Georgina’s senses are too scrambled by alcohol, her emotions fizzing too close to the surface for her to be able to think of a lie. Anyway, she’s glad that it’s Nell who knows, because Nell entrusted her with a huge secret earlier in the year, a secret concerning an older boy called Tyler Hugenschmidt (who abruptly and mysteriously left the district soon after) an old Polaroid camera of her mother’s, and a bottle of gin (also belonging to her mother). Georgina has told nobody about Nell’s secret, not even Kelly or Laura, but she will not hesitate to tell the entire world if Nell blabs about her liking Joël! And Georgina will tell the school principal too, as well as her parents, and the police, and, and-

Nell: Alright, okay! Jesus, Georgie. There’s no need to be such a bitch. I won’t tell anyone.

Nell’s eyes, so brimming with mischievous delight a few moments ago, are now clouded with hurt.

Georgina: I’m sorry, I’m sorry. But you can’t tell anybody that I love Joël. Do you understand? If Roy finds out…oh my God. My life will not be worth living.  And probably neither will Joël’s…please, Nell! You can’t!
Nell: Love? You love him?

Georgina nods, solemnly. Now Nell’s eyes are shining again, her voice hushed with awe.

Nell: Oh my God! This is like so, romantic! It’s just like that Taylor Swift song!
Georgina: I know, right?
Nell: Listen, Georgie. Don’t worry about messaging him. I’ll go and tell him that you’re out here waiting for him. I’ll get him alone first, make sure nobody else is around. I’ll be really, really…what’s that word? Discreet. I’ll be really discreet. 

Georgina is about to protest, panic flaring briefly in her chest, but then she surrenders to fate and the alcohol still bubbling happily through her veins. She feels her eyes growing wet with gratitude.

Georgina: Thank you, Nell. You’re a true friend. I love you forever. Seriously.
Nell: You know you can trust me, Georgie. Just like I can trust you about the polaroids. I’ll never say anything to anyone about Joël. I promise.
Georgina: Pinkie promise?
Nell: Pinkie promise.



After they finish their drinks Nell and Laura and Kelly toss their empty bottles into the hay and drift back towards the party: Nell spins around in the doorway, as if she’s just realised that they have left Georgina behind. Georgina smiles a warm soggy smile, closing her eyes and moving her head in time to the music cascading in shiny ribbons across the star-studded sky, Got me hoping you’ll page me right now, your kiss got me hoping you’ll save me right now…

Nell: Hey, Goddard. Coming with?
Georgina: Nah. I feel a bit woozy. Think I’ll just hang out here for a while.

Nell hesitates. Georgie can hear Laura and Kelly yelling at her to hurry up.

Georgina: Go! I’m fine. GO!
Nell: Okay, alright.

As soon as she has gone Georgina pulls out her phone. A few months ago she and Roy went to the pizza parlour in town, and Roy told her to ring Joël and put on a sexy voice and pretend to be his secret admirer and tell him to meet her there him for pizza. Roy had thought it would be hilarious if Joël came all the way into town only to find out that his secret admirer was Georgina, ha ha ha! It had fallen flat anyway because Joël hadn’t even picked up…but Georgina had saved his number to her phone, just in case.

Just in case she really was his secret admirer, but was too stupid to know it at the time.

She is so engrossed in trying to compose a text that strikes just the right balance between playful and seductive that she fails to realise that she isn’t alone. An ear-bleeding shriek almost makes her drop her phone in the hay.

Nell: AHA!!! I knew it!! I know what you’re doing! You’re drunk-dialling Dylan!! Oh no you don’t!
Nell: Joël? Why are you messaging Joël?
Nell: Oh my God….

blue night radio ♡ 170318
translation: jasminelep / sonexstella

taeyeon said that there was something she wanted to brag about regarding her album: kim jong wan giving her “time lapse”. jonghyun said he could tell from the first verse that he had done the song due to the time. taeyeon said that she’s a huge fan of both him and nell so it was a huge honor for him to give a song to her. she was so nervous when she recorded it though that she had to take anti-anxiety meds.


넬(NELL)_부서진(Broken) Official Music Video