mv: very good

Ya know, guys.

I think about this picture of Mike a lot. And you should too.

Sip on it for a while.

Make me watch you get ready.

Watching your domme slowly put on her harness and get out her strap-on that she is going to fuck you with, while tied down is one of the most sensual, arousing and sexy experiences you could ever hope to have. From the point she slowly slides off her panties, to as she straps in, and finally as she rubs lube all over the big toy she’s about to slide into you.

So I read about the flower au @lawinbrothers wrote about Leo and I just, ahhhhh
I knew I needed to draw something, more so when I remembered the Higanbana flower. The flower of the other shore, the afterlife. It felt so incredibly fitting and the flower is beautiful as well!

I imagine Leo wouldn’t be familiar with the flower, but Takumi would recognize it and pale at the sight. He knows the meaning.