happy 23rd birthday, sungjong! 

i can’t believe that another year has passed and we still didn’t get the studio version of good morning lol jokes aside so many things have happened this past year. sungjong was an mc on super idol chart show for 6 months, infinite f debuted, he was on real men and of course infinite made a comeback too and just started their second world tour. but all i want for sungjong to keep his smile (which recently seems brighter again which makes me happy) and hopefully he will get more modeling gigs in the future :3

Idols who almost debuted in another group

If I’ve missed or am incorrect with any idols, tell me and I’ll change the list. :D

  • Hyunseung of BEAST - Big Bang
  • Doojoon of BEAST - 2AM
  • Jaehyo of Block B - BEAST
  • B-Bomb of Block B - Infinite
  • Minki of N-Sonic - B1A4
  • Woobin of A-Prince - B.A.P
  • Himchan of B.A.P - CNBLUE
  • Youngjae of B.A.P - Got7
  • TK of C-Clown - BtoB
  • Mino of Winner - Block B
  • Nakta of Topp Dogg - VIXX
  • Kidoh of Topp Dogg - BTS
  • Iron (underground rapper) - BTS
  • Yuhwan of SPEED - BIGSTAR
  • Timoteo of Hotshot - VIXX
  • Hongseok of YGN Boys - IKON
  • Sungjoo of UNIQ - Winner
  • Punch of 1Punch - Seventeen
  • Soyu of Sistar - 4Minute
  • Bohyung of Spica - 2NE1
  • Jiwon of Spica - T-ara
  • Jaekyung of Rainbow - Kara
  • Soyeon of T-ara - SNSD