mv:never give up

Never give up, guys.
  • <p> <b>Red Queen Fandom:</b> Betrayed but our fire won't burn out.<p/><b>PJO/HOO/TOA Fandom:</b> Been through a lot but still fighting and living.<p/><b>Harry Potter Fandom:</b> Always in mourning but never giving into the darkness.<p/><b>ASOIAF/GoT Fandom:</b> Knocked down again and again but always getting up again.<p/><b>Supernatural Fandom:</b> Damaged but never broken, we will carry on.<p/><b>Sherlock Fandom:</b> Lonely but always striving to survive.<p/><b>Doctor Who Fandom:</b> Faced many obstacles but will go on.<p/><b>Hunger Games:</b> We may be defeated now but our spark doesn't go out so easily.<p/><b>Shadowhunter Fandom:</b> Darkness touches down but never wins. Not against us.<p/><b></b> Never give up the fight guys, take a lesson from those who we read about. Always keep up the fight no matter what.<p/></p>