I was worried about this Infinite comeback because they were going against other popular groups, but at the same time I held my breath everytime they stood against those groups. This comeback was a chance to prove how big Infinite has become and how much better they’ve gotten, not only to the KPOP a industry, but to the members themselves. I’m really proud to be a fan of them!

[150803] Hoya’s conversation with a fan on twitter :)

On twitter, there is this person who tweeted Hoya this (roughly translated):

Hi! I am a 19 year old male student from Chuncheon. I am sending you this because I want to say thank you. During junior high school, I received a lot of deep wounds (emotionally) because of my friends, and I had a depression every day because of that. It was difficult for me to the extent that I was scared of people. By thinking that I want to help people like me as a teacher, I studied. But in February, the feeling of helplessness came to me again. In that time, for the first time, by accident, I watched INFINITE H’s Pretty performance. I only thought, “how cool!”.  Then I thought of how proud they are to be able to perform on stage like that on front of many people. And I envy that sense of pride. Since then, I have fallen into this celebrity called Hoya. And I listen to Pretty everytime. Of course, the lyrics is sung to the people that you love. But, at that time, I was under depression and to a person like me who needs love, it just seemed to be a song for me. You are really a pretty person, you are really a beautiful person, the lyrics say that. Its a song like that. To gain that sense of pride, I gained a lot of self-confidence. Since then, everytime I felt depression and difficulties when I face people, I gained myself some confidence by listening to Pretty and some other songs. I have gained my sense of confidence little by little. All thanks to Hoya. 

Hoya replied:

고마워요^-^ 힘내세요 !

[TRANS] Thank you  ^-^ Please gain strength !