daganator123  asked:

Would you ever consider drawing one of the other BTD boys? I'm interested to see what they would look like in your style! (Don't if you're too busy or don't want to,, just curious!)

since im like super biased and cant draw … strade and his greasy hair. . bc iam uncapable of drawing bishounens at the moment lolol have an akira hes a precious i love him..

Honestly the fandom for btd 1 and 2 is really chill and cool. Like, we all like this horror experience with blood and guts but everyone I’ve seen is just super nice! Sharing tips on how to get endings others are having difficulties with (through our combined powers of observation we could survive any serial murderer. Probably). Sharing funny experiences and moments. Sharing rad as fuck art both of characters and self-insert (and there is like no shame in it, no one is a dick about it, which I’ve seen in other fandoms). No bullshit drama. It’s just… really awesome. So uh… Thank you @gurobob, @electricpuke and @darqx. Not only are these games something I deeply enjoy but the people behind it and around it are incredible.