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OH                     MY                                      GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t beleave it !!! You guys are so amazing !!! we are more than 1000 here !!

This is soooooooooo hudge for me !! I can not tell you how happy i am right know ! and it’s aaaaall because of you ! It makes me want  to draw even more  so THANK YOU !!!! 

For this special occasion i decide to open a little shop on RDBUBBLE . For now there are only 3 choices but i will add more soon !  But if you  would like a specific one ( already on my tumblr ) just ask for it !

You can find my shop here

I hope you will like them :)

Also , during this summer i will open my first commission , soooo get ready :)

And again THANK YOU SO MUCH  !!! 

ps : sorry about my messy english <3

Hey so like I know nobody actually acknowledges my existence on here,..but like if there are any of you that are really creative and think if really cool conceptual ideas but just don’t have the artistic ability to make it how you want.,,you should let me in on those ideas.,.,bc I need to make art or I’m going to literally just die

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Hey Fatima I just saw ur post about wasp spray and it's a weapon and a felony so I wouldn't advise u or ur followers to use its illegal

O shet.. I hate this site HSKDNFMG

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Yuuri and Victor got too drunk in Sochi and decided they really hit it off, so they got married. Right there. Victor cries because his new son vicchan passed away before he even met him...

Victor Nikiforov tries to make it a point in life to not have any regrets.

So marrying Katsuki Yuuri is definitely not going to be one, if he can help it.

“Victor,” the man giggles now, poking his cheek. “Your turn.”

He’s so, so beautiful. A drizzle of champagne drying on his chin, that god-awful tie wrapped around his hair. His shirt wrinkled, half of its buttons gone. His trousers, entirely disappeared.

(Victor likes that. He likes that he’s marrying a man who’s not wearing any pants. He’s so trendy. Always doing things no one’s done before, surely. He can’t wait to tell Yakov, already eagerly anticipating the strangled sigh-groan-combination that’s become sweet music to Victor’s ears.)

“Your vows, Vic-Victor,” Yuuri prompts him, his laughing mouth relaxing into a small smile on his perfect, perfect face.

Victor blinks. “Right.”

He glances at the minister, who is smiling very politely at them. He’s a bit red-faced from having a wad of rubles thrown at him to “marry us right now, пожалуйста, right now, right here, onegai.“ The man had pointed them towards some preliminary paperwork, asking them several times, “Listen, you have to sign here but are you absolutely sure—”

The looks that they gave him shut him up right away.

“I’m marrying this man,” Yuuri had announced. “So hard. I’m marrying him so, so hard, and then afterwards…” He hiccupped. “Afterwards, I get to take him back to the hotel and-and…”

Yuuri went on to describe in full detail—or in as full a detail as a man pumped full of two bottles of champagne can go—several lovely, intimate, exhaustive courses of action that he also swore he would do so hard. It was perfect (everything he does is so perfect), the minister said he appreciated it, and Victor found himself nodding along tearfully and crashing hard, the impact greater than any fall he ever made on the ice but softer than the thousand-thread-count Egyptian cotton comforter he falls into every night that he’s back home in St. Petersburg.

Which reminds him.

“St. Petersburg, Yuuri,” he says excitedly, grabbing both of his hands and pulling him close. “Can’t wait to take you home, show you around, you’ll get to see Makkachin and—you have a dog, right? You’ll bring your dog, and we’ll…”

Yuuri’s eyes fill with tears. “Vicchan is dead.”

“Vicchan? Oh, that’s so cute, that’s like my name, maybe we can  make Makkachin’s middle name Yura, then, except—” Victor stops. “Did you say dead?”

Yuuri nods, clutching fistfuls of Victor’s shirt, tears streaming steadily down his face now. “He… there was…”

Perhaps the only regret he’ll have of tonight, then, is learning the news that he’ll never get to see his son and namesake, but he includes in his vows several animals that they’ll raise together, along with the names of four children that he’d decided on since thirty-eight minutes ago. Yuuri sloppily wipes his face with his wrist, pushing his glasses up adorably before adjusting them back on his perfect, perfect nose and saying with a cracked voice and a perfect, perfect smile—

“I do.”

hi its pride month and I know y’all are suddenly gonna become batwoman fans in your “top lgbtq superheroes” lists but please dont celebrate just her sexuality please also acknowledge that she’s jewish because we don’t get a lot of jewish queer rep let alone lesbian jewish rep and that’s really, really important and I don’t want people forgetting kate is jewish thank you

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phil is the radiant, constant moon, and dan is the moving, everlasting sea. phil draws dan towards him like the moon pulling the tide, and dan is calm in phil’s presence like the bright full moon shining above the horizon of the ocean.

dan is mysterious, deep and soft for the moon. phil is glowing, lighting up the sea. they are complements and not opposites.

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4, 14 and 16 for ereri please

for the otp tag!

4. Who is incredible in bed and completely knocks the other off their feet the first time they have sex?

UM……… UM. let’s be honest with ourselves here eren would SAY it’s levi because eren loves to boast about his little heichou and is way too tmi about telling everyone everything but in reality levi’s world was completely transformed the second he gave eren permission to touch him it was. insane and he has never been the same since and never wants to go back to life before banging eren jaeger

14. Who has an adorable sneeze and who sneezes so aggressively they pull a muscle?

i somehow feel like levi is the one with the soft little ‘chu’ and eren’s the ‘hu-CHNUBHUHUH’ like he just. doesnt even bother to suppress his sneezes even a little and makes levi jump out of his skin every time 

16. Who smells the hell out of the other’s shirts when they’re away but pretends that they don’t?

honestly block me if you don’t think this would be levi

(i’m joking ofc please dont go i love you)


please help!

hey tumblr,

i’m a yung black queer nonbinary bb who really needs help! i’m currently unemployed after doing a v emotionally taxing and basically unpaid artist residency that left me bouncing from couch to couch in a new city, dealing with rat infestations, & being misgendered by other folks in that house particularly. i have no savings and am returning to my room in the pnw with $50 in my bank account! i’m currently looking for jobs, applying for food stamps, and in the process of a patreon but could use ANY help in the meantime to afford bus tickets or lyfts (i live in portland or so ride sharing when it seems unsafe to be on public transit with white nationalists), toiletries, or copays (i haven’t been able to afford to see any type of doctor in a whileeee) ♥️

venmo: @ kiki nicole$kikinicolel (please don’t leave out the l at the end!)