mv: really don't care

It’s a shame what happened at DePaul University during Milo Yiannopoulos’s event. College is an institution that creates an environment for you to grow intellectually. You’re supposed to challenge your opinions, learn new information, feel pressure and discomfort, and learn new ways of interacting. As difficult as it may be, you are rewarded by becoming a more well rounded individual. It is a center for iron sharpening iron.

College is NOT your home. You are adults, and it is an institution of learning. It is not a daycare meant to coddle you like children. You are being prepped for real world interaction and a professional environment. I don’t think you would bully your parents into coddling you, and if you do I can see why you’re a bunch of entitled brats.

This type of assault on free speech is not limited to DePaul and is certainly not limited to college campuses alone. Any opinion or facts that some may be “offended” by is branded hate speech and must be silenced. These people will stop at nothing to silence you, and will resort to making unfounded character attacks, shouting you down, threatening you, and using violence or vandalism.

Don’t be fooled, social justice is not about raising people up. It is an assault on the rights of everyone to bring them down. It is about pushing an agenda of victimhood instead of perseverance and self amelioration. They want you to buy into identity politics and limit yourself to an ideological vacuum that is mob rule. If you don’t conform, then you are demonized; as many minorities who do not subscribe to social justice can attest to.

For those entering college or are in college now, understand that you are there to get an education and to mold a better you. You’re paying handsomely for it too. Don’t throw your money down the drain by buying into hive minds and shutting out any opposition to your personal opinion. You will do yourself a disservice and be dumber for it.

Demi Lovato - Really don't care

2 years ago, if someone was asking me what I think of this song, I would defenetly tell him “It’s about Jemi.” Then, LGBT video came out and I told them “It’s about the rights of LGBT.” Now I realized that in one way or another that is the story of my life. I made a mistake. I didn’t want to think outside the box. This song it may about whom you love and you stoped doing this right now: an ex-boyfriend, a friend, a family member.