INFINITE 2015 Comeback Teaser “7 in 1”

어제도 오늘도 내일도 #인피니트 와 #함께 하는 #인스피릿 !! 이틀 동안 즐거운 시간 함께 보내서 너무나 행복했습니다! 앞으로도 잘 부탁드려요!!! 사랑합니다❤️


INFINITE 2015 Comeback Teaser “7 in 1”


150228 INFINITE Rally 2 - Dilemma Korean ver. (MS focus)
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150228 Infinite Rally Fanmeeting - Sungjong’s ending ment
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Sungjong: Firstly, I have this thought while looking at all of the fans who came here, it’s that I should work harder. That what should we do to be able to receive this passionate love? Because I have that feeling, so from now on I think I will have to (receive) more lessons and love all the fans more.

Dongwoo: (You will love the fans) until forever?

Sungjong: Yes, forever.

Hoya: Sungjong-ssi, how much is the lesson’s tuitor fee?

Sungjong: It has two “0” (T/N: I’m not sure what he means here, it’s either ‘∞’ infinite, that he has to keep always learning so he has to pay the fee for forever or he actually means about the amount of money he has paid ._.)

Sunggyu: 100 won?

Sungjong: No, it’s not 100 won, it would be great if it were 100 won but…

Hoya: It’s 500 won (T/N: lmao that’s in an old popular KBS Gag concert segment “Flower beggar”)

Woohyun: Please keep quiet!

Sungjong: You guys please let me talk…

Fans: I love you.

Sungjong: I love you too. Also because we will show you (the good things) as much as what you guys have given to us, so just like what I have said I hope we can be together forever. Just like we always protect you guys, please always protect us. Everybody, when you guys get home tonight, please dream about me. 

Translation by qhuong