless, despite his attempt to get fully dressed. He even falls at one point, when he hops on one foot to get his leg through his jeans, but she doesn’t stop for a second.

You, get out of here!” she demands, her hand giving him one last shove out the door before she slams it shut.

Y/n groans again, her sensitivity to anything other than complete darkness and silence making her throw the duvets over her head and bury her face in her pillow. She’s well aware that she has to embrace the very few seconds she has of total peace and quiet before Savannah begins to lecture her for the irresponsibility she just walked into.

She’s only able to reunite with darkness for a split second before Savannah pulls the covers completely off of her, bringing her back into the horrifying sunlight.

Y/n falls off the bed, letting out a groan as her still slightly intoxicated body makes contact with the wooden floor. Her hungover state is making it nearly impossible to figure out the chaos unraveling in the room; all she can really understand is the pounding in her head and the burning in her eyes every time she exposes them from their lids.

She rolls over onto her back, huffing as her fingers dig into her eyelids. She coughs, her abrupt movements making her stomach flip with every turn she makes. She’s given no time to recover before Savannah rips her arms away from her face, gripping onto her wrists as she pulls Y/n off of the floor.

“What the fuck is going on here, Y/n?!” Savannah yells, eyes glaring at Y/n’s very, very hungover stance.

Y/n nearly trips over her own two feet as she attempts to balance herself after Savannah harshly pulled her up from her collapsed figure. If she had the capability to answer back, she would have, but she’s still fucked up from last night and can barely stomach the sunlight seeping in from the curtains.

“Is this what you’ve been up to?!” Savannah spits, angry laughter tying into her words, “Is this the kind of shit you’ve been doing while cutting everyone off?! Sleeping with random guys?!”

The last thing Savannah expected to see was Y/n in bed with a half-naked man and empty bottles of alcohol scattered across her bedroom floor. It was extremely rare for Y/n to carelessly consume alcohol and have consistent one night stands. Savannah’s witnessed her go through these phases only a handful of times throughout their friendship, all of which stemmed from Y/n’s toxic intolerance of being alone.

She should have seen this coming, though. After finding out she’s been in a relationship with someone Y/n was in love with, the first thing she should have done was check up on her. But there was so much fear holding her back, so much guilt preventing her from confronting her about it.

She wouldn’t know exactly what to say, or how to say it, without making it sound like she was the shittiest friend in the world. She had a feeling Y/n had feelings for Harry, considering she had mentioned him a plethora of times once she met him.

And Savannah still took it upon herself to date Harry, for her own selfish reasons. She never thought that it was the potential reason Y/n was so distant. That thought was the last one in the back of her head, completely throwing her off guard when she found out.

She’s tried to reach out to her multiple times, only to be deliberately ignored and shut down. After a while, she figured all Y/n wanted was space, so she stopped trying for a couple days.

But nothing stopped Harry. He’d spend hours knocking on her front door, on his knees, begging for her to speak to him. He’d call her when he wasn’t near her, because he had driven himself crazy knowing he never told Y/n what he needed to tell her so urgently.

Y/n knew—she knew just how much effort he was putting into seeing her again. She heard him, every day, through her front door, but she never knew what to do. The constant fear that Harry didn’t feel the same way back was all the convincing she needed to never speak to him again.

There’s only so much her heart could break, and she didn’t know how many more times it could before she finally snapped.

Y/n grips her head as she squints her eyes shut, hissing at the throbbing in her head when Savannah’s voice booms throughout the room. The overwhelming migraine taking over Y/n’s head practically forces her to sit on the edge of her bed, the palm of her hands still digging into her eyes.

“Not cutting anyone off,” Y/n mumbles, grumbling when she opens her eyes properly to look at Savannah, “I’m just adjusting.”

It isn’t a lie. Her intention wasn’t to ignore them, not at all. But as time went on, the more her emotions started becoming fragile; one wrong sight would have made her break.

And as stupid as it sounds, having sex was the only time she felt wanted after Harry and Savannah started dating. Even if it was in a drunken state, even if it was just purely for physical pleasure, the hours spent with random men were the only moments she felt purpose.

It was also her biggest distraction. Having one night stands was her emotional outlet, her way of letting out all of her emotions without actually doing so. It sure as hell was better than being alone—anything was.

Savannah sighs, shaking her head softly as she kneels eye level to her. She’d never seen her like this before, so lost and broken. She would have lectured her further if she wanted to because she had every right to smack some sense into her. But after all this time, after all the pain she could only imagine Y/n going through, could she really do that to her? Could she really blame her for doing this to herself?

“Y/n,” she rubs her legs, “I have been the shittiest, most horrible friend to you. I was so selfish and so inconsiderate, and I don’t blame you for not speaking to me these past couple days. But, Y/n, this—” her hands gesture around the horrendous state of her bedroom, “this isn’t adjusting. Having drunk sex isn’t going to rid your feelings for Harry. You’re suppressing your emotions, you’re running away. That’s what you’re doing.”

Y/n’s lips begin to quiver as her eyes well with tears; the first time she’s truly cried since the night she saw Harry at Lexi’s. Savannah feels somewhat relieved when she sees the tears falling from Y/n’s eyes. It isn’t a familiar sight to see, but it shows her that she’s actually accepting what she’s been hiding all along.

“You have to talk to me. I don’t care if you yell at me, Y/n. I don’t care what you do to me, but you have to talk to me. You have to show me something. I can’t be hearing about your feelings from Harry, that’s not fair for anyone.”

“What was I supposed to say?” Y/n whispers, her words breaking beneath cries she so desperately wishes she could stop.

But there’s no going back now. The alcohol is still running in her system and she’s reacting instinctively. There is nothing holding her back, not now.

“How was I supposed to tell him that I was in love with him when I knew he didn’t feel the same way? And how was I supposed to tell you anything about him when I knew this would end up happening anyways?! And what was I supposed to say to the both of you when you both decided to take it upon yourselves to flirt in front of me?!

By now, Y/n’s blood is starting to boil. The words coming out of her mouth are laced with venom, her sudden shift in mood making Savannah swallow thickly. But everything in her is operating a million miles an hour, her words coming out faster than her brain can register. She doesn’t even remember standing up from the bed while she paces around her bedroom, empty bottles rolling around the wooden floor.

“Because no matter what I would have done, it would have ended the same! The way it always does, Savannah! The way it always ends with you getting what I want, even if I want it more—“


“Even if I need it! You still get it!”

The harshness in her voice is replaced by violent cries, her words drowned in uncontrollable sobs.

The pain is all over. Everything she’s attempted to numb is now all hitting her at once. All the loneliness, all the anger, all the hurt she’s been burying is now reaching the surface. She can barely breathe, all of the emotions suffocating her, squeezing against her throat.

Savannah is quick to embrace her shaken body, shushing her as her hands rub up and down her back.

A part of her always knew she was the reason Y/n’s love life was barely existent. Although Y/n never admitted it, she drops hints at it every so often. She did notice how all of Y/n’s high school crushes ended up liking her instead, and did notice how whenever Y/n tried to date, she would barely mention them to her. It was as if she was hiding them from her, completely intimidated that Savannah would take away her only chance at a relationship.

And Savannah can’t shake the horrible feeling she has when Y/n admits all of it to her.

Y/n buries her face in her shoulder, her tears soaking through her t-shirt. She wishes she could hold a grudge against Savannah, but she doesn’t have the heart to blame her for anything that’s happened. Everything is because of Y/n, everything happening is because of her fear of emotions and every bit of her has no one else to blame.

“I need him.” Y/n sobs into her shoulder, her hands tugging at the ends of her shirt for some sort of release.

“I need him so much. And I hate it—I hate that I do so m—much.”

“Oh, Y/n.” Savannah kisses her temple, holding her higher against her.

She knows how much Y/n needs him, and knows now more than ever. She was her happiest when she first met him, she was almost an entirely different person. But now, after everything that’s happened, Savannah has never seen her more of a wreck than she is in this moment.

“Let’s sit you down, you need to breathe.”

Y/n whimpers as she’s placed back on the bed, Savannah reminding her to breathe every couple of seconds. She looks at Y/n with sadness in her eyes, comforting her whenever she needs it most.  

“He needs you, too, you know.” Savannah sighs, shaking her head as she takes Y/n’s fidgeting hands into hers.

“I never noticed it until you distanced yourself from us. He didn’t open up to me the way he should have, never talked to me the way he had with you. When I asked him about it—asked him why he wasn’t communicating with me properly, he always mentioned you.”

Y/n flutters her eyes shut, pursing her lips with the slight possibility that Harry may actually feel the same way towards her. There was always a part of her that fully believed the only reason he’s tried so hard to reach her was because he felt guilty for hurting her so much.

But knowing that there’s a chance in Harry reciprocating feelings gives Y/n an overwhelming sensation she’s ever experienced before. It’s the first time in a while there’s a particular type of warmth in her chest, and she swears she begins to tear up from the bit of happiness she’s been missing.

“He would tell me that you were the only one he truly felt comfortable around. Even confessed you were the only one he’d ever be able to talk to, even if we were in a relationship. He was going absolutely mental.”

Savannah sweeps the pad of her thumb under Y/n’s eye, catching the few extra tears that are overflowing. She smiles weakly at her in reassurance, raking her knotted hair between her fingers.

“No matter how much he claimed to like me, he loved you. He’ll always love you. And even when he was completely oblivious, I know now that, deep down, he was always yours. He was never really mine, no matter how much we all thought differently.”

Y/n nods slowly, a small smile tugging at her lips when she hears Savannah’s words. It’s the first sense of hope she’s felt in a while, and it almost completely rids the pain. Almost.

“I’m sorry for ruining your relationship, though. I kind of feel like this is all my fault.”

Savannah laughs softly, finding it almost completely unbelievable that Y/n always finds a way to apologize, even when things aren’t her fault.

“Are you serious, Y/n? Nobody, including me, can love that man half as much as you do. I ruined your relationship. You barely had anything to ruin.”

She runs her hands through Y/n’s hair one last time before patting her shoulder, a smirk growing on her face as she stands up from her kneeling position.

“Now, up you go. I believe you have to talk to someone who’s been dying to see you.”

It’s when Y/n is about to walk out of her door, freshly showered with a new change of clothes, ready to face Harry when she realizes she never said it.

She never fully told Harry she loves him, not when he was conscious, at least. She had felt it for so long, it has taken over her for so long, yet she never told him how she felt. It almost makes her wonder if it’s the reason why he’s been trying so hard for her.

He needs to hear her say it.

“It’s not hard.” She mumbles to herself as she unlocks her front door.

“Not hard, I just have to fucking sa—”

“Y/n!” Harry breathes out, springing from his position on the ground up to his feet.

He twitches when he instinctively brings his hand up to reach for her, but he holds himself back. He isn’t quite sure how far he’ll allow her to go, but if it were up to him, every part of her would be against him. Every single part.

She sucks in a breath, not expecting to see him waiting on her doorstep, and certainly not expecting him to seem so relieved to see her.

“H—Harry,” she whispers hesitantly, “what are you—“

“I’m sorry!” He stutters, interrupting her before she has a chance to finish asking her question.

“I know how inappropriate it is of me to just sit on your doorstep so unexpectedly but I knew Savannah was coming and I thought that maybe this would be the only time I’d get to see you and I was going to come in but some guy came running out of here and I didn’t want to get in between your time with Savannah so I just figured I’d wait until you came back out but I wasn’t sure if you ever would so I just figured I'd—“

He stops rambling when he feels Y/n’s hand on his cheek, her eyes looking at him with so much tenderness he swears his heart melts.

“Catch your breath, Harry.” She mumbles, rubbing her thumb along his cheek, “Just take a breath.”

He inhales sharply as he closes his eyes, turning his head so that her hand is against his lips. He kisses her palm softly before she moves it to play with his unbrushed hair.

His eyes flutter shut at her touch, his body almost completely melting into her. He feels his weakest now more than ever, and he’s never been more relieved to be this close to her again.

“Who was he, Y/n?” he whispers.

“The guy, who ran out of here, who was he?“

As much of a coward as it makes him, the thought of her in bed with someone else physically and mentally pains him more so than he’s ever expected. His head swims with thoughts of her naked, trembling, crying as she devotes her love to some other man, and the more he thinks about it, the more sick his stomach feels.

“Have I been trying for nothing? Have I been wasting my time?”

How could you ever doubt my love for you? is the first thought that comes to her. How could you ever question how much I love you?

Instead of saying the words right at the tip of her tongue, her eyes crease inward, slightly shaking her head as she scrapes her fingertips delicately against his scalp.

“I don’t know, Harry.” she whispers honestly, “I don’t know who he is.”

He nods softly, but nothing in her answer reassures him. He knows there is no other explanation for a guy to run out of her house at nine in the morning without a shirt on.

“May I come in? Wanna talk.” He asks tentatively.

“Of course you can.”

Silence falls between them as they both claim spots on opposite sides of the room. 

There’s a tension in the room they both can’t seem to shake, an unaddressed barrier between them making it nearly impossible to find an appropriate way to start a conversation.

Harry’s the first one to break the silence, however, after a few minutes past of each of them refusing to make any eye contact with each other. 

“Were you ever going to tell me?”

The question caught Y/n’s attention quickly, her head that was once resting in the palm of her hand now up on its own, a small “hm?” parting past her lips.

She’s acting dumb even though she knows exactly what he’s talking about. She just isn’t prepared to answer him, not in the way he wants her to.

“That you’re in love with me. Were you ever going to tell me?”

She shrugs, her teeth biting her bottom lip as she tears her gaze away from his. She isn’t used to confrontation, especially when it involves her emotions. It’s one of her weaknesses, but there’s absolutely no way around this one. Even if there was, she wouldn’t have the audacity to take it. He deserves to know—everything this time.

“I told you before.”

Harry’s jaw clenches, eyes narrowing as he looks at her from across the room. No, he may have been oblivious about her feelings in the beginning, but he sure as hell would never have forgotten it if she told him how she felt.

“Bullshit!” He scoffs. “You didn’t tell me shit! We wouldn’t be here right now if you had told me!”

She sighs, her cheek laying right back down in the palm of her hand, almost as if shying away from him.

“Well, it’s just—you were sleeping.”

Harry stands from his place on the couch, face scrunching in aggravation as his hands rub up and down his face.

“You’re kidding me, right? You have to be fucking kidding me right now!”

His fingers harshly grip the roots of his hair before stomping is way towards her. If he doesn’t get any answers out of her, he swears he’ll lose his goddamn mind.

His hands grip the sides of her face, squeezing her jaw between his hands as he looks at her bewildered.

“I need answers, Y/n. I don’t think you understand how many fucking answers I need right now.”

He speaks through clenched teeth and a tightened jaw, frustration boiling in his blood as she gives him the outright most ambiguous and outrageous answers he’s ever heard in his life.

Y/n places her hands on top of his, her fingernails digging gently into his skin. Despite the harshness of his stare, this is the first time she’s seen him in weeks, and she still finds him to be the most beautiful sight she’s ever seen.

“It was the night after I drove you back from Lexi’s, when you and Savannah were kind of going through that rough patch.”

He falls to his knees in between her legs, an almost unnoticeable smile tugging at his lips from the memories of that night. Because although Savannah had left him by himself, he had a night with Y/n that changed him forever.

"You fell asleep on me, after you told me you were still going to fight for her. That was probably one of the worst things you could have said to me, but you didn’t know, and I was angry at myself for not telling you sooner. I didn’t know how else to tell you unless you were—you were sleeping.”

His hand reaches up to her lips, his thumb tracing along the outlines of her mouth once she’s done speaking. No matter how much she confuses him, and no matter how fucking angry she makes him, he wouldn’t want to be staring at anybody else right now.

“I loved you then, too” he whispers, “I didn’t know it. I didn’t know anything until you left me. I knew you meant everything to me, I knew you were the only one I trusted so deeply. But the second I lost you, I felt empty.”

He presses his forehead against her collar bones, her heart beating quickly against his neck. She sighs, her fingers intertwining with his against her lap as her hips slide more towards the edge, her knees supporting the sides of his chest.

“Didn’t matter that I had Savannah. She was lovely, don’t get me wrong, but she wasn’t you. I tried so hard to make myself believe I was just missing you as a friend, but there was nothing that convinced me.”

His tearful eyes looked into hers, both chuckling slightly at their current state. They’re both crying, both their hearts racing in their chests. If someone were to tell them now that there’s a feeling even remotely close to how beautiful they feel now, together, they wouldn’t have believed it for a second.

Y/n wipes away the loose tears on his cheeks while she sniffles, giggling softly at how stupid they probably look.

“I’ve always loved you, Harry,” she whispers, “there’ll never be a time that I stop. No matter how hard I try, my love for you is stronger.”

It’s when the words fall from her lips that Harry realizes all he needed was for her to hear her say it. Her voice is so sweet as she says it, too, and her eyes leave no trace out doubt when she looks into him.

He tries to hold back the irresistible urge to kiss her, but it’s completely impossible. His lips press feverishly against hers, both of them releasing moans at just how right it feels to be kissing one another. Their kiss isn’t the slightest bit romantic. It’s harsh, it’s desperate, it’s messy but it’s just what they need.

Harry crawls on top of her, his hands on every part of her they can touch. He groans when he feels her nails scratch down his back, leaving her giggling underneath him.

“Mine.” He growls, his thumb putting pressure right underneath her chin.

He admires her face, the glorious look of her swollen lips, wet eyes, and pink cheeks. It’s the most beautiful sight he’s ever seen. A soft whimper leaves her lips, craving nothing more than to feel his lips against hers again.

“These lips are mine. All of you—all of you is mine. No other fucking wanker gets you the way I do.”

She smirks, her eyes half-lidded.

“‘m not allowed to sleep with random guys but you’re allowed to fuck my best friend?”

He presses his lips against her again, his hands brushing loose strands of hair away from her face as he does so.

“Never fucked her,” He mumbles against her lips, “couldn’t get you off my mind.”

Y/n rolls over so that she’s on top of Harry, her legs on either side of his waist as her hands roam his chest through his t-shirt. He looks priceless like this, weak and breathless underneath her as her hands grip the sides of his face.

“The prettiest man I’ve ever seen.”

He blushes, his bottom lip in between his teeth as he sends her the biggest grin she’s ever seen on him. His eyes are full of love, too, and Y/n swears every breath she had the chance to take has been knocked right out of her.

“Nobody makes me feel the way you do, Y/n. Nobody.

Poppin' Champagne

Summary: Your fiancé Dayton White won the CocaCola600 and the two of you return home to celebrate with a little champagne. 


A/N: First time I’ve written anything since March so I apologize if it sucks. I feel like its complete shit but I promised this out.  I’m also whipped by Dayton already and we don’t know a thing about him yet. 

Warnings: Language, unprotected sex, drinking, and that’s all I can think of.

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Lucifer x reader

“You don’t care about me?” She looked up at Lucifer, pulling the sheet tighter around her bare chest.

“I don’t.” He mumbled back, squinting in the sunlight.

She shrugged her shoulders and moved off his chest to sleep on the other side of the bed. He stared at her incredulously, insulted and surprised at how easily she could get over him.


She let out a sigh, sinking down on the fluffy couch they had just carried in. Lucifer absentmindedly started pulling things from their boxes.

“You sure you don’t care about me?”

He nodded, setting a book on the fireplace mantle. “I’m certain.”

She smiled. Their new apartment was already starting to look like home.


“So you don’t love me.” She raised an eyebrow, dipping a finger into the whipped cream on the top of her milkshake.

Lucifer grinned slightly, looking around the small diner. “Absolutely not.” He reached out, gently dabbing cream on to her nose.

She returned the favour with twice as much, wiping her face with a napkin. “Just making sure.”


“You have to love me by now.” She whispered, playing with the golden band on her ring finger.

Lucifer took her hand into his own, bringing it up to his lips for a soft kiss. “I’m afraid you’re mistaken.”

She laughed and leaned in, pressing her lips against his for a moment. “That’s okay, I’ll wait.”


Lucifer sat down quietly, looking around the almost empty apartment. He held the small golden ring against his chest. It was so quiet. He ran a finger across a rip in the leather couch, frowning. The silence was deafening, he wished she was here to laugh or sing. He would have to make his own noise from now on.

“I adore you..”