mv: vista


I don’t know if anyone’s done this yet, but I went ahead and made little headers/dividers/whatever for those cute moon vistas.

The top is 400 px wide (clan profile page size) and the bottom is 525px (forum post size).

If there’s interest I may make modified versions that work better for divider purposes, but for now, here you go.

As always, feel free to chop these up and modify them as needed.  If you want other sizes or want some simple modifications done and aren’t good with editing, feel free to ask me.  No credit necessary, just send people this way if you get asked.

A: “It’s like the frickin windows vista background.”
B: “Oh yeah like the over saturated picture with the hills and the clouds…So serene…So perfect.”
A: “The promised land.”
B: “The Windows Vista Promised Land.”

Submitted by: @hemetastic