mv:all right

He focused on the rattle of the transport. Gabriel’s eyes were glued on the scenery that sped past them as the carrier took them to the nearest support point. It was fast, but not fast enough.

Jesse was lying in his lap, drifting in and out of consciousness. He’d rouse every now and then, murmuring indistinct complaints and shifting painfully. Gabriel’s arm was wedged under the stump where Jesse’s arm used to be, carefully keeping it elevated.

Jesse needed help. He needed help faster than Gabriel was able to give to him.



Remember the feeling when you’re a kid that everything’s going to be all right?

When you fall and scrape your elbow or knees, and someone is there to patch you up.

When it rains on field trip day—hard—but you all go anyway, and suddenly, it’s a bigger adventure worth doing more.

Being at the hospital with someone ill or hurt, unsure of what this means, and someone else taking you for a snack before you can think it’s your job to figure it out.

Breaking or losing a favorite toy and a friend sharing theirs.

Doing bad on a test at school, but then later in the day, the teacher saying something easy and unrelated: “I like your shoes.”

Telling someone you’re sad and them listening.

Getting smiles from strangers because you’re you.

Remember that feeling? And that it matters?

What happened?

What happens to feelings when they die? Where does the energy go?

You can put headphones on, you can listen to my voice, but you can never fully escape that world. You are always half there, no matter where the rest of you is. But in those sounds, in that inescapable world, there is every joy you will ever experience, every beautiful person you will ever meet, every wonderful surprise that will ever wonderfully startle you. It is the good and the bad. It is the sound of the world.
—  Welcome to Night Vale, All Right, Cecil
WTNV - Ep 94 - All Right


3. Cecil tells the listener to put what appendage is their ear?

4. Which emoji do the City Council send frequently?

9. The sponsor does not make this item (2 words)

11. As he closed the broadcast Cecil reminded his listeners that they are what? (2 words)

13. What does Cecil say his listeners come to him for?

16. During the traffic report Cecil said that Route 99 is, “closed in both directions until everyone feels ___ prepared to drive again.”

17. The pitch of high sounds first touch your what?

19. What noise does your aura make?

20. Which level of government accidentally unleashed a beast in Night Vale?


1. This leaflet handed out by the government had the title,  “What To Do When You are ___.”

2. Cecil announced that the city acquired a local headphone ___ as a municipal asset.

5. What did the City Council just get? (2 words)

6. “Your words are ___, and like ___, they can be useful and constructive, but with one careless slip they can seriously hurt someone.”

7. Today’s Children’s Fun Fact Science Corner is exploring the mysteries of what?

8. Who was the victim of the creature? (2 words)

10. All citizens must wear headphones per this issued by the Sheriff’s Secret Police last week.

12. Cecil urged listeners to listen for unnatural sounds including this type of scream for help sent by a stranger.

14. Cecil reported that, “Blood smeared on the wall like an ancient ___ that can express only suffering and terror.”

15. Today’s sponsor

18. The water utility insisted that the sound residents in Old Town Night Vale were hearing was just work to defend against what creatures who live in the sewers?


Future - All Right (Chopped & Screwed)

I know my role. You come to me for escape, loyal listeners. To forget about the world, or, not to forget about it, but to hear its dangers organised. Put into a narrative framework, turned into a story that can safely end. But no matter how deeply you enter into the stories I am telling you, you can never fully escape. The world is around you. You can hear it with one of your ears right now. Listen closely. What you are hearing is not the sound of a monster, there are no spirits in that sound. No lurking or lurkers. No stalking or stalkers. Nothing hunting you. All you are hearing is the sound of the world you live in. And you can put headphones on, you can listen to my voice, but you can never fully escape that world. You are always half-there. No matter where the rest of you is. But in those sounds, in that inescapable world, there is every joy you will ever experience. Every beautiful person you will ever meet. Every wonderful surprise that will ever wonderfully startle you. It is the good and the bad. It is the sound of the world. A world that will kill you. But also a world that will allow you to live. And as you exist in this world, half-hearing my half-voice, remember: you’re alright. You are alright.
—  Welcome to Night Vale, Episode 94, All Right
Backstreet’s Back ALL RIGHT

Now that you now have that stuck in your head - I’M BAAAAACK. I’M FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY BACK. OMG.

A million and one thanks to @nicayal for sending me a charger for my tablet out of the kindness of his wonderful heart <3333333 I can actually access the internet again, WHICH IS ACTUALLY NOW WORKING FROM MY HOUSE, SINCE YESTERDAY. AHHHHH! We moved back in the Thursday before last, once the electricity was turned back on, two weeks after the flood (sounds like an epic post-apocalypse story title, huh? Two Weeks After The Flood).

Thanks to some amazingly generous donations from the townspeople, my sister and I are on our way to being back on our feet. I tried setting up an Amazon wishlist for donations of goods, but unfortunately it really is only good for Kindle products and nothing else. Thank you, so much, Australia Amazon. I also can’t for the life of me figure out how to do a PayPal donate button, because the AU site fucks you over for that, too. Good old Australia. Oh, well. As it is, we’re not doing too badly right now. We have a TV, we have beds, we have… footrests as chairs, we have a washer and a fridge - we’re doing okay. A mechanic is coming on Wednesday to look at my car, after a couple of well-intentioned but ultimately useless neighbours offered to try and fix it for me (and then never came back). I hope I can drive it again - I miss driving, I dreamed about it last night. Plus, walking or getting a taxi everywhere is either a pain in the ass, or a pain in my bank account. Pain rules over all.

I also have a magnificently old little laptop that I got online for $150 (it runs on Windows XP! I love it!) so I can start writing again at some point - although, not gonna lie, I don’t really know what I’m doing now that all my notes and whatnot are gone. Everything I had planned for every story I’ve ever started was on stuff that got ruined in the flood. I had faithfully backed it all up, over multiple drives, and they all died, sooo… yeah. Bit disheartened, bit at sea in terms of having any clue what my thought processes were for anything. Le sigh.

But, I’m online, I’m home, I can charge my tablet again (AJ YOU ARE A GOD), and there shouldn’t be any floods ANY TIME GODDAMN SOON, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

And now, have a photo of my dog, who we discovered in all his shame after trying to eat out of the bin.