Hello. I just wanted to say a big HELLO to my new followers and a even bigger THANK YOU to those who liked, reblogged and commented on my art. It’s been a good two years since I was last online and in fandom, and a good two years since I’ve started to draw properly (3 pieces in two years is so rubbish, seriously I’m so rusty I squeak. I honestly forgot how to draw fort a while there, I’m so slow it’s all so frustrating.) So to come back and see such lovely things left on my art warms my heart. Even more so that I’ve been away from the net for the past week because of illness and losing my net (thank goodness for libraries and their free Wifi !!). SO THANK YOU <3

Anyhoo, this site is only for my art so better get doodling something or it’ll be more naked than it is.

I do have a Stargate Atlantis piece coming, sort of finished already but I have such anxiety it takes me ages to pluck up the courage to post. Then I’ll be working on some more Kylux, well I hope as I’ve so many ideas I don’t even know where to start. Maybe Emperor Hux and his Knight. Or maybe some scenes from Hollycombs amazing fic Ceasefire, one good part of being poorly was I was able to finish it (it’s a beast and a amazing one) Holly I’d like my heart back please. I tried to start something today from the story but may scrap it as went a bit too realistic (see pic) and shite I told myself I wouldn’t do that.