i’m out of my head of my heart and my mind
‘cause you can run but you can’t hide, i’m gonna make you mine.

tbh this picture wasn’t even supposed to happen and it took me sooo damn long to finish 
so i suck at backgrounds and its supposed to be an alley with streetlights 

Strade belongs to @gatobob
Vincent belongs to @electricpuke 

Honestly the fandom for btd 1 and 2 is really chill and cool. Like, we all like this horror experience with blood and guts but everyone I’ve seen is just super nice! Sharing tips on how to get endings others are having difficulties with (through our combined powers of observation we could survive any serial murderer. Probably). Sharing funny experiences and moments. Sharing rad as fuck art both of characters and self-insert (and there is like no shame in it, no one is a dick about it, which I’ve seen in other fandoms). No bullshit drama. It’s just… really awesome. So uh… Thank you @gurobob, @electricpuke and @darqx. Not only are these games something I deeply enjoy but the people behind it and around it are incredible. 

Lawrence Things

I’m 200% positive he died and was resuscitated/had a near-death experience. 

He’s low key super witchy. Homemade “remedies”, lots of plants, little rock collections. I love it. 

Probably owns a copy of The Secret Garden. 

Talks to his plants and plays soft music for them on occasion. 

The perfect tenant/neighbor, you almost never hear a peep out of him.  

The dankest kush.

Doesn’t trust himself to own pets so he settles for Vincent. 

Has a preference for wide open spaces. 

Likes baths and adds herbs to them to help when he’s sore (murdering and hauling corpses ain’t easy on the back). 

Probably reads/writes poetry. 

Very grumpy when woken up. 

Needs tea right when he wakes up and goes to sleep. 

I can see him playing an instrument, like a string instrument probably.

Drinks Fiji water.